Jerry Jones denies that Cowboys have special rules for Dez

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We’ve noted that the reports that the Cowboys have created a special list of off-field rules for receiver Dez Bryant could constitute a violation of the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement with the players. So it’s not surprising that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is saying that his team hasn’t actually created special rules for Bryant at all.

Asked in a radio interview today if the team had created special rules for Bryant, Jones answered, “no.”

I’m not so sure where the media has come up with detail of this nature,” Jones said on KRLD-FM via the Star-Telegram.

So where did the story come from that Bryant has been told to avoid strip clubs and alcohol, get home by midnight and seek counseling? Jones says it’s just that the Cowboys have urged Bryant to “conform to good behavior, the kind of behavior that the commissioner expects, that society expects and that anybody expects if you’re going to get the opportunities you are.”

Whether Jones is just urging Bryant to do those things, or has created special rules insisting that Bryant do those things, may just be a matter of semantics. What is clear is that if Bryant’s NFL career is going to be a success, he has rules he needs to follow.

“I think it’s pretty clear,” Jones said. “We’ve got behavior rules in the NFL that have been made very clear by the commissioner’s office. And I think it’s real clear that if you don’t abide by the rules of society what happens.”

According to Jones, as long as Bryant abides by the same rules that everyone else abides by, the Cowboys will say he’s doing just fine.

35 responses to “Jerry Jones denies that Cowboys have special rules for Dez

  1. Am I the only Cowboys fan that comes on here, fingers crossed hoping NOT to see anything Cowboys related on here?

    Another site has a video of Jerry rapping for a pizza spot.

    Gonna be a rough year.

  2. Are you kidding me? After all the talk about these rules and the dissecting of them on radio and tv, the owner says they don’t exist??

    If that’s true then someones ass in the Cowboy organization is going to be working at Target next week.

    And Jerry, if these rules are true, don’t lie. Just admit it and move on. If anything I commend you for attempting to protect your investment.

  3. This guy assaulted his own mother, he was arrested. Why no suspension? Sounds like there are special rules for the Cowboys in general. I guess it pays to be buddy buddy with the commish.

  4. Another site has a video of Jerry rapping for a pizza spot.

    Gonna be a rough year.

    That was funny. When I saw Jenny Jones rapping like he was one of the members from the Beastie Boys, I could not help myself. What an entertainer, lol.

  5. Cowboys will be alright this year and Dez will benefit from this. Every year older, every year smarter….hopefully.

  6. everyone else is aloud to go to bed when they want and visit public establishments at their leisure. So apparently he doesn’t get to abide by the same rules as everyone else. If i was an NFL player i would be freaked out by this.

  7. ….and he said the he couldn’t tell the difference between the replacement refs and the real refs.

    ….and he said there were plenty of seats for the Super Bowl.

  8. Don’t worry, koolaid, next year Dez will be traded away and Sean Payton will be head coach with a contract that says Jerry cannot speak to the press. (Sometimes dreams really do come true)

  9. As much as you guys like to stir up trouble, what Jerry says is true. David and Eugene, Dez’s advisor and agent, came to the Cowboys on Dez’s behalf to instill a set a rules to help Dez grow. This all came from Dez himself, who reached out to Dallas Cowboys great, Jay Novacek, and asked him to be his mentor. This is a big move for Dez. Everyone knows you cannot help someone who does not want to be helped. Dez has stated that he want someone with him at all times to help avoid problems, and asked Novacek to accompany him to NY during the Giants game. Good for you, Dez.

  10. it seems likely to me the full story is that dez bryant, knowing he’s easily led astray, wants a cover story to tell all the knuckleheads in his life so they’ll leave him alone. so with a coach and his agent and maybe a cowboys rep he creates these rules and hires the security team to enforce them so that he can tell the hanger-ons (maybe even his mom) that he just can’t join in their ill-advised antics on any given night. he can say “sorry, it’s not my call, these are the rules.” unfortunately the media is blowing his cover story by revealing that none of this is really mandatory.

  11. “jerry jones the new Al Davis without real NFL skills”

    Same number of Super Bowl championships in much less time (not to mention the fact that they were all won since Al won his last one in the early 80’s).

  12. Sorry Jerry, can’t unring that bell.

    I hope Dez is worth all this drama. He’s got the talent, but you raise your hand to a woman, let a lone your own mother and I would have kicked him to the curb.

  13. Dez Bryant’s career has turned out exactly how I (and am sure many others) envisioned the moment Goodall announced the pick.

    I think Jerry just loves as much attention as possible, even if it is negative.

  14. Probably none of the players want to hear this but …..

    How about NO alcohol or drugs July through January. No clubbing either … strip or otherwise.

    Party Hardy = February, March, April, May and June

    This should really be the case for the top 25% of wage earners. All that money should mean some discipline on your part too.

  15. karlsummers says: Aug 28, 2012 12:26 PM

    “This guy assaulted his own mother, he was arrested. Why no suspension? Sounds like there are special rules for the Cowboys in general. I guess it pays to be buddy buddy with the commish.”

    Not the first player to get arrested and not suspended, sport. Brandon Marshall, Matt Jones, David Diehl, Cedric Benson, Aqib Talib, Perrish Cox, Vince Young, I could go on.

  16. 1972wasalongtimeago says:
    Aug 28, 2012 12:40 PM
    ….and he said the he couldn’t tell the difference between the replacement refs and the real refs.

    ….and he said there were plenty of seats for the Super Bowl.

    ‘And while eating at a 5 star resturant Jerry couldn’t tell he was eating a steak from Walmart!’

  17. sounds like Dez is afraid someone is going to come after him for some reason or another…

    that is the only way I could see Dez bringing these rules to the cowboys AND paying for his own security…if you literally can not stop your own body from going to strip clubs or staying out partying then you don’t deserve millions of dollars. I don’t care how fast you can pull a hamstring or how good you are at disappearing in the 2nd half. this clown isn’t worth the clothes on his back.

  18. Last year we were snakebit on the playing field. This summer we’ve been snakebit on the practice field. Now we’ve got an owner stumbling over his syntax while he makes clumsy attempts to misdirect the sensation-mongering press.

    I used to like JJ. Self-made oilman. Sense of humor. Brazen, yet admitted to fear of failure early in life. Now he sounds like Roger Goodell snatched his pair and is making him squeal.

  19. karlsummers says: Aug 28, 2012 12:26 PM

    I guess it pays to be buddy buddy with the commish.

    That must be why the owner of an NFC East team not named Dallas got two rival NFC East teams fined millions of dollars for not breaking any rules.

  20. Dez has issues however, Kenny Britt transgressions have been far worse. I do not hear people up in angst about him and his off the field issues.

  21. I can understand that Dez is an investment but he is still a grown ass man if this “leash” on him is true. You may have to cut him loose. Deion Sanders washed his hands of this guy. I hope he does mature because his talent is undeniable.

  22. The problem here is Jerry Jones is more of an enabler than a leader. Anyone who thinks getting Dez Bryant a babysitter will solve his problems is delusional. It didn’t work for Pacman and is won’t work for Dez. Getting rid of Rosenhaus was a step in the right direction. Hopefuly Jay Novacek can connect with Dez and give him some perspective. That will help him pull his head out of his posterior more than any security detail ever will.

  23. r8ders18 says:
    Aug 28, 2012 12:24 PM
    jerry jones the new Al Davis without real NFL skills

    Sorry, Jerry Jones is nowhere near Al Davis.

    Al Davis helped make the NFL what it is today.

    The only stuff Jerry Jones does is coverup or smile away when the Cowboys get caught cheating.

    In sum, Al Davis was bold and changed things for the better while Jerry Jones is sneaky and does anything to protect his investments.

  24. The NFLPA is concerned that Dallas might be trying to help Bryant make some postive changes in his life.

    However, they have no interest in helping the refs get a good deal and possibly improve player safety (I’ve seen a lot of helemt to helemt not called this pre-season).

    Just what you expect from a union.

  25. As a Bronco fan I have to love that Denver passed on this guy for DT, who hasn’t been squeaky clean himself but whose troubles are completely eclipsed by this Michael Irvin clone without the same game skills. DT will have a huge year with Peyton and Bryant won’t last the season. Mark him a Zero, Smokey.

  26. See the media, print journalists…smh, were those kids in HS who were beat up, bullied, couldn’t play sports and jus over all punks who can now take their frustrations out on the world like this! Quit putting un substantiated reports and info out here, when you know the gen public will take it and run with it like they did this idiotic story. Dez is a ‘grown azz man dawg’ and if any one would put some ‘rules’ on him like this I hope he told them to roll that paper up find some ‘sticky-icky’ to put in it and smoke it!!

  27. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell listen to Jerry Jones denies that cowboys have special rules for Dez. It’s all in the media what he is doing for Dez, to my understanding Roger Goodell don’t want know one lying to him I quess this goes for sudden teams. This is what the Saints coaches and others got suspended for the rules is the rules may me think the NFL is trying to disgrace the New Orleans Saints yes they are from the South but they are still part of the NFL. But you people’s are wondering why the Saints fanbase act the way they do they eyes are open to the truth what NFL commissioner are trying to do and its not fair.

  28. Jerry Jones is all powerful in Dallas. No one can tell him what to do with his team and it’s his way or the highway. Who needs a GM? Sounds like the second coming of Al Davis minus being a great pioneer of the NFL.

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