Cooley hires an agent

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As Chris Cooley embarks on the next phase of his football career, he’ll have help when it comes to identifying and evaluating opportunities.

A media source tipped us off to the news that Cooley hired David Dunn on Monday.  Dunn has confirmed the move.

Cooley’s former agent, Gary Wichard, died in March 2011.  Cooley had not yet hired a replacement.

Cooley became a free agent upon his release from the Redskins.  If, as we believe, the Redskins are willing to bring him back at a lower salary, Cooley will have to quickly identify whether another team is in position to offer him a contract and add him to the roster, with only days to go until the season begins.

The most obvious potential destinations other than D.C. would be teams that use similar offenses, like the Texans and the Raiders.  He also could be interested in joining a team with a legitimate franchise quarterback.

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  1. “The most obvious potential destinations other than D.C. would be teams that use similar offenses, like the Texans and the Raiders.”

    He doesn’t need a west coast offense. He had his best years under Gibbs and Saunders. Air Coryell tree, Like the one the Chargers run.
    Still it’s sad to see him go.

  2. I hope he takes the pay cut, re signs in DC, and plays backup TE and fullback, just to keep him on the team…He may have a better opportunity elsewhere though. I wouldn’t be surprised if Washington made him such an offer and he went elsewhere to be a starter….That would be painful to all skins fans.

    Just DO NOT wear the star, Mr. Cooley, no matter what they offer you.

  3. Chris Chris it’s over, football doesn’t last forever. Move on to the next stage in life. They never think it will end.

  4. I’d like to see Chris in the Redskins Radio telecast for games in the future. Him, Doc and I guess Larry. I’d replace Larry but he’s the perfect mouthpiece for Dan’s propaganda machine. I hope Chris goes out of the division and does well. While I respect BMitch and LaVar for there time in DC, I don’t look at those two the same for going to div. rivals and badmouthing us when they left. CC will be in the next 10 greatest Redskins list in 10 yrs.

  5. Snyder and Shannahan you are running out of time to fix this fiasco of a mistake. Redskins Nation is furious with you. You need to read the hundreds and hundreds of fan comments on the official Redskins site 99.9% dismayed to furious about this decision of yours. You have humiliated Chris by cutting him before the preseason even ends. I take that back you have humiliated yourselves and your fans. Chris acted like a prince in that press conference.

    You can’t keep London and not keep Chris. RG3 is going to benefit from Chris just as much as London, heck moreso Chris, because Chris plays offense. Fred is gonna let you down and then we are screwed. Chris will be playing for Belichek by the time that happens. Stop deluding yourselves, Fred’s control over pot is about equal to my dog’s control over a bisquit a stranger might offer. You stooges have managed to suck the feel good out of the season before it even starts for Redskin Nation.

  6. blackqbwhiterb…..

    after his childish antics about Romo and Witten over youtube, and his talk of seeing Romo in the cage, there is no way in hell the Cowboys would sign Cooley.

    However, if Cooley somehow did sign with Dallas on a 1 year deal, Romo would surely toss him 8-10 TDs and net him a contract to take him towards the end of his playing days.

    While I admit, Cooley did have some good games against the Cowboys, it is humorous to think of how many Redskins’ fans compared him to Jason Witten.

    I always told them it wasn’t close

  7. If he could be had a decent price, I could see him as a Packer.

    Fits their mold, and there could be some nice packages with John Kuhn and Chris Cooley behind A. Rodgers. Not to mention Jermichael Finley is fairly inconsistent, and T. Crabtree is much less athletic than Cooley.

    Might be a benefit to the Rams as well.

  8. He’s not going to another team unless he can be the starter. No starter role means back to the Redskins.

  9. marygratton18 says:

    “You have humiliated Chris by cutting him before the preseason even ends.”

    Mary, Mary, Mary. You may love the Redskins (as I do) but you don’t understand pro football at all.

    They cut Cooley now so that he might land a spot with another team BEFORE the preseason ends (if he wishes to do that). If they waited until the preseason ended, he would be unemployed for several weeks at a minimum, and might be unemployed for the whole season.

    Cutting him now at least gives him a *chance* of finding a home. It’s actually a sign of respect.

    Cooooooooley — we’ll miss you . Best of luck in whatever life brings you.

  10. Raiders already reached out to Cooley per @Raidernewsflash on twitter. PFT knows RNF very well since RNF broke Vince Young getting released then 2 hrs later a “source” said Ving Young got released

  11. chris cooley = overrated has been. he absolutely sucks in football. time to cut him and make a good riddance of him. i dont know why he got attention back then; must be the kim kardishian syndrome.

  12. Umm… people?….what position does Mr. Cooley play? That’s right, he plays Tight End. So what does this mean? It means of course that Patriots will scoop him right up.

  13. I say he goes to the Jets. Every TE on their roster was hurt the other night. We’ll see though. As a Bronco fan, I think he may have a season or 2 left…

  14. Hey Fink I fully understand what you are saying about cutting Chris now so he has a chance to catch on somewhere else. But that should have happened weeks ago– not now–for the casual fan it just sends the message he wasn’t good enough to make the final two roster cuts. I personally do not feel he was given a fair chance to establish that. And if London was good enough, so is Chris.

    I also hope you are not insuinating because I am female I do not understand pro football. I read intensely about every aspect of the pro game and understand the Xs and Os far better than most male fans. I recently read Pat Kirwans book Take Your Eye Off The Ball– loved it. I also loved Tim Layden’s Blood, Sweat, and Chalk. I download old game plans and study them. So my little female brain is not too feeble for the game of football, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a mother’s heart for this wonderful young man and feel dismay at the Big Business side of football. Maybe if it were less cut-throat we really would see the Redskins be a dynasty team.

  15. I feel I should apologize for publicly bashing the Redskins front office management and the coaches for cutting Mr. Cooley yesterday in my numerous blogs on the subject. I have never-ever blogged in my life and this one here is hopefully my last. I was just so so …. sick at heart, which always makes me mad. And Fink is right, I really can’t undertand the team’s leadership reasoning on this one. But they still have my support because I do love the Skins. I am just so sad for Chris because I consider him an honorary son of Washington DC. And so I reacted like any caring mom–we wish we could take a big stick to people that hurt young people we care about. But as parents of young adults know, it really sucks when we can longer protect our kids from harsh reality. And reality really sucked big time for Cooley yesterday.

    Sorry PFT and goodbye– and Chris in the unlikely event that you read this– hang in there and hold your head high. Thanks for all the years bleeding Burgundy and Gold. Cooooooooo LEY!!!!

    One more important thing: Chris Cooley’s Mom: Please take a bow for a job well done!

  16. The most obvious potential destinations other than D.C. would be teams that use similar offenses, like the Texans and the Raiders. He also could be interested in joining a team with a legitimate franchise quarterback.

    While I’ll agree with you that Palmer is not a legit QB, Shaub has certainly shown that he can get it done when healthy.

  17. i think Cooley would be an upgrade at TE to many teams. despite what the naysayers may say. he should always be spoken with the likes of Tony Gonzales, Jay Novachek, and Witten he’s just as tough and has great hands. when healthy he can get the tough yards after contact. plus he can play fullback and H-back. this man will have a job by thursday night 6pm

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