Carroll says T.O. can still play


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Monday that receiver Terrell Owens can still play in the NFL.  Only not for Carroll, as evidenced by the fact that Carroll cut T.O. one day earlier.

Carroll added there’s no doubt T.O. can still play.  Why then wasn’t T.O. deemed good enough to be one of the final 75 in Seattle?  It would be different if the Seahawks had gone to the Super Bowl in 2011, or if they’d even made it to the playoffs.  But if Owens can’t make it past the first cuts for a middle-of-the-pack-at-best team, where would he make if onto the field as one of the last 53?

Possibly in Seattle.  Carroll didn’t close the door on bringing Owens back if the need arises.

Still it’s hard to separate coach-speak from reality.  Carroll’s actions reflect reality.  The fact that Owens is still available two days after being cut, at a time when teams are scouring over the transaction lists for upgrades, means that the wait will once again continue.

We still think Owens showed enough separation and speed to get a chance to land on a 53-man roster.  And that suggests there was something beyond his abilities that made the Seahawks decide to not give him an opportunity in the final preseason game to do something that would justify keeping him.

Then again, if that 40-yard over-the-torso catch against the Chiefs didn’t, nothing he does at this point will convince the Seahawks or anyone else to give him a chance to play again.

21 responses to “Carroll says T.O. can still play

  1. He still drops balls, and is a selfish lockeroom cancer. He’d be ripping the coaches and QBs by week 5 if things weren’t going his way. He laughs off drops and goes ballistic if he’s not thrown to or is missed. No accountability.

  2. And Joe Philbin wishes he didnt have to cut Chad Johnson too. Randy Moss will be more towards the middle of the season. Or when he complains about team meal.

  3. Yes, we get it, Pete.

    You brought him in, so of course he can still play.

    Otherwise, you would be admitting you made a mistake.

    Keep running, Pete.

  4. so he can still catch a football now and again…there’s hundreds of younger guys that can do the same for years to come without all the baggage. Where are all the sympathizers….? “He’s a great guy, he’s just misunderstood”….Bull! He’s done! Get over it!

  5. First off, the Seahawks are better than a “middle-of-the-pack-at-best” team. Second, the fact that Owens was cut isn’t really a mystery. He obviously can “still play”, since he can still run, separate himself from DBs, and break tackles. The fact that he routinely drops easy passes and causes problems in the locker room make him not worth it. The very last thing any rookie QB needs is a guy like Terrell Owens.

  6. middle of the pack at best????? it’ll be fun to see you change your tune over the duration of the season. the hawks are winning the west this year florio.

  7. It could be that he still complains even though he is broke and knows he is on his last chance. He should have been in “yes sir, yes sir 3 bags full..” mode from the moment he got on the plane to Seattle. His talent no longer trumps his issues and his age doesn’t help either.

  8. I think the idea is if a team signs T.O., it will be after the season begins so his minimum contract isn’t guaranteed. That provides both financial protection and would keep Owens’ behavior in check knowing he’s only guaranteed money game to game.

  9. All those years of his terrible attitude and doing situps on his driveway showing off were going to bite him in the butt and by god, it did. This football fan is glad fate took a turn on a arrogant person and I know I’m not alone in saying that.

  10. Personally, I think he was cut because they didn’t want him on the 53 man roster and make his contract fully guaranteed for the season. I think they re-sign him after the first day of the NFL season, to basically make his contract a week to week contract so he doesn’t act up.

  11. Very simple…In any industry or business, if you spend a career burning bridges, you’re going to run out of places to go. Welcome to the real world.

  12. As we learned in Dallas, his teeth grinding, mind numbing, drive killing drops cancel out the occasional highlight reel catch he’ll make.

  13. Let me get this straight. The Seahawks have arguably the worst corp of wr’s in the entire NFL and their headcoach cuts T.O. but then claims “he can still play”. Hell even the Arena Football team cut T.O. and their headcoach didn’t make such an asinine statement. All one needs to do is look at Carroll’s record of judging talent since taking over: Whitehurst, TJoke, Matt Flynn, Mike “doughnut” Williams, Nate Burleson, Braylon Edwards, T.O., Sid “I’m hurt again” Rice, etc…….I think Petey’s judge of QB and WR talent is very very suspect to say the least. I like Russell Wilson but for Petey to name him starting QB (ala’ TJoke) when the kid has shown success in “preaseason” against only “second and third string vanilla defenses” is taking a high risk at ruining Wilson’s confidence before he really ever has a chance. Petey knows how to work the chickenhawk fans and this was at best a PR move.

  14. He can still run, but his hands and lack of catches with respect to his target totals are what got him out of town.

    If he is not on a team would at least like to see him in Canton.

  15. His reputation as a QB killer is still fully intact. Matt Flynn went from starter to the bench with his assistance. The guy needs to go back to reality tv.

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