Hakeem Nicks says he’s playing Wednesday night


While hundreds of starters across the NFL sit out this final week of the preseason, Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks is preparing to get on the field.

Nicks, who has been sidelined all preseason with a broken foot, has been lobbying to play in Wednesday night’s preseason finale against the Patriots, and he told reporters that the lobbying has paid off.

“Good to know I’ll be going against some live action knowing someone’s going to be hitting me after I hit the ball, get my feet wet a little bit before this first opening game,’’ Nicks said. “That’s what I look forward to, getting some live snaps, hopefully getting a couple of routine routes down with Eli [Manning].’’

Nicks said it’s ultimately up to the Giants’ coaching staff, but his understanding is he’ll be on the field.

I was told I’m going to take some snaps,” Nicks said. “If they decide to change that, I’m sure they’ll let me know. Whatever decision they make, I’ll roll with it. . . . I’ve got fresh legs. I feel like I can just run. I think it will help me later in the season.”

We’ll see how fast those fresh legs can move on Wednesday night. And a week later, those fresh legs will be moving against the Cowboys, in a game that counts.

7 responses to “Hakeem Nicks says he’s playing Wednesday night

  1. Nicks/Cruz best WR tandem in NFL bar none. If any of the other 5 step up to replace Manningham, the road to N.O. will go through Giants’ Stadium.

  2. Hope Nicks plays, and plays well. He’s my fantasy team’s #1 WR, so I need a big year. Well, except when he comes home for the game in week 3…

  3. I second the vote for White/Jones as the best WR tandem.

    White more consistent and healthier of the course of his career, Jones has the highest ceiling of all 4.

    Nicks is a beast, but I’m not convinced Cruz will ever repeat what he was able to do last year……time will tell.

  4. bigdinla says:Aug 28, 2012 1:37 PM

    Think I would rather have Rodyy White and Julio Jones myself.


    Where they on the that team that got shut out wild card weekend?

    I know Cruz and Nicks were on the winning team

  5. First off: Nicks WHY?

    Secondly: You gotta love Giants haters trying to find ANY way they can to take jabs at the Giants lmao. Julio Jones??? Mr. I Can’t Catch a Pass to Save My Life? White is not “more consistent”, Ryan targets him more than anyone gets targeted this side of Wes Welker.

    Nice try boys.

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