Roethlisberger’s rant at Ralph Wilson Stadium turf missed the mark

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s claim that the surface at Ralph Wilson Stadium was to blame for Pittsburgh guard David DeCastro’s injury on Saturday night in Buffalo missed the mark in one important respect: Roethlisberger blamed FieldTurf, but the surface at Ralph Wilson Stadium is actually called A-Turf Titan.

FieldTurf is a brand name for a type of artificial surface that many NFL teams use, either in their stadiums or on their practice fields. A-Turf Titan is a different type of artificial surface that the Bills are alone among NFL teams in using at their home fields.

According to the NFL Record and Fact Book, Roethlisberger’s Steelers are among 16 teams that play their home games on grass. The others are the Browns, Texans, Jaguars, Chiefs, Dolphins, Raiders, Chargers, Titans, Cardinals, Panthers, Bears, Eagles, 49ers, Buccaneers and Redskins. Two other teams, the Broncos and Packers, use a blend of natural and synthetic called DD Grassmaster.

After grass, FieldTurf is the next most popular option: The Colts, Patriots, Jets, Giants, Falcons, Lions, Rams and Seahawks all use FieldTurf on their home fields.

In addition to the Bills’ use of A-Turf Titan, a few other types of artificial surface are used in NFL stadiums. The Ravens and Vikings use a surface called Sportexe Momentum, the Cowboys use Sportsfield Softtop and the Saints and Bengals use UBU Speed Series-S5-M.

Roethlisberger is one of many NFL players who have expressed concerns about the safety of NFL playing surfaces, and that’s an issue that the league and the union should continue studying. But if Roethlisberger has a problem with the surface at Ralph Wilson Stadium, his problem is with A-Turf Titan, not with FieldTurf.

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  1. Every team should use real grass and play outdoors. Get rid of artificial turf and get rid of domes.

  2. Which do you prefer, grass or AstroTurf? “I don’t know, I’ve never smoked AstroTurf.” – Tug Mcgraw

  3. Are you guys on FieldTurf’s payroll? Who cares about this? What a weirdly esoteric thing to post on your website.

    Having said that, I’m kind of surprised we don’t see a rant by thankheavenfornumberseven defending Big Ben….

  4. I think that one of the best things that the NFL could do to lower injuries is to quickly phase in the requirement that all fields be grass with a certain amount of dirt underneith. If you are falling backwards would you rather have your head hit on a grassy field with dirt undernieth or cement covered with painted plastic? Grass can be rolled in (Arizona) and also grown inside or somehow brought in for the 10-13 games. There would be no turff toe and I bet there would be a lot fewer concussions. It would be inteesting to see a study of concussion from games played on grass vs turf. The NFL should help cover the cost of conversion. This would show real commitment to the safty of the players, but more expensive than reducing kick-off returns. They should also pay the real refs but make them full time with continued traing involved. The NFL is the BIGGEST sport the owners needs to spend bucks on the sport.

  5. Yes it would “slow” the speed of the game down a bit, but htat too would be benificial with the injuries. To me it does not matter if I see a super quick game on turt, or a very fast game on grass.

  6. They created Astro Turf back in the 60’s to allow for fields indoors. And as soon as they rolled the first field out, they started to try to make it more and more like real grass. Since then man has walked on the moon; the computer is now in every other bedroom in the country; phones are so small and so powerful that they can do thousands different things…. and Astro Turf is still pretty much Astro Turf… maybe they just dont care????

  7. Ben must also not be aware that the turf he and the rest of his goons practice on is also “FeildTurf” well actually it’s the UBU Speed Series-S5-M…

    Just sayin’

  8. is he sure it wasn’t the fact that Dareus and Mario tossed their blockers into the end zone and Marios guy landed on Decastros knee….

  9. Field Turf, Sports Grass, whatever… they all suck. If they really cared about safety all teams would be required to have natural grass. Pit replaces their sod about twice a year and its 100K per pop. NFL= Penny wise dollar foolish!

  10. mhdawg204

    Yeah, except it was Gilbert who rolled up his leg, not Pouncey.

    And I actually agree with a comment made earlier.

    High flying offenses like the Saints and the use-to-be Rams, and the use-to-be Colts prefer the artificial field because it’s a faster playing surface.

    But right now, the game is too fast. It doesn’t matter how many flags are thrown or how many guys are suspended. Someone like Haloti Ngata weighs over 300 pounds and has sub-5 second speed. A perfectly clean hit from him will still shock the brain.

    Guys are just so big and fast now that their collisions will be too violent for the game to regulate. The only way to change that is to slow the game down, right? Well, grass will slow it down a little. It won’t cut down on the number of borderline or illegal hits, but it will cut down on the overall force of the collisions. And believe me, it’s the repetitive collisions that are giving guys brain problems, not the discrete concussions that gets miss games from.

  11. on a game which is supposed to be the final prep for the upcoming season…

    Flacco stats – 27/36 266 yds 2 tds 1 int (on final possession hail Mary at end of half)

    Bens stats – 17/24 169 yds 1 td

    I’ll take flacco and the better looking Oline thank you very much

  12. Fans and players can rant all they want about turf vs. grass….but, the reality is this… long as teams are going to hold the communities that they play in hostage, with respect to forcing them to pay for and build the stadiums that they play in, those same communities are going to build stadiums that can be used for more purposes than just football games in order to maximize the revenue that can be generated from the building. As such, synthetic surfaces make more sense and will continue to be utilized. If the teams don’t like it, they can build their own stadiums and put in the type of surface that they prefer…..until then, they have limited leverage

  13. “The Ravens and Vikings use a surface called Sportexe Momentum, the Cowboys use Sportsfield Softtop and the Saints and Bengals use UBU Speed Series-S5-M.”

    That explains that annoying reflection in my near perfect hd picture on those fields. The grass always looks shiny in those places.

    I now am a full supporter of grass or field turf.

  14. tombradysponytail says:Aug 27, 2012 3:00 PM

    Are you guys on FieldTurf’s payroll? Who cares about this? What a weirdly esoteric thing to post on your website.

    Having said that, I’m kind of surprised we don’t see a rant by thankheavenfornumberseven defending Big Ben….

    I’m not a Steelers fan. My son wears #7, okay?

  15. The Bengals surface was chosen simply because Mike Brown found a ton of it on sale at the local carpet store.

  16. If the NFLPA had any pull and the players had any sense they would require grass for all fields. No artificial and no baseball diamonds.

  17. If this was such a concern to the players why did they not do anything with the CBA that was signed last year?

    Also a reminder not all teams have the state pay that is how it is done in Minn but not every NFL team gets a free stadium.

    I doubt some have you have ever walked on a Astro Turf field for if you did you would know that was a green rug where as field turf has a give and bounce to it not sure if it is better then grass but a bunch of Colleges and High Schools are putting it in all over the north east.

    In some cases I think the issue is less the surface more how it was installed and taken care of.

  18. The Steelers have had one of the worst playing surfaces.

    I always hate when the my team plays there. not because they have a greater chance to lose, but because regardless of the result, a star will probably be lost for an extended period.

  19. on that very same play, if Rainey hadn’t dropped the pass he would have gone for a huge gain. So the o-line gave the QB enough time to hit an open receiver who would have made a huge first down.

  20. Ravenator, you take preseason stats, we’ll take the Championships. Ben 2 – Flacco 0.

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