Rams cut 10 on their way to 75


We’re getting close to the deadline for teams to cut their rosters to 75 players and the names of some former Rams have come to the surface.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Rams have waived 10 players so far, leaving them with five more moves to make before the 4 p.m. ET deadine. None of the names qualify as shockers and, unless they owe you money or are part of your family, they aren’t particularly recognizable either.

The Rams have thanked defensive lineman John Gill, linebacker Noah Keller (pictured), fullback Todd Anderson, kicker Garrett Lindolm, running back Nicholas Schweiger, wide receiver Charles Gilbert, wide receiver Brandyn Harvey, offensive lineman Kevin Hughes, linebacker Alex Hoffman-Ellis and running back Calvin Middleton for their efforts and sent them on their way.

We’ll pass along the remaining roster moves when we learn them and you can check out our 75-man roster tracker for all the moves on a busy Monday.

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  1. No comments for the Rams ?

    I’ll say that Jeff Fisher has a long way to go in turning around this franchise.. In all of the cuts today, this is the only team with not one person I’ve heard of..

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