Raiders reel in Roscoe Parrish

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Receiver/kick returner Roscoe Parrish spent seven years with one team, the Bills.  He now has had two teams in the same day.

Cut Monday by the Chargers, Parrish as agreed to terms with the Raiders, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Parrish helps fill the void at returner due to the foot injury suffered in the second preseason game by Jacoby Ford.  With Denarius Moore also limited by injury, Parrish adds depth to the return game.

He also carries knowledge of the Raiders’ Week One opponent to the Black Hole.

38 responses to “Raiders reel in Roscoe Parrish

  1. I would love to see Reggie pick a player up from a division rival and watch it help in 2 wins this year. We definitely need some help on special teams. He has already show he can find talent… IE Streater, Criner, Burris. (while not having any cap room) RIP AL, Go Reggie

  2. Solid move by Big Reg. The return game needed some help although filling the return team with real players instead of the last 10 players on the 73 man roster should make a big difference too.

  3. They have to be thinking returns only, because the young group of WR’s they have is off the hook.

  4. Solid pickup by the Raiders. Their WR core has had an injury curse so it makes sense to get someone who can return and fill in at WR when needed.

    I don’t buy into the whole “playbook pickup” theory though. I’d like to see some statistics, but in general I feel like this doesn’t help enough for a team to devote hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars just on the off chance they can get a few tidbits that might translate on game day.

    Maybe a backup QB would have a lot of useful info, but other than that I don’t think team’s go around looking for rival waiver wire pick ups in the hopes of some espionage.

  5. probably a good pickup for not too much $$$, we’re moving in the right direction , but i don’t expect too much too soon.

  6. This could be a nic move as long as the small shrimp can stay on thefield. See Criner has been only working number one reciever behind heyward-bey streater has only been working behind moore. So mcgee has been working slot behind ford and has been pretty bad. He fell alot last game on routes and dropped a few balls. Sessions came in the 2nd half to work tthe slot but wasnt much better. Parish will be the slot reciever working behind ford if he can beat out mcgee and sessions which shouldnt be hard.

  7. Parrish was a great player and teammate while he was in Buffalo. He was also somewhat of a mascot for the team in hyping up the crowd. Roscoe would dance and throw his arms up right before taking a punt to the house. He has electrified Ralph Wilson Stadium many times. His only knock is keeping him healthy, he is half the size of most players on the field. Good pickup for the Raiders, wish Buffalo had resigned him instead of letting him go.

  8. I liked ‘Scoe when he was in Buffalo but if Oakland is looking to get the inside track on the San Diego playbook, they’re in trouble. This guy went to the U and he majored in “General Studies”, doesn’t exactly have a knack for retaining knowledge.

  9. How are his tackling skills? It would be nice for them to always have an offensive player on the field that can tackle the opposing team’s corners after they pick Palmer off and head for the end zone.

  10. as a raider fan who lives in San Diego. this is another hue Jackson pick up. our young WR’s need playing time to learn. most of these young guys are so fragile now. we don’t need a old fragile Parrish.

  11. With Ford and Moore injured, this is a good pick up for the return game. I doubt he’ll see much time at WR if we get everyone back. Our receiving corps is too deep for him when everyone is healthy. We already know what we need to regarding Rivers and the SD offense. This addition had little to do with that.

    The time is near. In less than two weeks it’s time for our D to get medieval on Rivers and that horrible Chargers O-line. That’s where the game will be won. The Raiders should dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

  12. rickshaw48 says: Aug 28, 2012 12:18 AM

    this is 100% about learning the Bolts playbook for week 1

    You don’t get a playbook let alone learn it in less than a day.

  13. As a Bills fan i know there is lots to love about Roscoe…great attitude…great speed…wily…smart…but he’s fragile and injury prone…so enjoy him while he’s healthy…no question he’s fun to watch…

  14. Return specialist and backup WR. McCann has looked tentative and slow on the returns so Big Reggie makes an upgrade. This fellow Raiders fans is what a legit GM can do for you.

  15. Nice pick up but the Raiders are deep at wr, so once everyone returns to full health he may end up being waived. Maybe while we have him we can sucker the Dolphins into trading a 2nd rnd pick for him, or the jets,, they could use some Wrs,,,, anybody seen Chaz Shcilens?

  16. nothing wrong with having depth on the team…….i know one thing, some big names are going to be out there to sign when teams need to
    get down to 53.

  17. there are going to be scraps all over the NFL in a days to come so how is it just the raiders are desperate for pick ups you idiot! everyone is taking what they can get and doing it fast.
    Good sign for failing special teams while Ford is hurt anyway. But receivers? were stacked! how about a deep long hard look at our goal line defense which looks horid as well! I think RM is doing a good job so far.
    But to be honest, we should have never hired back crapknapp and we need a serious look at our depth in back up QB. Carson/ not a knapp roll out passer, Leinheart cant throw it 30 yards and prior looks horrible with his mechnics when passing so he runs! Talk about 3 different skill sets and bad crapKnapp play scheme and calling? we got alot of work to do!!

  18. spellingcops says: Aug 28, 2012 7:38 AM

    Roscoe, Oakland is where NFL careers go to die. Good luck sir.
    Roscoe was unemployed, and probably doesn’t see it that way. And players Oakland has cut loose have found work elsewhere. Other than that, you’re dead on.

  19. Oh Come on Now……
    The Raiders is where careers go to die?

    The list of veterans that have come to the Raiders and have resurrected their careers is longer than any other team in history of NFL

    Al Davis and the Raiders have always found a way to squeeze more life out of careers that were once thought washed up.

    The return game is been stinking in Oakland so far this summer…….ANYONE would be an improvement at this point.

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