Raiders get down to 75-man limit

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The Raiders have gotten to the mandatory 75-player limit by making 12 moves.

They waived linebacker Korey Bosworth (the nephew of Bo Jackson’s doormat Brian) along with the following players: Defensive ends Mason Brodine and Wayne Dorsey, safeties Aaron Henry and Chaz Powell, cornerback Terrail Lambert, wide receivers Thomas Mayo and DeAundre Muhammad, quarterback Kyle Newhall-Caballero and fullback Manase Tonga.

They also waived-injured fullback Rashawn Jackson and offensive lineman Ed Wang.

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  1. Some how i hope (we) keep the back up punter King great player so far and cost way less then Shane, know knock on S.l but he is getting older. i think he is right now the highest paid Punter in the NFL!!!

  2. As much as I like Shane I am going to have to agree with this dude. Shane is getting paid riches to punt. We have a talented young punter who we can keep for cheap. Maybe use that money to upgrade the CB or TE position. Shane has been one of the few consistant players on the team but his contract is nuts. Sorry Shane, time for the King

  3. cut the raiders best player……keep drinking that kool aid. Have no problem with shane or seabass $$$…they are the bast at what they do…

    as far as cut’s no surprises. Thought Wang would have a chance for spot…..If you want to cut somebody cut carlisle…..ther is a reason why multiple times this pre-season on first and goal from the 1 yard we have struggled. Just look at the interception Palmer threw against the lions and watch how much of a block cooper made..he gets no leverage, does not anchor, and gets pushed around every play. 90% of the ime he ends up on the turf…watch the waivers for a OG.

  4. I can understand your points, but I do have to disagree. There are more punters getting paid somewhere around what Lechler makes now; he’s not the only one.

    Lechler is a team captain, the leader of special teams, and is a legit weapon as a punter. King will be good, and if the Raiders could somehow hold onto him too, great, but he isn’t consistent. Yeah, he booted some major kicks, but he also flubbed some. When is the last time Lechler flubbed a punt? Keep in mind Lechler is also Jano’s holder. They have an awesome chemistry I wouldn’t want to disrupt.

    Lechler’s leadership intangibles are worth a lot to this team. I like King, but Lechler needs to retire as a Raider.

  5. It would be interesting to see what Shane’s trade value is. Even if you get a 5th, its something.

  6. sorry Raider Nation but i think you guys took a giant step back by trying to build around Palmer and not keeping Campbell. you guys got a good backfield which suited Campbell and the playaction well. that’s not gonna work with palmer he doesn’t have the mobility or the arm for that kind of attack.

  7. Using that logic the RAIDERS should dump Janikowski for Carmona as well.

    Not going to happen.

    Lechler and Janikowski will retire as RAIDERS.

    As it should be.

  8. Here’s something no one really looks at regarding King. Hang time. The guy can kick the ball, no doubt. However, he tends to out kick his coverage. It’s not about leg strength entirely. Lechler’s ball placement, hang time and distance is more important than King’s kicking power.

  9. thesmartestmanever says:
    Aug 27, 2012 11:50 AM
    sorry Raider Nation but i think you guys took a giant step back by trying to build around Palmer and not keeping Campbell. you guys got a good backfield which suited Campbell and the playaction well. that’s not gonna work with palmer he doesn’t have the mobility or the arm for that kind of attack.
    For being the smartest man ever, that wasn’t a very smart comment. What happened last year was guided through a coach who thought he had all the power after Mr Davis passed. This is a NEW team with new philosophies. They are doing their best to what they have to work with.

  10. The raiders fan dont get my point Raiders have no money to sign any better then average CB or any other need positions, King did a hell of a job durning preseason, Shane is a damn HOF, but whats the point in paying the punter top 5 salary & force to sign free agent DBs for the veteran minimum to start for us??

  11. There are three very good reasons the Shane Lechler is the highest paid punter in the NFL First, in this league field position is EVERYTHING! When a team starts within their 20 yard line, statistically the odds of a successful drive go down drastically. Inside the 10, and it is even more ominous! Second, experience. Nuff said! and third, versatility. Shane isn’t JUST a punter. (whatever that may mean) He is the holder for Seabass. He is also a former college QB. Not only does he have an awesome leg, he has a pretty good arm as well. He makes both the Raiders punt and field goal units triple threats. “Are they really going to kick?” Who knows? Now, that said, I am really impressed with King. So far he has had a great preseason! With both Shane and Seabass hurt, his job security for the next few months is probably pretty good. But do you really want to trade your pro bowl punter for an untested rookie? I think not! The one bright spot for the Silver and Black over the past decade has been their kicking game. CB’s and TEs are a dime a dozen! But a good specialist like a punter is worth their weight in gold, and Lechler is worth every penny of his contract!

  12. Several things here. First, the importance of field position can’t be understated. Lechler is a master of what he does. There could be many examples, but do you remember the Detroit game last year when Lechler pinned the Lions at their own 2? We should have won the game on that punt, but the defense could not stop a pee wee team. Yes, Lechler, Seabass, and Condo are a pricey unit, but the money is well spent.

    Carlisle is our worst O-lineman on a strong unit. He is not a bad player, though. I was not a fan of his when the Raiders first picked him up years ago, but I’ll tell you what. The man competes, and I’ve seen him make some nice blocks over the years. I’m not saying he couldn’t be upgraded, and, obviously, the Raiders agree by drafting Bergstrom, but he isn’t a terrrible player.

    Lastly, let me say this for the 100th time about Palmer in Knapp’s system. Palmer is a fine fit. You DO NOT need to have Michael Vick like running ability to thrive in Knapp’s system. It’s the same system used in Houston, and Matt Schaub runs it fine. Schaub is a no better athlete than Palmer. Also, ANY NFL QB not named Drew Bledsoe can run the simple boots and rollouts that are occasionally required in the system. Boots and rollouts are BASIC football plays. Any QB with average athletic ability (which Palmer and most NFL QB’s have) can execute these plays. Notice I said occasionally as well. Anyone who thinks Palmer is going to be rolling out and booting on every play is very mistaken. Schaub doesn’t do it in Houston, and Knapp isn’t expecting Palmer to do it every play in Oakland either. It’s just more things for the opposing defense to prepare for and have to defend. Al Saunders is still on staff as a senior offensive assistant too. There will be plenty of in the pocket passing and downfield throws. In fact, we’ve seen several downfield throws in the preseason already by Palmer. Lastly, Palmer is very smart and accurate. He can pick up any system with his intellect and his accuracy meshes with any system as well. I’ve previously posted how Palmer compares very favorably with other active QB’s and all time in areas like QB rating, completion %, and yards per attempt. His numbers are up there with the best. The man flat out is still a very good QB and has a lot of gas left in the tank. Anyone who thinks Palmer is washed up or isn’t the right fit for Knapp’s system just doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  13. let me tell you something about coach Hue. he may have mispoke regarding his authority within the organization but he was clearly trying to keep his team focused. trying to reassure his players that what they had accomplished ( which by no means was easy with the big al alive) would not be just tossed aside. Coach Hue developed alot of that underachieving talent and cast offs from other teams and had them playing at a high level. has everything remained in place and he allowed to continue. Raider Nation could’ve realistically be expecting playoffs this year. instead you will be fighting with K.C. to stay out of the basement… so says thesmartestmanever

  14. Those 12 players are thanking god that they don’t have to be a part of Palmer’s disaster disaster of a year that is about to take place.

  15. King is awesome. But you cut Shane under one circumstance and that’s when a shark ears his right leg while surfing of the coast of the East bay. Pay the man! The only consistent man over all these horrific years. Yea cut the only person who showed up to work on Sundays.

  16. No Way i Cut Shane or Jano we will regret it if we do which i know we aint doing so why is all this non-sense being brought up lets move on to opening Day.

  17. Cuts are good/sad/ and unavoidable. Moving on.

    Love the King and if Raiders can hold onto him then great. With some work the hangtime, Etc. can be improved.

    Replace Lechler ? Not if my grandmother has anything say about it! Hell no.

  18. thesmartestmanever says: Aug 27, 2012 11:50 AM

    sorry Raider Nation but i think you guys took a giant step back by trying to build around Palmer and not keeping Campbell. you guys got a good backfield which suited Campbell and the playaction well. that’s not gonna work with palmer he doesn’t have the mobility or the arm for that kind of attack.
    The smartest man ever apparently never watched Campbell play quarterback. He worked hard and never complained, and earned respect for that. Class guy. But there were throws he couldn’t make, and teaching points he couldn’t comprehend. Palmer might not be the answer, and in my uneducated opinion he is not, but Campbell had a lower ceiling, and that’s why his collar bone got snapped. He put himself in a bad spot, and got crushed. That’s why he’s not a starter this season.

  19. Why are people crying over the CB situation? Didn’t Calvin Johnson do close to nothing against Bartell, then they matched him against Spencer and still no dice?

    People are acting our corners are terrible, that’s not even the case. You’ve gotta understand Bartell AND Spencer are working with a one year contract to show what they’re worth– and from what I’ve seen so far, I like it a hell of a lot better than Free 1st Down Routt.

    Shane gets paid for his leg and his leadership qualities. When Al fired Cable, who said something? Lechler. When Al was making moves NOBODY in their right mind would even dare to address- who did? Shane. Don’t jump on King too hard, the kid deserves a definite spot on the roster but cutting Shane for him straight up? No way.

    That’s like saying we ax Jano for Carmona cause Carmona knocked in a 56 yarder. You look at what the player can give us on a constant basis and with Lechler and Jano, it’s consistency. We’ve got the best kicker/punter tandem in the NFL hands down- possibly the greatest punter and kicker of ALL TIME aside of Ray Guy.

    You don’t cut guys like them, especially when they’re still producing.

    As far as the comment on Palmer, stop it. Palmer will be fine, the vanilla offense and constant targeting of Streater is prepping him if DMoore isn’t back yet, so we’ve got a solid #2 WR aside of DHB on the field.

    /rant over

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