More than a third of the league pinning hopes on quarterbacks with limited experience

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As the 2012 regular season approaches, there are two kinds of teams in the NFL.  Teams that have a franchise quarterback, and teams that are trying to get a franchise quarterback.

Thanks to the latter, 11 teams are expected to start the season with starting quarterbacks having one year of experience or less.

For a closer look at this dynamic, here’s a slice from Monday’s PFT Live.

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19 responses to “More than a third of the league pinning hopes on quarterbacks with limited experience

  1. Dan Patrick said on his radio show that he thought RGIII was the QB in the best position to succeed for all the rookie QBs. Great minds think alike. Hail to the Redskins.

  2. The best pick in the draft was taking Wilson in the 3rd. Better than Tannehill and just as talented as RGIII.

  3. Out of those 11 QB’s there is no sure thing. Unfortunately for their respective fan bases it’s going to be an up and down ride.

  4. Eight (8) QB’s in the first round the last two years. Only 2 maybe 3 of them are going to be Pro Bowlers. I’m almost 100% positive Cam is one of them. That leaves the rest to fight over the last spot. lol History tells us the NFL is going to eat the rest of these guys up and swallow them whole within 5 years.

  5. Wow the Russell Wilson love fest continues. I am a big ten fan, and I really thought he was a good pick coming out of college. He’s one of those guys who can scramble without ever forgetting to look downfield before crossing the line—-tough on defenses. But he’s been playing against backups who are running vanilla defensive schemes. There will likely be struggles this year. I’m happy hawks fans have something to be excited about, but let’s reign it in just a little.

  6. I think Denver goofed up not taking Kirk Cousins in 2nd RD, I think RG3 is the real deal, I dnt think the phins put a good team out there for Tannehill, I think Wilson is a good pick but the bad move was spending big dollars for a backup, I think Weeden is in for a long season in Cleveland.

  7. Unthinkable 10 years ago when football was played by real men and QBs didn’t wear skirts

  8. Experience tells us that of the 11 QBs that are so new, only 2 or 3 will work out for the long haul. Nobody knows who it will be. Injuries, the offensive line, skill of the receivers, coaches putting them in the best position to win, level of skill, being able to read the defense pre-snap and post-snap, and plain old-fashioned luck will all play a role. I’d love to see all 11 work out perfectly. But who will? I will tell you next February!

  9. I’m rooting for Russell Wilson to succeed. He was bashed just because he didn’t fit the measurables of the “stereotypical prototype QB”. It’s absurd that guys just a few inches shorter than the unwritten rules for QB height rarely will get a chance at the next level.

  10. Ponder better pan out… Vikes are investing a lot in him. I believe in him, I support him 150%… but he’s the one doing the work. Not me.

  11. Both Dalton and Newton have already made a pro bowl. So I really wouldn’t be concerned about them if they have the teams to support them (and Dalton does) they should at least make the playoffs. But a Superbowl win is something else. THAT takes a franchise quarter back, not just a good one.

  12. All of these QB’s are solid with Luck and Tannehill having the best skillset. RGIII and Wilson are natural playmakers. The problem is being on crappy Teams, by nature of how the Draft. Bottom line: just like Pre-Season they will have Ups and Downs, but have no overall Team success. Not one Team will have more than 8 wins with exception of the Seahawks (maybe 9 because of a weak division) and even then Matt Flynn will get the benefit of the doubt and Wilson rides the Pine ( although he shouldn’t). Flynn is Kolb 2.0. If the hapless Dolphins passed on him, he must really have question marks.

  13. Just saw that Wilson is the Starter. I stand corrected and am happy and wish him success. I don’t understand how the Seattle GM can spend all this wasted money on T. Jackson (last year) and now pay M.Flynn to sit on the Bench. It will catch up with the Team’s future.

  14. As it stands right now RG3, Luck and Dalton will have the most opportunities to succeed out of the group (IE if they fail it won’t be because the team kept them on a short leash). Jake Locker, Brandon Weeden and Russell Wilson all have guys at 2nd string that could (and in some cases SHOULD) be their teams starter so they are going to be on a much shorter leash (especially Weeden who could be competing legitimately with McCoy next season for the starter job if the Browns offense doesn’t get any better and the new owner cleans house). Tannehill is on borrowed time anyway as he’s only the starter due to Gerrards injury.

    The only wild cards in the group are Christian Ponder and Blaine Gabbert as their careers are all dependent on how well their running backs due after they hand the ball off.

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