Rex Ryan not thrilled with Quinton Coples’ complaining


Jets defensive end Quinton Coples looked good in his first start Sunday night.

But for a guy who wants to play the whole game, he didn’t seem happy about having to play in the second half.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said Coples had a bit of an attitude when the first-round pick was instructed to take the field with the second defense.

He kind of had a woe-is-me when we took out the starters,” Ryan said, via Jane McManus of “Hey look, you’re still a rookie. You have to play the whole game and then some. They ran the ball on us with our second group in there and I never like to see that.”

Coples was solid replacing an injured Mike DeVito with the ones, showing the ability to get to the quarterback. He’s flashed at times through the preseason, but Ryan wasn’t as thrilled in his assessment Sunday.

“I wasn’t as happy this game as I was previously,” Ryan said. “I thought he got winded a bit.”

Even before the draft, Coples’ ability wasn’t the question. The question was whether he had the motor to be an every down player.

It’s not going away now, even after a good performance against a good offensive line.

16 responses to “Rex Ryan not thrilled with Quinton Coples’ complaining

  1. A Diva Defensive End? I bet he and Santonio Holmes are BFF’s. The Jets are a freakin’ mess! Their offense is putrid. You can say that the pre-season doesn’t mean anything, but it sure isn’t a good sign when you can’t score a single TD after 3 games.Defense looked good, though.
    AFC East will end up looking like this:
    #1 Patriots
    #2 Bills
    #3 Jets
    #4 Dolphins
    How long will the Jets’ train wreck go on before Sexy Rex’s big behind is on the hot seat? (by the way, I’m not a Jets hater… could really care less about this team)

  2. If he’s winded now that’s not a good sign.

    That defense is going to be on the field a lot this season.

  3. Rex has a locker room full of guys who think they’re about 1,000 times better and more accomplished than they actually are. He’s not a coach, he’s a baby-sitter. Coples needed to go to a team with a disciplinarian coach that would break him of his adolescent ways. Rex can try now but you cant be “player’s coach” and then decide to be tough 2 years later.

  4. Melvin Ingram is on the second team (for now) and hasn’t said a negative word yet. Earn it with play especially when the season starts, practicing with some first team snaps and second team snaps is arguably not even bad since you face more players with him being a rookie.

    Rotating players in the front 7 is a sound strategy when you have the capable players, he’s not even in a bad situation so don’t get the complaining.

  5. coples is such a jerk. he (and his agent) straight up admitted that he dogged it his last year at UNC because he didn’t want to get hurt leading up to the draft.

    well, i guess the guy just wanted his money, and now that he has it, he is back to not wanting to do crap for it.

  6. See, rookies embrace the culture of the locker room. It ain’t surprising if 1st round Jets is brattish. After all, he is a Jet :-p

  7. If he was with that other team in NY, the one who wone the Lombardi Trophy, Osi would have put this diva rookie in his place.

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