Vince Young says farewell to the Bills


Vince Young is on the way out in Buffalo.

Although Young’s release hasn’t been officially announced by the Bills, he wrote a farewell message on Twitter on Monday morning.

“I want to thank the Bills organization for the opportunity and wish the organization and my teammates good luck this season,” Young wrote. “Respect Bills fans.”

When the Bills decided to acquire quarterback Tarvaris Jackson in a trade from the Seahawks, it was a clear sign that Young would be sent packing. With Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starter and Jackson as the new No. 2, there’s really no reason for Young to be on the roster.

The third overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft, Young has had moments of brilliance as an NFL quarterback but has also had moments when he looked totally incapable of running an NFL offense. Young has talent, but he’s going to have a tough time finding any team that thinks he’s a good fit.

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  1. Whisenhunt pulled a hamstring running to the phone. Vince will be the Cardinal’s starting QB by the end of the day.

  2. Shame. He’s bouncing around from team to team, all because of his ego, he thought he was bigger then the team in Tennessee. Cost him dearly.

  3. Oh I really hope he saved his money, because he is D-O-N-E DONE. However, that article last month about him taking out that million dollar loan during the lockout doesn’t look good for him.

  4. Jets should sign him. He is better than Sanchize or Tebow and he fits there M.O of signing former first rounders who dont pan out.

  5. Speaking of Flynn, it’s too bad Vince couldn’t have stuck it out until Thursday’s game against my Lions. Maybe then he could have had a career game and either stuck with the bills or get a nice contract somewhere else, just like Flynn did.

  6. When did VY have “moments of excellence”? He’s been a trunover machine his entire career. The “all he does is win” nonsense in Tennessee was a product of a great defense bailing him out on a weekly basis. I suspect even at age 35 some people will still claim he has “great upside”. The Bills preferred to give up a draft pick for Travaris Jackson rather than just keep VY and the pick.

  7. I’m telling you, this was all mental … and I’m NOT talking smarts, I’m talking mental toughness and discipline. As a Titans fan, it was clear to me that VY could have been a solid (at times brilliantly performing) NFL quarterback if he would’ve led by example–been a hard working student of the game and pursued true humility. At the time VY’s temper tantrum (shoulder pads into the stands) and Coach Heimerdinger’s cancer ended their working relationship, VY had the highest passer rating in the AFC. He did this to himself. Is it too late to grow up and revive his career? God only knows.

  8. Vince Young is HATED by fans but for the most part he has always been preety classy (For an NFL player) He has never been able to land on his feet after Tennesee because he throws too many INTs. He always tries to hard to make a play instead of making the game come to him. He has a Great Arm though… Too bad he does not have the dedication. Hopefully a team like the Browns or KC SF or the Cards will have him as a back up on the cheap. Cant possibly play worse than their Starters.

  9. Tigerpork – Young won a NCAA Championship and had a very respectable record on a mediocre Titans team – hardly a loser (aside from financial decisions). The Cards should definitely look at him, he can throw a deep ball to Fitz and Floyd (Doucet more slot). The Jets would be interesting, but they would most likely release Tebow.

  10. I guess Shannahan doesn’t look too stupid for saying on draft night that he felt he drafted the best QB that day!!!

    AZ- Matt Leinart
    TEN- Vince Young
    DEN- Jay Cutler

  11. I remember how the offensive skill position 1st round picks of the 2006 NFL draft were all accompanied by such enormous hype. Reggie Bush, Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Jay Cutler, etc. Cutler is the only one who has been consistently productive and even that is a debatable position.

  12. Good ridden, I couldn’t bare to watch this guy self destruct any longer. I wanted buffalo to either draft Russell Wilson or pick up Jason Campbell, I guess TJack will have to do. TJack is probably brilliant compared to VY, not a fan of the move but it will have to do

  13. Amazingly, this officially makes T-Jack the second-best quarterback from the 2006 draft, behind Jay Cutler. You can rip Chilly for drafting him, but he’s a lot better than the likes of Matt Leinart, Charlie Whitehurst, Brodie Croyle, etc.

  14. If Vince wasn’t a complete idiot I honestly think he could have been easily a top 10 QB in the NFL for many years. He clearly has the talent, just is dumb as hell and can’t read defenses and it takes him 3 year to learn a system. We caught the tail end of him being an above average QB when he was with Tenn but the mental issues were there too.

    Even though I’ve always supported him & he is still a player I like a lot, I can’t feel bad for him at all. He hasn’t applied himself like he should have. Nobody else to blame this time Vince.

  15. Remember when Leinart and Young were considered no brainer first round picks that were supposed to be polished enough to just come in and start in the NFL?

  16. Young’s biggest problem is that his ears are too big to be an NFL QB. Meaning he is too sensitive to criticism. As soon as he struggles and has to listen to criticism he’s done, he crawls inside himself and tries to hide from it.

  17. I can see him joining the Cards, but his main problems have all been mental and he’d have to learn an entirely new system quickly….I just don’t see it working out. He is obviously an upgrade over Kolb though.

  18. This is what happens when you’re not smart enough to quickly pick up a new offense in a new team. At Tennessee, he was allowed to slooooowly learn the offense as a first round draft pick. He relied on his size and speed and scrambling ability like Tebow, but with a little better arm. Then defenses figured him out and he’s done, just like Tebow. With the new teams, the offenses were too complex for his mental ability to learn and remember plays.

  19. 4evrnyt says:
    Aug 27, 2012 11:43 AM
    Remember when Leinart and Young were considered no brainer first round picks that were supposed to be polished enough to just come in and start in the NFL?
    Leinart was a system guy and was done in by a bad coach and not getting himself into shape.

    Young had a knack for the comeback, but couldnt quite mature to take it to the next level.

    For some reason, had both gone to the right team with the right coordinator and defense, It probably wouldve gone differently.

    Fate tends to favor lesser players who work their way in from college as opposed to college standouts. Brees wasnt, Brady wasnt, Manning was the last standout college QB and he had zero National titles.

  20. Young is the worst QB in the NFL right now (or, not in the NFL, as the case may be).

    If you saw last year’s game in Seattle, he threw two pick sixes to keep his team out of the game. These were not poor decisions, they were not bad decisions, they were miserable decisions.

    In preseason action the other night, going up against second-stringers, he was 12/26 with two picks, for a rating of 25.5. That’s bad if you’re a rookie, but if you’re a veteran, that’s abysmal.

  21. Vince Young is HATED by fans but for the most part he has always been preety classy (For an NFL player)…

    I don’t hate the guy. Would’ve liked nothing better than to have the storybook ending of him having a solid career taking over for Steve McNair in TN, given how close those two had been.

    But a lot of things went on during his years in TN that made even fans like me who wanted to see him succeed, relieved to see him go. “Pretty classy” would not be the way I would ever describe Vince Young. “Immature and childish” more often come to mind.

    I wonder now that he’s been in a legitimately tough media/fan town like Philly, and been humbled (maybe) by this latest cut in Buffalo when they weren’t going out of their way to tailor the offense to him, if he’ll finally realize how good he had it in TN, and how he had a big hand in making that golden opportunity fall apart.

  22. This has “N.ot F.or” written all over it. VY is likely done at this point, but if he is given another shot, then I hope he has learned that physical gifts can get you in the league, but hardwork and dedication to getting better are what keep you in it.

  23. Watching Vince play last yr for the Eagles, I can tell that he was a washed up player and I was right. The Bills was definitely a wrong place for him.. Argonauts here I come.

  24. The Titans were 31-19 when Vince Young started games. Young is the perfect example of the reason quarterbacks should NOT have won/lose records attached to their names.
    In 2008, the Titans were 13-3 with Kerry Collins at quarterback.
    In ESPN’s own little world, quarterbacks win, teams lose. Ridiculous!!!!

  25. Actually, granadafan, VY was playing by far his best ball during his last season with the Titans. He looked like he’d finally turned the corner until mid-season, when he lost it the locker room on Fisher and then threw his pads into the stands. That 98+ percent passer rating meant nothing after that.

  26. Some please cue Warren Moon…

    Young has a better win/loss record than Alex Smith but he gets chance after chance, but not young. Tebow gets the whole offense changed to suit him but not Young. Its kind of tough to not use race at times but skill and work ethic cant be the only reason VY has not fully blossomed. We saw what kind of talent he had at UT when the offense is tailored to his skills.
    {Sidebar}…Poor T-Jack has been passed around more than a joint at Woodstock. I hope he can stick this time…#justsaying!

  27. Did anyone watch VY play? hes fallen so far that the worlds longest grappling hook couldnt pull him out of the hell hes created for himself.

    The guy either turns into an H back or see-ya.

    Welcome TJ!!! If you can run around and throw to tight ends and fred you’ll be fine.

  28. well, that will teach him to put all his eggs all in one hamper before the horse and hopefully not to cross the road without reaching the other side next time. At the beginning of the end of the day, its all about blessings and trying to keep a good head on the stool. Good luck VY.

  29. Never fails, the VY fangirls keep making excuses for a guy who is not an NFL QB.

    At least Vince is not far from his next destination, Oh Canada.

  30. Jeff Fisher is vindicated. He wanted Matt Leinart, but Bud Adams wanted Vince Young. We now know who’s lasted longer.

  31. @gmen where are any VY supporters? I’m a fan but I recognize he doesn’t have the mental ability to be an NFL QB. That’s just as important if not more than the physical skills. He’s missing that whole part.

  32. Yes, Arizona would be the ideal destination for Mr. Young!

    First you have a coach (Whisenhut) who cannot evaluate QB talent if it fell on him, a fan base that does not care if the Cardinals lose as long as their best option Matt Leinart was run out of town for a lesser option (choose one – Derek Anderson / Max Hall <–who) and lastly an ownership that seems to like the idea of selling out a stadium without having to pay for talent! Perfect fit…

    Yes, full disclosure I am a disgruntled Cardinal season seat holder under contract and am really disappointed in the direction …down of this team and its mediocre coaching staff

  33. Maybe Vince can join the Buffalo fans in denying that they played their starters when the Steelers popped them for that 99-yard, down-your-throat drive — even though the Bills DID play their starters that whole drive. Then they can keep on asking Alper if “he really watched the same game” as they did.

  34. I bet Young never seen this coming. He thought since he looked better than Thigpen, that he had the back-up position locked down. I never imagined that Buffalo would pull the trigger on a back-up QB so close to the start of the season, they must have a ton of faith that Jackson will be able to pick up Gailey’s complicated Offense quickly. That is one thing that killed Vince Young, his inability to pick up the playbook quick enough. Having great athleticism doesn’t always give you the edge in a QB competition, sometimes the smarter QB wins. I just hope Buddy Nix has a plan.

  35. Seems to me that the obvious place for Young to go is to the Jets. They are equally full of themselves. The thing is that I’m not sure the Jets realize they need a quarterback.

  36. I am a diehard Titans/Oilers fan since 1978. I saw Vince Young play in person at the KC Chief’s in 2007, the other Quarterback of KC was Brodie Coyle…and VY threw 2 touchdown passes in a 26-17 win…I was right behind the bench, Albert Haynesworth was in a contract year and I said to him, “Stay in Tennessee!” he smiled with his thumbs up…how is that looking now ?! Both Young & Haynesworth were bad character guys, Haynesworth wanted the big pay day and Young was over rated egotistical quarterback who was treated like a GOD at U of Texas because he could run and throw. He was never the prototypical quarterback just as Tebow was great for the college game, but not a great pro ….the pro scouts are right about these guys and the games they won in the NFL were product of great defenses at the time, both are not the long term answer at Quarterback in NFL terms. /// When Vince Young threw his pads in the stands and was cut by the Titans, I took the Young #10 Jersey and had his name taken off the jersey and now I can wear the #10 Titans Jersey proudly as I believe Jake Locker has his head on straight and will be a good NFL Quartrrback and will work hard and be humble to prove it, long term…. Good luck VY…you are finally humbled…you have now hit Rock Bottom..

  37. displacedpackfan says:Aug 27, 2012 1:42 PM

    Come on over Green Bay! We could use a good backup.

    bobnelsonjr says:Aug 27, 2012 1:49 PM

    Vince ought to be able to get a roster spot on the quarterback desperate vikings.

    You might want to listen to your Packer fan brethren, Bob.

  38. For all you Titans fans, Chris Johnson was only elite during games when VY was QB. Yes, you want him back. Little CJ won’t amount to much without him.

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