Vick says he’s not injury prone


At a time when one of the hottest topics in Philly comes from quarterback Mike Vick’s tendency to get injured, Vick takes issue with his burgeoning reputation for getting bludgeoned.

I don’t think I’m injury prone at all,” Vick said Sunday night, via Geoff Mosher of  “It’s not something I’m going to worry about.  I’m going out and play.”

The second part of that quote explains the first part.  Is he injury prone?  Hell yes.  Can he afford to acknowledge that?  Hell no.

The thinking in football is that guys who think about getting injured are more likely to get injured.  And they’re more likely to not be as effective as they can be before they inevitably get injured.

“You know, even though I’ve had these injuries, and they’ve been minor, I’ll still go out and play the game and play it effectively without worrying about getting hit,” said Vick, who will take only 12 preseason snaps due to a pair of injuries.  “Obviously, sometimes in the preseason you can tend to worry about that and your mind will get off that direction of trying to protect yourself.  At the end of the day you’ve got to forget about it, go out there and play football, and that’s the only way you play and not get hurt.”

But Vick still doesn’t realize the difference between avoiding injury and avoiding unnecessary contact.  Some players, like Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers, have the presence of mind to know when to hit the deck.  Manning routinely does it in the pocket (something for which Jim Everett was routinely chastised) and Rodgers, an underrated running threat, knows when to slide, when to run out of bounds, and when to accelerate into open grass.

It’s not that Vick won’t.  It’s that Vick can’t.  And he won’t admit that he can’t.

He’s simply not wired to avoid contact.  And with each incident of contact, the chance of injury increases.

So it’s not an issue of being injury prone.  It’s an issue of being contact prone.  And if Vick continues to be contact prone in 2012, he’ll be prone to having the team terminate his contract in 2013.

25 responses to “Vick says he’s not injury prone

  1. Scumbag? Sure. Egomaniac? No question. Not injury prone, though. Fragile is the more accurate description.

  2. I am a die hard Eagles fan but either this guy is brain dead between the dynasty comments and now this comment, face it he is made of glass we haven’t won anything with him yet and yet he talks like he is part of the Patriots, look when Eli got hit after hit against San Fran, he kept playing and being a leader, do that Vick then you can talk until then shut up and stay healthy you re making it hard to root for you because of your stupidity

  3. This will be Mikes last season as an Eagle. You know Andy and Marty are having a party behind closed doors with the success of FOLES. I’m not ready to anoint the kid as the face of the team, but Mike will be Mike and get hurt. If the kid starts winning games, its going to be a bit easier to say We just want Mike at 100% so the kid gets the start.

  4. It’s a given that a QB who runs as much as Vick does is going to get hit harder when he is caught – that’s the way it is.

    Plus Vick is only 6′ tall, & he’s not getting any younger – the window is just about closed for him.

  5. Actions speak louder than words and right now those actions seem to be yelling from the mountaintops.

  6. Salvi18: Never call yourself a “die hard” Eagles fan again in the midst of praising Eli and hating your own QB for saying the right thing given the situation he was put in. If you want an example of a QB who beleives he is injury prone please see Kevin Kolb, the deer in headlights that he is. Any athlete who “thinks” he is injury prone will play with that fear in the back of his mind and his game will suffer in the process, please see Desean Jackson circa 2011, and probably (but hopefully not) the rest of his career. This is a non-story, it is beating the blatantly obvious down our throats for an easy pre-season topic (borderline laziness), and its working, because here you are bold-faced lying to all of PFT nation over it. You’re a self-loathing, doomsday Eagles fan desperate for sympathy anywhere you can get it, not a die hard. It is scary how much of our fanbase has gone down your route. Go buy an Eli jersey, pack your wings up and bury them in the attic for good, ill be flapping mine all year long.

  7. AndyVictory

    Don’t need you to tell me that I am not a die-hard, I am! Also not praising Eli just giving an example of another quarterback in OUR division putting it on the line when it counts not leaving a game because he banged his thumb, my wings are on full time, never said once that I hated Vick just expressed the act is getting tiresome with him, read the post and understand it before you lash back

  8. The play Vick was hurt on should have ended with him going to the ground on his own. He tried to make a play when there was none there. Too bad that his instinctive competetive nature gets in the way of good decision making. The guy is trying to win all the time and thus he hurts himself by not living to fight another day.

  9. AndyV- “and his game will suffer in the process, ”

    We, as Eagles fans, have suffered through 3 years of the bad idea called Vick. He should never have been signed to the team, and people are FINALLY wising up to that fact.

    Keep Nick, dump Vick!

  10. If the guy they gave a $34 million contract to can’t beat out King Dunlap, they’re in for a sad season. Ware is going to eat those OT’s alive. Not to mention Tuck, JPP etc.

  11. I think it’s Reid as much as Vick. Reid always wants these running QBs who extend plays and take off downfield. That’s how Vick’s predecessor got the nickname “Donny McRibs” – always getting drilled in the rib cage because he wouldn’t throw the ball away.

    The Eagles clearly don’t have the protection scheme for these running QBs, and need to find a classic drop-back guy as soon as possible.

  12. Pardon me for wanting some fire out of my fellow fans. Truly sorry for lashing at you Salvi18, it was completely uncalled for. I admit to having some pent up aggression over the fact that Lincoln Financial Field is one of the most dismal, quiet, non-hostile, miserable venues to watch ones hometeam play. I can’t argue the downsides of Vick and I by no means “love” calling him my QB, but can’t we all rejoice for once and understand that if it hadn’t been for a franchise saving hit by Clay Matthews we could be suffering through 3 of the most abysmal years of our lifetime. The Kevin Kolb years, back when, and I’ll quote our receivers at the time: “the yung gunz iz takin ova”. As bad as it may be in many eyes now, it could’ve been far worse. So I hope to hear some noise in the stands this year. (and not just from the 30 rabid fans who sit in the southeast nosebleed corner.) Those people are great and always make me wish I were sitting with them instead of the lower deck whiners and moaners.

  13. bah bum bum hail to the redskins hail victory. braves on the warpath, fight for all D.C….. what’s up Philly? just dropped in to check the situation my situation was in.. this isn’t good. it’s still preseason and already fans bickering amongst themselves… for shame Phillyman for shame.

    here’s the average Philadelphian on any givin day: hey joey, I’m goin to gino’s for a cheessteak then I’m gonna beat somebody up on the way home

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