Giants’ Tyler Sash loses appeal of suspension

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Giants coach Tom Coughlin said after safety Tyler Sash was suspended four games for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy that if the NFL would just apply common sense, the suspension would be lifted. Apparently the NFL’s PED policy is lacking in common sense.

Sash, who says his positive test was for the prescription medication Adderall, met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday but failed to have his suspension reduced, a source told the Star-Ledger.

It’s unclear why Sash’s suspension wasn’t reduced. The NFL seems to have inconsistent rules regarding the use of Adderall, as Giants running back Andre Brown got his Adderall suspension lifted entirely, while Texans punter Brett Hartmann got his four-game Adderall suspension reduced to three games. However, because of the confidentiality rules regarding the drug-testing policies, we really don’t know for sure if the NFL is being inconsistent: It’s possible that the NFL has a reasonable explanation for the different levels of discipline handed out to different players, but that the league can’t offer that explanation publicly because it would violate the players’ confidentiality.

Sash said he wants the NFL to clarify what the rules are.

I just want more of an explanation,” Sash said before his meeting with Goodell. “There’s been some cases that I know of that people have gotten off with the same exact thing as me. So I just want to know why mine is different than some other people’s.”

That’s something many of us want to know. But the NFL isn’t saying.

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  1. That is because he was taking some form of Steroid and like Florio pointed to in an earlier article it has become a scapegoat for players to claim they were on Adderall this way no ones the wiser to these guys taking the juice brother!!

  2. It’s possible that the other player had valid presciptions for it and valid health reasons to using it. Maybe Sash didn’t have a valid presciption and no plausible reason to take it.

    “I just want more of an explanation” I am sure you know the explanation. You wanted to take some speed because it makes you feel good. Same reason 99% of us take mind altering drugs. You just got caught dude.

  3. Simple explanation. Goodell makes stuff up as he goes along. Second thing is with all of the animosity between the NFLPA and the owners, Goodell is going to stick it to the players every chance he gets right now.

  4. As someone who has been on Adderall for going on 10 years now and is cleared to hold a Top Secret clearance with the US Military, this makes no sense. Adderall might help you focus, but it also leaches protein fron your system. Doesn’t help you run faster or hit harder. Roger, your messing with people’s lives and you aren’t doing a very good job. Players are turning on you, refs are turning on you, fans are turning on you, owner’s will be next. You aren’t making the NFL better, you’re hurting it. Please suspend yourself, indefinitely.

  5. How bout the players use some common sense and report the drugs that they are using.

    Adderall isn’t like medicine for a cold, it is a maintenance drug meaning that once you start taking it, you stay taking it.

    Common sense would dictate that if you are going to be on a drug for a long period of time and you have random drug screening with your job that you let your employers know.

    That being stated, the first couple of times, I can see letting people off, and then gradually ramping up the punishments for people not following the rules.

    Sash even admits that he knows of other cases, meaning that he should’ve known to report his use of the drug as per NFL guidelines.

    Now that is common sense.

  6. Sports drug testing is like airport security – its all theatre hoping for deterrence. USADA tested Armstrong 12 years, no positive tests but now has “proof” of PED use via testimony. Either tests or testimony is wrong! Years of testing Marion Jones showed nothing. Guarantee there are NFL players taking HGH undetected but NFL suspends players taking most commonly prescribed ADHD medication. NFL is going to bury any post-strike goodwill with over-reach in drug testing, treatment of refs, Saints fiasco, inconsistent fines for previously legal hits. Goddell is approaching line separating responsible governance from Big Brother.

  7. I hate two things when it comes to enforcing rules:

    Inconsistencies & making examples of people.

    Unfortunately for the NFL players, the NFL makes a habit of doing both. I thought that having a lawyer as the head of the NFLPA would help curb this for NFL players, but De Smith seems to be no better than the Useless, err, I mean Union I fall under.

    Judge Dredd aka Goodell does whatever he wants because he has all the power and no one can do anything abut any decision he makes and he knows it. His “because I said so” explaination of why he rules one way or the other when levying punishment makes me think of elementary school. Don’t even let me get into the $25k+ fines on a rookie 7th round pick making the minimum on a play that wasn’t vicious or on purpose.

  8. Adderall is just a scapegoat for taking steroids. The players know that the NFL can’t legally release any information about why they violated the PED agreement, so they are free to make up whatever they want. If he had a prescription for it, he would of gotten off like a couple of other guys have.

  9. This part of the story seems to answer the question:

    “It’s unclear why Sash’s suspension wasn’t reduced. The NFL seems to have inconsistent rules regarding the use of Adderall, as Giants running back Andre Brown got his Adderall suspension lifted entirely, while Texans punter Brett Hartmann got his four-game Adderall suspension reduced to three games.”

    If you know two other players (including a teammate) have already been told Adderall is classed as a PED unless previously reported and cleared by the league, you can’t claim ignorance of the ruling you got. At some point, the “I didn’t know” excuse won’t work.

    It’s not unlike having a friend run a red light and get just a warning from the cop, then having another friend run the same light the next day but get a reduced ticket from the same cop… then you run the light the following day and have the nerve to be surprised that the same cop wrote you up for the full offense.

  10. The ‘ol Adderall excuse. The new fad. It’s even taking hold in NASCAR with AJ Allmendinger.

  11. Poster Majskinsfan is correct. Adderall and Ritalin do deprieve your system of protein and do not make you stronger or faster. Seriously, the NFL has bigger things to worry about and enforce. Shouldn’t even be an issue. You wouldn’t want to take this stuff if you didn’t have to. Trust me.

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