Mike Wallace to sign tender, report to Steelers on Tuesday


Mike Wallace’s holdout is coming to an end.

Wallace is on his way to Pittsburgh and will sign his restricted free agent tender and report to Steelers practice on Tuesday, Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network reports.

Although Wallace has reportedly been unhappy that the Steelers weren’t willing to give him a long-term contract that made him among the highest-paid receivers in the league, he was always expected to sign the one-year tender offer and eventually play out the 2012 season for a base salary of $2.7 million. Next year Wallace will either get to test unrestricted free agency, or he’ll get a significant pay bump with the franchise tag.

The biggest question facing the Steelers is whether Wallace can learn new coordinator Todd Haley’s offense quickly, with the opener less than two weeks away. If he can, the Steelers just got one of the best deep threats in football back in their offense.

With Wallace in the fold, Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew is now the NFL’s only holdout.

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  1. It’s this a victory for the Steelers? I have never seen a team have a great season when their #1 is unhappy. The Steelers went to the Super Bowl in 2005 when Hines Ward held out but they gave him a new contract before the first game. Fact

  2. You’ve got to go back to 1978 to find a season when the Steelers started the year with two young receivers as good as Wallace and Brown – one of them the NFL’s fastest deep threat, and the other among the NFL’s most acrobatic and elusive.

    And old Stallworth and Swann piled up some hardware.

  3. The rock thinks you people disgust me. I hate when I read honor your contract . In the nfl contracts are a formality . A players career if lucky ends when he’s thirty five he then has rest of his life to live off of made income. So if he wants to hold out for every penny it’s his right. I applaud mike Wallace and hope he leaves via free agency they don’t deserve him

  4. He has had that offensive playbook since the start of camp. Combined that with his best route – GO & I see no problems with picking up the new offense.

  5. LOL can’t any of you read the writing on the wall???? Wallace couldn’t be traded while he was on the did not report list and without signing his tender don’t any of you find it odd that he is reporting now when he could’ve waited awhile longer??? He also happens to come back when the dolphins the team with the worst wr corp in the nfl and the gm on the hottest seat just got an extra second round pick that they have openly admitted that they could use as ammunition to get a Wide Receiver he’s only returning to sign his tender so he can be traded to a Miai team that will fully embrace him with open arms and an open checkbook. Steelers know they can’t keep him after this season so they are gonna do the smartest thing they can and trade him for the highest value he can fetch them

  6. I was the first person on here when irsay first tweeted about trade winds that it was gonna be vontae davis while everyone else thought wallace or welker or jenkins and whoever else and i’m telling you within the next week he’ll be a miami dolphin

  7. We will forget this whole holdout thing ever happened as long as you come back and don’t drop any passes…… We will turn on you in a heart beat if you start to slip up.

  8. Reality check, MW. You aren’t even the best WR on the team. Pull your skirt up and play football. I’m sure you are happy you didn’t have to play all these meaningless games and just lounge about your house.

  9. Rumors were that the Dolphins were putting together a trade package for him. Mike Wallace then promptly lost all of his leverage and signed with the Steelers.

  10. Now all that remains to be seen is if he pulls a DeSean Jackson and plays this year at 1/2 speed with his primary concern not for the team but to be sure he isn’t injured.

  11. Hope Antonio enjoyed his 3 meaningless games as their #1. Now that Mike’s back, Brown is going to have to play second fiddle. At least he’ll always have special teams…

  12. Colbert has been saying for 2 months they want a long term with him but he first needed to sign the tender. He won’t half speed anything, now he has to showcase his talent and dazzle the league with his performance to get the fat offers he wants next year.

  13. He may never see his big payday, since the “o” line is is sieve, and immobile bloated Ben won’t have time to get him the ball. Should be interesting.

  14. @ravenator, your trembling as you imagine Wallace torching past old man Ed Reed for 6 points – twice. Or drawing 2 defenders so the Steelers running game blows huge holes in your D line. It’s coming.

  15. Wallace turned down $50MM.

    The Steelers can have him for 2 more years, this year at $2.7 MM and next year at $10MM. So, average will be about $6.5MM.

    After that he enters 6th year, and will speed start to slip a bit?

    Any way, watch out as Wallace, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders, and Chris Rainey are going to be hard to handle.

  16. Bubby Brister says:Aug 27, 2012 3:34 PM

    They’ll get a long-term deal done before Denver in 13 days.

    Book it.

    I’d book it if you know…it was actually allowed

  17. I was kinda hopin’ that they would sign TO when he got cut but oh well, they’ll have to get by with Wallace.

  18. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with him this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Haley get into an argument t some point this season. Not because I think MW is that type of receiver, but because he wasn’t in camp and Haley’s a loon.

  19. The only 2 WR’s to do better than Wallace in their first 4 yrs were Jerry Rice and Randy Moss… The Steelers front office knows of Wallace’s potential, that’s why they won’t trade him, their not stupid…

  20. These contractual holdouts always end the same way……..

    The speedy wide-out limping down the field grasping a “hammy”. Good luck Mike.

  21. Wallace will have a contract in no time. Funny how everyone skips the not so fine print in these articles. The front office has said FROM THE START…. Show up to camp and he will get a new contract. Steelers dont negotiate unless you show up for work.

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