Jets send Wayne Hunter to St. Louis for Jason Smith

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A pair of disappointing offensive tackles are switching teams.

The Jets and Rams are in the last stages of finalizing a trade that will send Wayne Hunter, the Jets’ recently benched right tackle, to St. Louis in exchange for Jason Smith, the Rams’ 2009 draft bust. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported that the deal was officially finished on Monday night.

Hunter has taken a great deal of criticism in New York over the last two years, and after a disastrous outing in the Jets’ preseason loss to the Giants, he was finally benched. The Jets’ coaching staff and front office claimed they were enthusiastic about Hunter’s ability to help the Jets as a backup, but apparently they weren’t enthusiastic enough to keep him on the roster.

Smith was the second overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft and has started 26 games in three years but generally been ineffective, and has had problems with concussions.

Now Smith and Hunter will both get a fresh start in new surroundings.

58 responses to “Jets send Wayne Hunter to St. Louis for Jason Smith

  1. scoops1 says:
    Aug 27, 2012 8:37 PM
    …1st Schottenheimer, then Gholston, now Hunter…

    What other JETs rejects can the Rams get??


    Yeah because the Jets offense is the second coming of the GSOT with Schottenheimer.

    Both Smith and Hunter will be out of this league in 2 years. I can’t speak for Hunter, but Smith just isn’t a very good player

  2. I don’t want to pick on the Jets, they have been beaten to death on here recently.

    But they have now played three pre-season games and haven’t scored a TD yet. This is what they need to address IMO.

    I believe judging what they have at QB it isn’t going to get a whole lot better.

    Not a good year to be a Jets fan IMO.

  3. docboss says:
    Aug 27, 2012 8:43 PM
    Until the financials are settled, advantage Rams.


    From wiki

    On July 30, 2009 the Rams agreed to terms with Smith on a six-year contract with $33 million in guarantees. The maximum value of the deal is $61 million. The sixth year is voidable, which would leave Smith with $6.6 million per year over five years.

    Most of the bonus money was probably already paid.

  4. @docboss

    hunter has a guaranteed salary and the one the jets are getting isnt. this looks like a salary dump. smith gets a shot and if he doesn’t immediately separate himself, cut him and save yourself $4m or make him take a paycut to $1m plus incentives if he can win the job.

  5. Solid trade for the Jets.

    Both are bad players, but at least one is still young with some upside. Worst comes to worst and he doesn’t develop, you’ve only given up Wayne Hunter.

  6. Was Jason Smith SO bad that the Rams thought a straight up trade for Wayne “Turnstile” Hunter was an improvement? Should’ve asked for a pick as well, Jets got the better end

  7. Amazing how fast the Jets went from Hunter will be the starter and get things figured out to ship him off at the 1st offer another player considered a bust lol. Only thing I’m still trying to figure out is do the Jets make their personnel decisions by coin toss or spin the wheel?

  8. I’ll never understand how a team can whiff so bad with such a high pick….
    And I’ll include my Raiders taking Russell.
    I never understood that one from the moment it happened…

  9. **Click thumbs up** if when you saw the title of this article and said: “Wow the Jets actually got someone for Hunter??” -then you laughed.

  10. Two losers being traded for one another great. Jason Smith, i guess just slacked off after getting paid big as a second overall pick.

  11. Don’t get too excited Jets fans. The Rams watch Jason Smith every day in every practice for the past three years. If there was any value (or talent) left in this guy they would have asked for more than Wayne Hunter. He is a backup.

  12. I cannot imagine why anyone would trade for Wayne Hunter. I mean, does someone in the organization want Sam Bradford to get seriously killed by any other team’s pass rush?

  13. Jets problems are at ROT and the skill positions. This helps one of the areas, and maybe a fresh start is what both guys need. Jets had to do something because Mario Williams is coming to town week 1 and he had two sacks in a single half last week and Bills D line looks stout. If they can’t beat Buffalo they are in trouble.

  14. I always get a kick out of trades like this.

    Jets: We’ll trade ya our problem if you take ours.
    Rams: Done.

    Both yahoos will be with somebody else by next year and then soon out of the league.

  15. How bad must Jason Smith be that the Rams are willing to give him away for a guy who is universally known to suck as bad as Hunter is known to suck.

  16. coughlinsredcheeks says:
    Aug 27, 2012 9:03 PM
    Was Jason Smith SO bad that the Rams thought a straight up trade for Wayne “Turnstile” Hunter was an improvement? Should’ve asked for a pick as well, Jets got the better end


    Between Hunter and Smith there is no ‘better end’.

    Hunter is a terrible OT. Smith is the worst type of olineman. Soft and can’t pass protect.

  17. And here I thought the Dolphins were the AFC East’s most eligible to tread water after giving up Vontae Davis.

    You could just swap the last names on both their jerseys and this trade would be exactly as effective.

  18. So the RT’s for the Rams are Wayne Hunter and Barry Richardson? Well at least Bradford will be able see the pummeling he is going to get

  19. Aaron Maybin was a bust too. Glad to see Hunter go, he was getting destroyed by fans and media and needed a change. Good luck Hunter we know u tried.

  20. i like moves like these a lot. take a flyer on a former top pick and see if he can turn it around in a new environment.

    i remember every single one of the geniuses on this site killing the jets for signing maybin. we’ll see what happens. maybe the jets strike gold or maybe they got the offensive version of gholston. worth the a shot.

  21. this trade isnt really bad if you think about it.. both have worn out their welcomes with their teams/fans why not trade eachother whos the same pick for a fresh start/ opportunity to revive career…rex is known for taking a bust and turning into a useful piece (maybin) move on both sides

  22. Fleecing the Preseason Award goes to….

    Thumbs up to vote for the Jets getting something for Wayne Hunter.

    Thumbs down to vote for Seattle getting something for Tavaris Jackson.

  23. This is a good trade from the sense that both guys had zero credibility left in there previous cities and needed a fresh start.. Also in defense of both players Hunter is in the league 10 years so he had to do something right to be in the league for 10 years and Smith was a 2nd overall pick with massive size.. Bottom line is both guys needed a change of scenery so its not a bad trade for either team

  24. I don’t blame Wayne Hunter as a Jets fan.. I blame Tannenbaum for thinking he could play after watching him all last season… Not addressing this issue in the offseason is unforgivable in my book.

  25. This is actually a good trade for the Jets. I’m not sure of the value to the Rams, but Hunter was slated to be the 6th o-lineman for goal line and short yardage formations, obviously in the role of tight end. Smith, who began his college career as a tight end, will see actions in those short situations as a dual role player, perhaps even sliding out, on rare occasion, to act as a big @ss pass catcher. If you look at this along with what Tebow can bring to the table at the goal line, you will have quite the formidable situational football. I doubt the plan was to bring smith in as a starting tackle of any sort. Also, this is why it is not an irrelevant trade, but a great one for the Jets.

  26. FINALLY Shottenheimer does something to help the JETS offense…

    On a side note… I Think its time that the jets swallow their pride and admit that Tim Tebow has regressed as a passer under the new offenseive scheme of the Jets. He can run the wildcat but has no busness being a second string QB in the NFL. Our depth chart is now Sanchez, and Mcelroy? I dont trust Mcelroy with no starting experience. Should the Jets work out Vince Young or another QB for the second spot since MCelroy could not even beat out Tebow? Vince can be cheap and he shoukd know the Bills Playbook. The way Tebow has been throwing ints it would be a slight upgrade.

  27. Tannenbaum & Rex promised they wouldn’t trade Wayne..

    You can piss and moan about Coughlin, Shanahan and Belichick being bland… but they don’t BS and flat out lie to the media the way the Jets do

  28. …1st Schottenheimer, then Gholston, now Hunter…

    What other JETs rejects can the Rams get??


    Better question is, how many rejects can the Jets have? Looking more and more like the next “rejects” will be Rex and Tannenbaum.

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