Vontae Davis eager for fresh start in Indianapolis

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The Colts are getting the cornerback they needed desperately, but Vontae Davis is getting something as important — a clean slate.

Davis told reporters in Indianapolis today he didn’t want to talk much about his days with the Dolphins.

“I feel like it’s a different opportunity,” Davis said, via Phillip Wilson of the Indianapolis Star. “What happened in Miami is in the past. Now I’m a Colt and my biggest thing is moving forward and trying to get better as a player.”

The former first-round pick didn’t need long to run afoul of new coach Joe Philbin in Miami, as it’s been clear from watching Hard Knocks Philbin didn’t care for his effort.

But Davis had problems there before Philbin, including reports he was suspended for showing up to a walk-through with alcohol on his breath.

Any of that stuff seems to have been forgiven by the Colts.

“We live in a great country,” coach Chuck Pagano said. “And this country is all about second chances.”

Especially when you have something another party needs, as Davis clearly does.

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  1. Dude! Irsay rocked that trade! Vernon Davis for a 2nd rounder?! Amazing! What’s that? It’s Vontae, not Vernon? Okay, never mind.

  2. voiceofreasonsays says

    He’s the best player to put on a Colts jersey since Peyton left and will remain just that for a while.


    No. That honor is reserved for Luck.

  3. All that tweeting for this? Seriously? Give me a break, Irsay. This is not that big of a deal. In fact, I am willing to say Davis will be a complete non-factor. If he was so amazing, Miami wouldn’t of given him up.

  4. Vontae will be looking for a new, new start in 18 months. The guy is a Turd with a capital T.

  5. blacknole08 says:
    Aug 27, 2012 1:35 PM
    Davis is overrated. The Dolphins fleeced the Colts.

     9 0 

    At least the Colts have been rated…the Dolphins have been jokes for a long time. Our team just got better – you guys just got another pick that will end up busting.

  6. Best player to put on a colts jersey since Peyton, what have you been watching? Hopefully he can behave himself for a start, then maybe at least try to show up in some sort of physical shape. He has a big ego. Hope he doesn’t take too many toilet breaks when he practices!!! Put him in the same class as Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson and Hanley Ramirez. All have plenty of talent, but don’t want to use it in Miami. Glad they have all gone.

  7. The thing is Vontae had that same oppertunity with a new coaching staff in Philbin and company. Vontae and Sean Smith were both deemed immature and not giving 100%. Sean Smith entered training camp in the best shape of his life, had a mature attitude, and took the bull by the horns while Vontae showed up well the same Vontae.

    Some players “get it” while others don’t and unfortunately for Vontae and the Dolphins he just didn’t take his role seriously. He dropped on the depth chart from #1 to #3 and had ZERO fight to earn it back. The Dolphins get a second and sixth for a nickle cb who has issues while the Eagles got a 5th for Asante Samual who IMO is better than Davis. The Dolphins made the right move and now hopefully they can do something with that pick.

  8. Maybe there are bigger reasons Davis is gone.
    Ben Volin tweeted this:

    Brandon [Marshall]also threw a football in Vontae’s face when Vontae showed up to walk-through with alcohol on his breath

  9. I always liked Vontae. He’s a good kid, can make a tackle, sounds funny with that deep south drawl too. We’re gonna miss him. He can play corner, can make a tackle is well built but keeps it loose. I don’ think the Colts were fleeced but Dolphins got good value for him. Gonna miss Vontae.

  10. Vontae Davis was playing special teams in the third quarter of Friday’s game, and on Sunday the Colts gave up a second round pick for him. Highway robbery for Miami.

  11. “All that tweeting for this? Seriously? Give me a break, Irsay. This is not that big of a deal. In fact, I am willing to say Davis will be a complete non-factor. If he was so amazing, Miami wouldn’t of given him up.”

    Not all players fit in with a new regime. With Sprano still there not only is Davis not traded he is still starting.

    Will he help the D that Pagano is building? Absolutely! Is he worth a 2nd round pick? Heck no!

    Just sucks we won’t get to see Vernon vs Vontae this season now.

  12. Really, how many of us have shown up to work with a wicked hangover only to realize that due to just having stopped drinking just a few hours prior to arrival that you weren’t hungover but you were still drunk? You know what I mean HH? I know you do. Go Blue.

  13. Why doesn’t his brother grab him by the collar and wake him up?! Great talent wasted. A change in scenery will not cure laziness. Maybe the Colts can hire Mike Singletary away from the Vikings to pull his pants down in the DB film room to emphasize the point that Vontae needs to change. As for Irsay.. Really? Trading for a veteran disappointment is nothing to brag about. What’s next, tweet about an incredible free agent to be signed and then inking T.O.?

  14. I doubt most of the people speaking with such authority on this topic knew anything about Vontae Davis prior to Irsay’s tweets. The internet is full of experts.

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