Darryl Tapp could be the odd man out among Eagles DEs

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The Eagles have a problem other teams aren’t as fortunate to have, one that could give them flexibility in the next week.

They actually have more pass-rushers than they have room for, and could end up moving veteran Darryl Tapp as a result, according to Bob Grotz of the Delaware County Times.

The Eagles are a solid five-deep at defensive tackle, and have six defensive ends who have proven themselves productive.

Beyond Jason Babin and Trent Cole, they have young players Brandon Graham, Phillip Hunt and Vinny Curry, leaving Tapp as possibly the odd man out, or trade bait.

“There’s going to be a job somewhere,” Tapp said. “We’re all focused on getting better right here.”

To his credit, the seventh-year end has worked with the potential replacements closely.

“Definitely, I’ve had my hands on Brandon, Phillip last year and now Vinny, being a new guy his eyes are kind of wide open right now,” Tapp said. “I try to help them break down what’s going on and aim them in the right direction.

“That’s the NFL. There’s only a few spots open. As a player, you don’t think about it. You’ve got to continue to focus on the task at hand and getting better. All the other stuff, let the powers that be handle that and everything will take care of itself.”

Tapp has 5.5 sacks the past two years in spot duty with the Eagles, and while that’s not the kind of line that jumps off the page, there are plenty of teams that could use him.

20 responses to “Darryl Tapp could be the odd man out among Eagles DEs

  1. Tapp’s going to get shopped? What a great deal Seattle made in trading Tapp for Clemons. Clemons has 22 sacks the past two seasons.

  2. Seems like it would be a good situation for the Raiders to monitor. Although they are pretty deep on the defensive line, they don’t really have a pass rushing specialist.

  3. He’s on the verge on a breakout year! He’s been dominant in the preseason nd hes not playing against backups. He is leading all of Nfl in sacks in preseason. I know its preseason but if you got a chance to see him play you would agree he looks very good. He was having his way against all pro Joe Thomas. i think that he may be the odd man out but i hope they find away to keep him. Its going to be hard because there is alot of talent on this team nd theyre going to have the same problem with other positions. With the surprise play of Trent Edwards at qb they have 4 qbs that belong in the nfl. Then at running back same situation. when they make the final cuts there are going to be some guys that will get picked up immediatly with a chance to get alot of playing time. they will be cutting very good playets at QB,RB,WR,Oline,CB, and a linebacker that can contribute. Ive been watching the Eagles my while life and they were never so deep with talent. 2 things can stop this team Vick turnovers and defensive scheme. its yet to be seen if Juan Castillo is a legit NFL D-Coordinator.

  4. Hate to see Tapp go his numbers are not great but he hustles and he has a high motor just too many DEs right now he’s more like the old man out

  5. How is Tapp below Graham on the “cut” list when he is clearly outplaying him? I guess the spectre of First Round Pick expectations can be a blessing too.

  6. You guys are clearly not watching the same games I’ve been watching. Phillip Hunt, Brandon Graham, and Vinny Curry are young and have outplayed Tapp. Yes, Tapp is a veteran and a great player. Although I would hate to lose him the young talent is more valuable. That’s just the way it is.

  7. I hope we don’t just let him walk. Graham has had just as good a camp n with him being a first rd pick he is still our future. Tapp not going to Indy becuz doesn’t fit that 3-4 d

  8. I hate to see Tapp go. I loved him at VT and was excited to see him come to the Eagles. He’s been a solid fill in when needed. Yeah he has had a few personnal fouls in the preseason, but he’s always been pretty reliable. Good luck to D. Tapp in the future where ever he lands.

    Anyone who says we didn’t get the same production out of him as Chris Clemons since the trade is rediculous b/c Clemons didn’t work out at all in the Philly defensive scheme. Props to the Birds for finding a team to trade him to with scheme that he could be successful in.

  9. The Eagles are gonna have a dominant defense this season — the defensive line is absolutely incredible. Tapp is a solid player, maybe not a week-to-week starter but still solid, nonetheless. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up in Indy — Grigson loves to deal with his old team. As a Colts fan, I’d take him — but not for anything higher than a sixth-rounder.

  10. I wish we could keep them all but, Vinny Curry has to be bought along. Brandon Grahm looks better. Phillip Hunt is terrific for a smaller guy. I guess, if they get a decent pick for him he has to go. Tapp is also a very good person and team player. Good luck Darryl.

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