Despite suspension, Scott Fujita thinks he’ll play Week One


The NFL has suspended Browns linebacker Scott Fujita for the first three games of the season for his involvement in the Saints’ bounty program. But with less than two weeks to go before the start of the season, Fujita still thinks there’s time for that suspension to be lifted.

I’m optimistic about playing in Week One,” Fujita said today.

Fujita didn’t explain exactly why he’s optimistic, but his confidence may have been bolstered by Judge Helen G. Berrigan expressing concerns about the league’s process in suspending Fujita, Jonathan Vilma, Anthony Hargrove, and Will Smith.

It’s possible that Berrigan could issue a temporary restraining order to block the NFL from suspending the four players. Fujita sounds like he thinks that could be coming any day now.

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  1. Anything could certainly happen. But one has to wonder if Berrigan was going to rule in the players’ favor why she hasn’t done so yet. Particularly Vilma and his request for a restraining order. Unlike the others, his damages are already taking place since he’s been barred from training camp. Her silence could be most telling.

    Judges tend to pontificate more from the bench when they’re trying to get the parties to settle. Judge Berrigan’s proclamation to rule in Vilma’s favor could have easily been a ploy to get the NFL to talk settlement since she recognized the league otherwise holds all the cards.

    Glad to see Fujita only pegging his chances at fifty percent.

  2. Only one needs suspending is Roger Goodell needs a “Lifetime” ban for screwing up the NFL and turning it into the goofy replacement refs league.


    You are so over paid in my opinion. Where you hired to screw up the great American game??

  3. It’s not far fetched from a legal standpoint. The judge all but admitted she would favor the players. This thing will grag on like the Minnesota star cap case.

  4. Ummmm……kinda sure the suspension was put in place to stop you from play so….don’t put those pads on just yet.

  5. fitzmagic1212 says: Aug 28, 2012 7:44 PM

    “i wish they would just accept the punishment and let it all go annoying”


    Why should they “accept the punishment” for something they didn’t do? And what exactly has Scott Fujita alleged to have done?

    Roger Goodell handed down the most extreme punishment, by far, to the Saints organization, front office, coaches, current players and former players, for what?

    Lying to Roger Goodell?
    Prove that.

    Taking part in a pay for injury “bounty” program?
    Prove that.

    The Saints have admitted to a “pay for performance” program, similar to programs that have been run by many NFL teams, including the Redskins, Bills and Packers. Nobody has admitted to what Roger Goodell has accused them of. If fact several people have sworn under oath that it never happened.

    The so called “evidence” that Goodell has put forth has itself been disproved. This is a witch hunt to take the press and the focus off of the concussion lawsuits.

  6. Just to play devils advocate, imagine you just got suspended from your job for something your boss told you to do. Then the industry watchdog drags your name through the mud publicly. Then you get suspended even though you never actually did what your boss told you to do. Because of your suspension, you no longer have income and you need to pay bills for things that you bought while receiving an income….like a house, car, etc. Would you just sit back and accept your fate for the time being, or would you stand up and do what you could to change the outcome? For those saying, “just accept the punishment and move on,” I have a feeling if you were having this happen to you, you would not sit back either…just saying.

  7. I could see berrigan doing that. I could see her saying verbaitm… “im issuing a restraining order lifting the suspensions until i find some kind of a loophole.”

  8. Just fire them with cause, like any other employer in this country can do. Sure, union lawsuits will come flying in a second. If the league thinks it has the proof that these guys intentionally tried to harm others, that should be enough for any court to uphold termination with cause.

  9. Go for it Scott! Your persistence in fighting the charge against you is THE only way the Commish will be forced to release his so called evidence. Is it any wonder that his “evidence” has not been released? He has nothing until he is forced by the court to release it. I would suggest that even then he will not because he CAN not.

  10. fitzmagic1212 says:Aug 28, 2012 7:44 PM

    i wish they would just accept the punishment and let it all go annoying

    What exactly did Fujita do to earn his suspension? In the 180 pages of “evidence,” what implicated Scott Fujita and justified his suspension?

    People voicing an opinion about something they know nothing about…so annoying.

  11. fitzmagic1212 says:Aug 28, 2012 7:44 PM

    i wish they would just accept the punishment and let it all go annoying

    Know what’s more annoying? People thinking others shouldn’t defend themselves if they feel their actions have been misrepresented. I hope the “take your punishment” crowd aren’t filled with police officers and soldiers.

  12. Scott Fujita broke Jason Campbell’s collarbone. And in some weird anatomy analogy, Campbell’s broken bone cost the Raiders two very high draft picks, and made Bengals fans giddy in their idiotic joy. I do not like Scott Fujita.

  13. This judge will likely do it. I got a lot of thumbs down when I said she will do this until she finds a loophole, but, she basically said as much when she said she has to find a legal way to rule in favor of Vilma.

    Now, what people have to understand here is Vilma and these players are going to lose. Even if this judge rules for Vilma, the appeals court will not, and I think we all know that, or should know that. I still laugh at the people who think the NFL’s suspension reduction to 8 games if Vilma drops the lawsuit is the NFL cracking. It’s not. The NFL also did the same with Ryan Mcbean and DJ Williams. Mcbean wisely took the reduced suspension, Williams did not and he got his a$$ kicked in court, on the same basis that the appeals process in the NFL is bogus.

    It’s not a stretch for a person with a brain to realize that maybe, just maybe, the NFL has been going to these guys saying, look, you’re going to lose, we all know it. Lets save us the paperwork and you a lot of money to lawyers and do this. Mcbean’s lawyer looked out for his client’s best interest, and William’s lawyer was looking out for his bank account.

    Just keep in mind that the lawyer Williams had who kept basically telling him that as long as the checks cleared, they had an airtight case is the same one representing Vilma.

  14. First thought. After reading some of the negative comments from the keyboard warriors, especially from the most foolish that are tired of reading about this….DON’T read it. Go to another article. And please do not go to the effort to post a comment about the thing you do not want to hear about.
    The whole point is the these players have been accused and penalized without ANY evidence. No evidence has been produced so how can any one of us make judgement? If the charges are true, show and prove the case so everybody can move on. This has become a joke of a process and it is not good for either side.

  15. I love the way Saints fans flock to these post in a desperate attempt to save the image of their team.

    Your team cheated, lied about it and got caught.

    2009 SB Winners* Taints.

  16. just cant wait till every defensive player not on th taints cream brees. dont see him lasting past week 3. and we will all laugh and say we didnt see him get hurt. u taint fans sure make new orleans look like crud. next they will sau goodell broght the new hurricane to punish the taints, waht a bunch of losers. lol cant really c u guys going more than 4 wins a year for the next decade. sorry losers.

  17. Only in the NFL can you be a part of a group that sues the face of your organization and still have a job.

    Hell anyone of us would be FIRED on the spot if we filed a lawsuit cause we got suspended.

    Let the suspension be lifted who cares anymore.

  18. I get a kick out of people still whining about not seeing any evidence. The NFL does not have to show you anything. This is not a court of law or a reality TV show. We didn’t get to see what was on the Spygate tapes but we still know the Patriots*** were as guilty as sin itself.

  19. As a football fan first, I find this entire drama ludicrous and detrimental to a sport I love. Nobody should be accused and penalized for ALLEGEDLY doing something without evidence. I suspect that Her Honor would like for all parties to settle this out of court and then move on and get back to football as usual. As I look around the league at the players on the police blotter who have committed felonies or are habitual violators, in some cases without so much as a slap on the wrist, and then go out and get in trouble again, one has to wonder about Goodell’s ability to fairly and impartially deal with player issues. The best thing would be for the judge to order everybody to lay all their evidence out in public and then make a decision based on the EVIDENCE. The league is right, Goodell cannot be judge, jury, and executioner. There needs to be “disciplinary board” within the NFL made up of player representatives and league officials,coaches, and owners to evaluate player misconduct and decide upon appropriate penalties.

  20. “Goodell cannot be the judge, jury, and executioner.”

    Well, dj williams sued claiming the appeals process was bogus, and unfair that goodell was in charge of everything. Williams’ handpicked federal judge and the appeals court disagreed with him. Maybe goodell CAN do that. Amazing things happen when you sign a legal document giving someone authority to do something. When you do that, its going to be unfair and theres nothing you can do about it.

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