Dolphins trying to put the clamps on dissenting voices


In the wake of releasing Chad Johnson, the Dolphins had to deal with linebacker Karlos Dansby going on the radio and criticizing the move.

Now, they’re taking action to prevent a repeat after trading veteran cornerback Vontae Davis for future draft picks.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Dolphins PR staffers were active in their efforts to keep the controversial conversations to a minimum.

When running back Reggie Bush was asked about trading a contributor for a draft pick who couldn’t help them this year, Bush began: “It’s tough, obviously. It’s tough.”

At that point, according to Jackson, “A Dolphins publicist, unaware of the topic being discussed, then called across the room, ordering the interview to end.”

Philbin told his players two weeks ago that he didn’t want them bad-mouthing the team’s personnel moves. The message seems to have taken hold, as only one player criticized it, and that in an unnamed capacity.

“I’ll leave that up to you all,” Dansby told reporters when asked if he was disappointed by the trade. “I don’t know what the situation was or what occurred to cause the trade.

“He’s a great player, one of the best corners in the game. I’m not sure about the direction of the team. That’s not my place. My place is to play hard and be the leader of men.”

Philbin has a huge challenge in front of him, as do most coaches who take over bad teams. But in trying to find “fits” for his program, he runs the risk of making players feel like children.

Some guys are always going to gripe, especially if one of their friends is released of traded.

But going out of their way to keep them from talking about it is only going to drive the dissent underground, where it’s probably more dangerous.

46 responses to “Dolphins trying to put the clamps on dissenting voices

  1. The veterans on the Dolphins need to keep their mouth shut and get ready to play football, most of all Dansby. When you have the record the Dolphins have had the past 3 years, the new coach has a right to get his kind of players on the team and get rid of the overpaid underachievers. Here’s hoping Dansby is traded or released as this “leader of men” shows up 30 lbs. overweight last year and is paid this preseason the highest of anyone I know to ride an exercise bike. Davis might reach his potential in Indy if he grows up and becomes a professional which in probably 85-90% of the cases never happens. Fins will have about 50-60mil in cap room next year, watch players line up to play there.

  2. If Ireland knew how to draft there would not be an issue. He is a joke & now so are the Dolphins.

  3. Philbin learned the value of a cohesive locker room while working under Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthey.

    He’s not going to tolerate Carlos Dansby forever.

  4. Maybe I am wrong, but there’s something about this team that screams “Train wreck”. They may be where the Rams were this last April, with a high pick and a young QB already on the roster.

  5. 7-9, 7-9, 6-10. No one on this team has the right to demand the kid glove treatment when it comes to personnel moves.

  6. You’ve never played sports? If you have you should understand good teams keep problems in house. Just because they’re “in house” doesn’t mean the dissent is underground. It just means it’s not available to the media. If the Dolphins are going to become a good team, this is one of the things they’ll need to learn how to do. Good for Philbin.

  7. For godsake “grow up”. This dolphin team is fragile to say the least, and now with Jake Long “out” it’s even worse. Whoever is there needs to practice and play hard, and then they might not completely
    “stink out” the place. The way things are going, we season ticket holders should get a refund for the rubbish.

  8. Truly pathetic organization from top to bottom.

    Instead of the “Days Without Arrest” meter, you should replace it with a “Days Until Stephen Ross Realizes Jeff Ireland is Actually the Second Coming of Matt Millen” meter.

    Everyone mocks Carl Peterson taking over the Dolphins and he may be an arrogant p**ck, but so is Ireland. At least Peterson build one of the most exciting offenses in recent memory. What’s Ireland done?

    Second worse salary cap situation in the NFL and they don’t even have enough talented players to fill out a 53-man team. Guys making their 53 wouldn’t make the practice squads of any decent team in the league.

    Anyone who continues to defend Ireland is brain dead.

  9. As I write this, Matt Barkley silently prays that the Dolphins win at least five games this year.

  10. Leader of men Karlos? Really? I’m sorry does a leader show up to camp overweight? Do you see Ray Lewis, Patrick Willis, or Brian Urlacher run to the media every time they disagree with a personnel move?

  11. Philbin seems more and more the type of corporate “protect the brand” type of NFL coach. How can a coach inspire players with all the battle metaphors if he clearly works for the company–and not with the players? Football is a weird business: let’s hire the toughest SOBs in the world–yet try to make sure that they’re good representatives of our employer. Really?

  12. I really dont know about this Philben guy. Why would they trade away starting caliber corner. Especially when they play the Pats twice a year. You need at least 3 starting caliber corners. Its a passing league and teams are more and more playing in a nickel. Its hard to find good corners and go trade a guy away for future pick seems crazy to me. I dont know the Dolphins roster well ; do they have a plethora of good corners? Vontae Davis didnt seem like he was a bad locker room guy or anything so why the trade? If they keep doing this kind of stuff hes going to.lose his team before he has them. You start putting the hush on team leaders theyre going to alienate them and the rest of the team will follow….hence the team”LEADER”.

  13. Joe Philbin reminds me of Keanu Reeves’ dad in Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure, except without any kind of personality.

  14. There is somethign tobe said for having those clamps. You don’t see teams like the Patriots Steelers and Packers dealing with players that drag the team down.

  15. Telling the players to shut up doesn’t disguise the fact that the Dolphins seem to have given up on the year already.

  16. Philbin is turning out to be a control freak. Trading Brandon Marshall to Chicago was a move worthy of the SD Chargers. Dumping Chad Johnson over an unproven allegation was probably premature (although his performance wasn’t that good either), but just telling the players to shut up doesn’t create a “cohesive locker room” it just makes the resentment go underground. I’ve got a feeling Philbin is going to be a bust down there. Given that Ireland is a bust and the owner is a bust, well…

  17. I agree the Dolphins need structure and discipline. However this coach seems to be taking pages out of the McDaniels coaching handbook. Men however flawed expect to be treated a certain way weather they deserve it or not. I think Philbin has a lot of potential, but runs the risk of losing the locker room early, find the balance coach.

  18. I’ve been watching hard knocks, and while I like Philbin as a person, I don’t think he’s a good head coach. He’s not direct with people. For example, when he cut Chad Johnson, he didn’t really give a solid reason. And that’s the way he deals with everyone. He’s too afraid to hurt people’s feelings. You can’t be a good business manager or head coach and not be direct with people.

  19. Players play Coaches coach… if you don’t like it LEAVE!!!!! You cannot win in the NFL with a revolving door of coaches. This is a rebuilding process and it will take time…..

  20. electionconfidential says: Aug 28, 2012 12:54 PM

    Philbin is turning out to be a control freak.

    but just telling the players to shut up doesn’t create a “cohesive locker room” it just makes the resentment go underground.

    Yeah, that style of coaching has been a disaster in New England.

  21. I like the trade because it actually shows a coach that has a plan and if you don’t want to fit in that plan he is not afraid to release you or trade you. On paper this team has had talent and all of that talent has underperformed the last few years, so the remaining players need to take it as a wake up call especially if they have a high cap number. Contribute or get out.

  22. Ireland is a dunce pure and simple who deserves no respect.

    But Dansby is completely out of line, as is any player who opens their mouth about roster moves. Dansby is not a “leader” by shooting off his mouth. He keeps it up, he will be next to try to find a job, and guess what, the league is getting to the point where they don’t want to deal with headaches with big mouths.

    He should ask Chad Johnson how his big mouth worked out for him.

  23. Joe Philbin = future bust — he won’t last more than 3 full seasons. The Dolphins are already a bad team, they don’t need an unproven head coach. They just need to completely rebuild right now — trade Dansby, Soliai, Fasano, Misi, Sean Smith, etc. and get as much as they can with young talent. Of course, keep Pouncey, Long and Wake — their 3 best players. But now, they just need to completely rebuild through the draft.

  24. They also better hope they suck enough to get the No. 1 pick and draft Matt Barkley. But knowing the Dolphins, they’ll probably get the No. 2 and miss out on Barkley.

  25. Wait, why is Philbin getting knocked for some of these trades? When was Philbin given the GM spot, too?

    It doesn’t matter how good of a coach you are if the front office is as terrible as the Dolphins front office.

  26. The opposite of charismatic: Philbin. He seems like a tough guy to be around. The coach in NE is actually very different (as we’ve seen in A Football Life and been told) with his players than the public persona – doesn’t seem the case with Philbin.

  27. Who hasn’t criticized a boss at one time or another? Just don’t do it publicly.

    Dansby hinted at his frustration with the front office, which may as well have been a public condemnation. If you’re frustrated, then harness it and take it out on your opponents.

    You can be a crazed maniac on the field and a professional leader in the locker room. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

    I hope Philbin is successful in creating a team we fans can be proud of on and off the field. The Packers, Steelers, Giants, and Pats have figured it out for the most part.

    He just needs to be careful to promote an Us-Against-the-World attitude, rather than Players-Against-the-Front Office.

  28. My team is like my gf, they are literally merciless to their biggest fans, I really like Philbin and have put my faith in his actions, however, it is Definately rough to keep watching the teams pitiful play, yr after yr, I feel I could pick better players as much as I love this game, I mean, to even say that our WRs we pick, IE players need yrs to develop. I would only pick players in the draft, That I seen on the tape, doing the exact things, ROUTES, Techniques, Speed, esp, the schemes or flat out plays they practice for opponents, not guys to develop. OMG… Another thing, since we’ve lost Davis now, we haven’t picked up a single stud to add for the Dallas game. oh and Texans will have a feild day on our secondary, bush, bess, clay, about all we got at all. Unless I was wearing fogged glasses I could have sworn I did not see a single playmaker, this preseason on my fins. Still wondering what exactly are they practicing at practice because they sure didn’t look coached up for a game, not ready and defunct would be more truthful. UGLY.

  29. Also, I agree that it’s not unheard of to keep the team bad-mouthing out of the press. Anyone remember Aaron Rodgers bad-mouthing Brett Favre?

    Keeping it out of the press doesn’t mean putting the clamp down completely. If I’m a coach and a player comes to me with an issue they have, I listen and respect the fact that they came to me about it. If they work around me and go straight to the media, then we have an issue.

  30. Philbin’s arrogant, condescending treatment of players cannot be compared to Belichick’s style of coaching, as Bill’s players DO respect him. I knew this was a bad hire, I just didn’t think it would fall apart so fast. Nothing but a top-to-bottom makeover can save this franchise, and that likely won’t happen without new ownership.

  31. As a Lions fan its sad to say i have seen this before. Rod Marinelli came in and cleaned house to rid the team of any knuckleheads like Shaun Rogers (most talented player on our defense at the time) to bring in high character players with “good pad level”. Its a noble attempt to right the ship, but you need talent on your team or else you’re really screwed. Maybe they should have waited until next year once they have Davis’ replacement already in house, although they might be ok with Smith and Marshall.

  32. This type of control is deemed as acceptable, even cheered, and called “the patriot way”, but when a new coach for a perennial loser tries to institute the same methods its dangerous.

  33. Philbin comes across as an unprofessional putz on HBO…and in his management. Don’t want drama? Don’t bring in Chad Johnson. Dont want criticism? Don’t coach. It’s understandable that the team wants and needs a unifying direction, but the only thing keeping players quiet is the fear of having to hear Pholbin mince words and use catch phrases while firing them.

    I would fire Philbin immediately. He doesn’t know what he is doing. He is a weak leader. He is a coordinator for egotistical players on offense, only, and it shows.

    This team will be equally as big a mess at season’s end as it is now.

  34. Say what you want about Philbin- he knows what he expects and what he had in Vontae Davis. We’re talking about an overrated, mistake prone corner who showed up to camp in poor shape, and we got a 2nd rounder+ for that. You might all think otherwise, but I think, for once, the Dolphins are doing things the right way. Phins up!

  35. Just to set the record straight, Parcells is the most to blame for the current state of the Dolphins. He, not Ireland, was in charge of the drafts and free agency that brought us the Pat Whites, Chad Hennes, Vontae Davis’, Brandon Marshalls, and a slew of overpaid injury prone offensive line fa’s and draft picks that never panned out, as well as passing on Matt Ryan. Ireland draft class last year was solid, and this year’s will be when all is said and done. Fins have no cap room this year because of all the bad moves made by Parcells. That changes next year as Fins have 50-60mil in cap room at which point players will want to be there, however I think Philbin will build thru the draft.

  36. Next to be traded: dansby and bush. Replaced with cheap an inexperienced players…deconstruction complete ireland, we now can draft number one (ugh)

  37. Jake Long came out last week or so and publicly stated that the leaders of the team (players) hadn’t really held each other accountable since he’s been there. Now you’ve got a few players bitching about trades. Were they stars? Hardly. BM was at the top of the NFL in dropped passes and missed TD’s and he’s a head case. CJ a washed up head case. VD certainly not an elite NFL CB and had moved down the depth chart to 3rd or 4th. These players need to shut up and play. Jake Long needs to block and protect RT. RB needs to be that elite every down back he promissed. KD needs to shut up and play defense. If every player on the Fins would be the best that they can be and keep their side of the street clean and not worry about what the Coaches, Owner, GM are doing we would be a lot better off. If they don’t like it then there’s the door, don’t let it hit you in the ass! Go Fins.

  38. Karlos Dansby—–trade him for a box of cotton balls if feasible. Yesterday I watched Matt Flynn get benched, VY get cut, and Dez Bryant receive a curfew of an 11 year old. What do those 3 things have in common…..they were all moves Jeff Ireland was criticized for not making!!! Now that time has passed no one seems to raise their hand to say “yea, I am the idiot, I criticized Jeff for not making that move.” Not one person on this site knows anything about Vontae Davis other than the fact he “was acting not to be tired” and that he was demoted to nickel. Now that more info about Ocho has come out I do not seem to hear anymore whispers about how dumb of a move it was to release him. I, like most fans love to think Im smarter than Philbin and Ireland but at the end of the day the only thing I control is my fantasy roster.

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