Andrew Luck: I’m just a rookie making boneheaded mistakes


Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has been widely praised for his performances this preseason, but Luck isn’t reading his own press clippings.

“I think I’m still very much a rookie quarterback trying to figure it out,” Luck said on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis, via “By no means are we perfect in any sense and got a lot of work to do. I do feel like a rookie a lot of times trying to figure things out but I think we’re on the right path and that is what is important.”

Asked what it means to feel like a rookie, Luck said he doesn’t think he has the mental side of the game down the way a veteran quarterback should.

“I think every now and then you make boneheaded mistakes,” Luck said. “Call a play in the huddle and two seconds later you can’t remember one word that came out of your mouth and try to figure out what’s going on with the defense and you’re forgetting the snap count and just trying to stay alive out there.”

When asked if he thinks he’s NFL ready, Luck answered, “I hope by Week One I will be.” If the preseason is any guide, Luck will be more than ready.

28 responses to “Andrew Luck: I’m just a rookie making boneheaded mistakes

  1. At least hes not arragount and big headed and say that practice is.harder than the nfl, and isnt wasting all his time doing commercials n pimping himself out to highest bidding advertiser

  2. He’s looked good for a rookie. He does remember to say the right things to the right reporters.

  3. I like the fact that he isn’t doing many if any promotions or commercials but wants to focus on his first year. It’s not a knock on any other Rookie that chooses to, but its further proof of his Maturity and his drive to be a great player.

  4. Luck will be A OK as long as the team is built around his strengths. The only other big deal to his success is making sure he doesn’t get hit too much in his first two years, otherwise his confidence level will drop. The same thing happened to Bills ex-QB Trent Edwards, he took way too many shots and lost all of his confidence. Edwards looked really good before that too, It changed the way he played though.

  5. benacci says:
    Aug 28, 2012 4:27 PM
    I like the fact that he isn’t doing many if any promotions or commercials but wants to focus on his first year. It’s not a knock on any other Rookie that chooses to, but its further proof of his Maturity and his drive to be a great player.
    “It’s not a knock on any other Rookie that chooses to…” Gee, who could you possibly be talking about? Props for being evenhanded about it, however.

    The point is, that while Luck certainly is very mature and has a great head on his shoulders, there’s no doubt he’ll take any endorsement deal that comes his way, precisely because he is so smart. Luck knows just as well as Griffin that he could get in a car accident on the way home from practice today and never play football again.

    Griffin doesn’t take commercial deals because he’s arrogant or has a swollen ego, he just knows that through his deals with Adidas, Gatorade, and Subway, he has already put away enough money to take care of his family for the rest of their lives, even if he never takes one regular season snap.

    Making money while you can is always a prudent decision and whether Luck is receiving the same offers as Griffin or not, neither player should be faulted for what they do or don’t do.

  6. Meanwhile RG3 says “I am the face of this franchise, I think everybody understands that”. Glad we have Luck.

  7. If you’re a hater of either of those kids–Andrew Luck or RG III–then … well, enjoy your ride on the Fool Train.

  8. wow is this kid impressive.he is gonna be fun to watch,he has all the tools to be great,just not the team this year.hope he can stay healthy cause its gonna be fun watching luck and russel wilson battle for rookie of the year.GO HAWKS and good LUCK colts

  9. Attention fellow Redskin fans – Stop posting in Colts or any other Rookie QB threads. No need to defend Robert from the ignorant people. Robert is proving everytime he steps on the field that he is far and away the best QB from the 2012 and unfortunately it just bothers a certain group of people that RGIII can be loved by advertisers and perform well on the actual field. RedskinNation is blessed to have landed a future hall of famer and championship QB in Robert Griffin the 3rd. Case closed.

  10. Luck better get his mistakes over with before he go to Chicago. The Bears are going to play for keeps.
    Cutler is going to shoot them down an look for the packers next

  11. “I like the fact that he isn’t doing many if any promotions or commercials but wants to focus on his first year. It’s not a knock on any other Rookie that chooses to, but its further proof of his Maturity and his drive to be a great player.”

    Luck not doing commercials is a sign of maturity…but that’s not an insult directed towards another rookie doing commercials.

    Anyways, RG3 is more marketable than Luck since RG3 won the Heisman trophy. If Luck wins Rookie of the Year (and it’s very possible), expect to see Luck a year from now telling you to buy Direct-TV, regardless of how “mature” it is to forgo filming occasional advertising.

  12. He’s definitely a smart guy thank goodness he’s not an idiot like Peytonsneck18 and indywilson40 who seem to worry more about RGIII than the colts opponents.

  13. theres an imposter, peytonneck18, nice try buddy, but i know u are a skins fan, there is only one peytonsneck18, good luck with willie “rg3” beamin

  14. No question about his talent, but he needs to stop being the posterboy nfl “reincarnation” of Peyton…just be yourself and day some inappropriate stuff once in a while…the league doesn’t need another choir boy

  15. Oh no. Sounds like VOR is in the bottle a little early tonight. Calm down dude. Redskin fans. Please feel free to post your thoughts on all Colts threads. It is great comedy. Go Blue.

  16. I was impressed by Luck’s first game I have not been impressed by RG3. I think it’s unfortunate that neither of these guys will have the opportunity to play against Wilson this year. I know week three Luck and RG were both hovering around the 93-94 passer rating and a TD a piece. But after all the talk “the little QB that could” came out against a better D and dropped 2, tds 6 scoring drives and 13/19 for 185 how and ran 2x for 51.

    I don’t know if any of these QB’s will accomplish anything noteworthy in ’12 but if I had to put my money on one this year I’d have to go with Wilson. I think Luck can do some special things in Indy once they build the team around him.
    Unfortunately forRG3 I see many years of mediocre teams not his fault it’s shanahan, he hasn’t done a thing since elway and how much can RG rely on garcon I don’t see these guys putting up numbers like Cam/smith or Dalton/AJ.

    I’m a Seahawk fan and understand the hopeful feeling we a all share with our new signal callers, it’s a very exciting time.
    Good luck with your rookies.

  17. 97tahoe says:
    Aug 28, 2012 5:26 PM
    Welcome to the NFL Andrew…and for your first NFL game we’d like you to meet Mr. Jared Allen.


    Wow…I had no idea Jared Allen was traded to the Bears.

  18. The bears are going to give Andrew his welcome to the NFL moment by knocking him out of his first game. Luck wont play in a game after week 1.

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