Key Dolphins players “dismayed” by trades

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The Dolphins may be able to contain criticism of personnel moves that occurs on the record and in the team’s locker room.  But they can’t stop folks from talking off the record.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that multiple key players are “dismayed” by the team’s decision to trade cornerback Vontae Davis.  They specifically wonder whether the team is aggressively trying to put together a winning team in 2012.

It’s not just the decision to trade Davis.  Some players are still bothered by the fact that receiver Brandon Marshall was traded, and by the reality that no meaningful effort was made to upgrade the receiver position with free agents.

And while the source did not indicate that veterans are griping about the decision to go with a rookie quarterback, the decision to bench the team MVP from 2011 and to hand the ball to a first-year player doesn’t contradict the appearance that the Dolphins are building for the future at the expense of the present.

It’s all creating an undercurrent of discontent that will make for an interesting final episode of Hard Knocks, which debuts next Tuesday.  Some of it may also bubble up in tonight’s episode, which debuts on HBO at 10:00 p.m. ET.

76 responses to “Key Dolphins players “dismayed” by trades

  1. Settle down.

    Matt Moore winning team MVP is kind of like saying he was the tallest midget at the circus.

    It’s not like they benched Tom Brady.

    And if I were a phins fan I would certainly hope they were building for the future. What is the point of delaying the development of what you hope is your future franchise QB for a couple extra wins in a year you’re not going anywhere in anyway?

  2. I still stand by you’re getting a nice cut from Hard Knocks with all of your advertising. Not only what you think may happen, but the time and channel. If they aren’t paying you, they should be.

  3. Looks like the AFCE may have two teams picking in the top 5 of next years NFL draft. I don’t know which is worse,the Jets or the Dolphins?

    Getting rid of quality players to stockpile draft choices doesn’t always work out well. Remember Mark Sanchez was the 5th pick in the draft four years ago. Careful what you wish for.

  4. The biggest myth in sports is addition by subtraction. The Dolphins will have the worst record in the NFL and the 1st pick in the draft next year.

  5. Good and all THAT dead weight will be out the door next! I love what this coach is doing unlike last year when Tony would just brush everything under the rug.This is Joe’s team now and he’s doing it his way.

  6. I know ill take heat for it, but Tannehill shouldve never been named the starter. Matt Moore should sit there until games that mean something are played and he proves he cant handle it. Dolphins are taking a step back and trying to clean up for the future, if some vets are crying, thats just the nature of the beast.

  7. Those guys were on the team last year, and you still stunk. Its not like they are dismantling a dynasty here. If these guys were THAT good, they would have won more games the last few years.

  8. Grass isn’t always greener, is it Dansby??? Can’t blame you for the money grab, but I guess in this case you might have been better off contributing to the defense you started building in AZ that eventually landed you in the Super Bowl.

  9. Not a fins but I am agree that Reggie needs to go seat down somewhere. He comes off like he thinks he is super elite player in this league but in reality he is a slightly above average speed back. Looking forward to Hard Knocks tonight when T.O. Comes to town…. Lol

  10. That attitude is obviously what Philbin is trying to get rid of. Remember all the Patriots complaining about the lack of big name talent before they went on a tyriad of championships? Didnt think so.

  11. Team sucked and still sucks, players need to focus on just playing before they decided they can GM too.

  12. The jeff ireland show isnt over folks. I’ve had high hopes going into this season all of a sudden it seems to be deconstruction mode. Slap together a few key player trades and vets will request their trades too. Jeff needs to go…i still cant figure out which direction this team is headed…rookies are one thing but rookies without talent just seems like a bad plan

  13. Florio-
    Please leave the Fins alone man. You just love to stir the pot with this team for some reason.

    Miami is in rebuilding mode, everything is going good, and yes, they are going to struggle this year. With hope, we are being drivin in the right direction, and hopefully, the coach and staff are going to get some more young/talented players to join some of the ones we have now.

    Go Fins

  14. Anyone who is watching Hard Knocks knows their coach is a sissy, and wont be there fore more then 2 seasons.. No wonder why players like Peyton didn’t even visit, and Players like Flynn didn’t wanna be there..


  15. I don’t really blame the guys for feeling that way. You can rebuild AND keep Brandon Marshall. They only got a third round pick for a really solid receiver. So maybe Philbin thought he didn’t want trouble makers so he got rid of two receivers while there were only allegations against them, but he doesn’t seem to be BRINGING in anything new. Of all the rookie QBs playing this season Ryan Tannehill is possibly the least impressive so far, even if you bring Nick Foles into the equation he’s less impressive.

    Perhaps Philbin should communicate with his players better, tell them the truth about where the team is going and not have such a high bar for them when it comes to remaining silent. Who can remain silent when they don’t understand anything going on around them??

  16. I know ill take heat for it, but Tannehill shouldve never been named the starter.


    I’ll go one further and say Tannehill should’ve never been drafted. There were more pressing needs the Dolphins could have filled with that pick, Tannehill’s not going to take you to a better record than Moore would have, and you would have had a chance at going after Matt Barkley next year, a much more promising pro prospect.

  17. It’s not hard to realize there is a new sheriff in town. Coach Philbin is not here to be your buddy. He has a job to do. Get the vest out of players. When your reputation is not heralded and you show up to camp out of shape after team signed competition that makes more than double your salary, I blame Vontae Davis. I am a big fan of what he can become. He has not been a consummate proffessional though. We need professionalism first and foremost. It’s philbin’s job to set time for future Super Bowl wins by doing so. Not to mention, they turned a #25 overall pick into potentially a top 40 pick. I’d trade the 2nd & 3rd to steelers for Wallace and pay him 3 year 28 million contract

  18. What do you expect when you have an owner that doesn’t have a clue and a GM that is a bonehead. Bill Parcells knew a long time ago that is organization was only heading downhill. I feel bad for Dolphin fans to see a once proud team look like a episode of The Kardashians.

  19. Poor Dolphins suffer from poor ownership, poor management and poor leadership. They are looking more and more like the Miami Marlins, a farm team for the rest of the league. A sad end to a once proud organization, Joe Robbie is turning over in his grave.

  20. Tell you what, do a little better than go 4-12 at home over the past 2 years. Go 12-4 at hom,e and NONE of you will be traded/released.

  21. It’s been tough to be a Dolphin fan…but I’m still hopeful they’ll eventually get it right…

    …but it was tough to see them pass up Tommy Streeter…in the 6th round. Seeing what they still don’t have at WR…and seeing what the Ravens got when they took Streeter…will probably haunt them for a long time. Hurricane fans know why I mention him. He has hands, speed, size…and catches the ball in traffic.

    Health issues can derail any career…but that being said…Streeter will probably be a star. It was/is hard for me to see the logic in not risking a 6th round pick on him.

  22. I was also surprised that they let go of Brandon Mashall and Vontae Davis for less than they appeared to be worth. If they were creating a “schism” in the locker room, or being cancerous in general I kind of get it, but wouldn’t you think they could have gotten better returns for two quality players at premium positions?

  23. Maybe these “key” players should get some stones and go on the record and not hide behind anonymous comments or just shut up and play! Are these the same “key” players that contributed to 7-9, 7-9 and 6-10 records the last three seasons?

  24. To all the Fins players,

    Shut up and play!!! We’ve been paying your salaries for over 40 years without a Superbowl!!

    How about that, uh?

    – The Fins Fans.

  25. Bill Barnwell wrote a good piece on the fine line between the Dolphins winning and losing games last year.

    We all know that you are what your record says you are, but they may not have been as bad as perceived.

  26. Parcells didn’t exactly help much, what with his terrible drafts and bailing with the job incomplete too. Fact is that Marshall was a huge bust in Miami and Davis is overrated. Biggest error they’ve made this year so far is benching Moore, dumb move as he was basically born to play the “caretaker” role until Tannehill was better prepared to play.

  27. The “key” players are hilarious. You complain about a staff who got rid of Marshall (headache), Chad (headbutt), and Davis (head case)? How dare they clean out the cancers in the locker room, ppl who show up drunk, and someone who has now been charged twice with domestic battery.

    Hey key players, from a key fan, why don’t you be a professional and go to work. You guys sound like a bunch of snitches crying to the media because you can no longer do whatever the hell you please and make us fans sit through another losing season.

    Winning cures all….

  28. “No wonder why players like Flynn didn’t wanna be there..”

    Flynn did want to be in Miami. The Dolphins just didn’t see him as a definite starting QB, so he took more money in Seattle, where he’s the proud backup to a third round pick.

  29. The Dolphins are actually smarter than baseball teams. Instead of waiting till mid season to realize your team sucks, there is no hope and its time to get rid of the deadwood and trade some stars to get future value, Miami is just being pro-active and doing it now.
    Who knows, if everything goes right they may end up with all the first round picks next year? LOL

  30. steelerrick says:Aug 28, 2012 5:07 PM

    What do you expect when you have an owner that doesn’t have a clue and a GM that is a bonehead. Bill Parcells knew a long time ago that is organization was only heading downhill. I feel bad for Dolphin fans to see a once proud team look like a episode of The Kardashians.

    It really is pitiful in Miami where the owner is truly amongst leagues worst,,and GM Ireland reminding everyone of Matt Millen.

    But, when you think about it…How many bonafide NFL players have they had on their roster the last 5 years???..Not too many.

    NE, Pitts, GB, NYG..the leaugues elite organizations,,are so far above anything the Dolphins do…except 1…

    Dolphins do have best halftime shows in the none….Wish Ross put that much effort, time & money into his team.



  31. Ok.. so let’s say this together.. SHUT THE HELL UP KARLOS!! Leader of men?? You haven’t “Done your Job” the whole exhibition season. I recommend getting your sorry butt off the stationary bike and giving some PRODUCTION to the team that paid you millions!! Not your mouth and sour attitude. Trade him JOE!! Get us a draft pick and somebody else to sit on the sideline with a bum knee!

  32. How many times do you go back to the same business who don’t do a good job with there product? Treat this team the same way and they will change or go out of business. If I still lived in the Miami area I would not pay to watch this team, do the same and you will get results. Bill p.s. the first few years it was fun to go to the Orange Bowl, we didn’t expect to much from them, today we can say the same, don’t expect to much.

  33. “How could a team that started 0-7 last year have “key players?””

    They ended 6-3?

    Half full or half empty?

  34. Key Dolphins? Which ones are they? The one who haven’t won us bleep in years? The leadership on this team is a joke- has been for a decade-
    I say clean house and start again but you better leave the coach here for more than 4 years…… Let him try to build a winner
    Atleast the made a good move my not signing the backup GB Qb because now he is a high paid backup Qb is Seattle
    Give the coach some credit on this move…. Not Ireland
    Let’s see if Tannehill can lead this offense! I like the way he looked but not the way we dropped balls….arrrrrrggggggggg!

  35. This is stupid. Of cource you have people who will be unhappy when their friend is traded. The fact of the matter is that R. Marshall outplayed and stole Davis’s starting job. Davis was going to be our starting nickel back. We just got a second round and a late round pick for a nickel back! This is a great trade!! Especially when you consider how great Nolan C. has been playing at the Nickel in pre-season. The front office did not see that much of a downgrade with Nolan C. in at the Nickel and made a great trade. Davis has looked like crap all through camp.

    As far as the Fins having the worst record this year… that’s funny. The fins have a top 5 or 6 D. The Fins will have a solid running game. The Fins also have a very winnable schedule. If the preseason is any indication, you can give the Rams the first pick right now.

    As to all you RT hatters out there….He looks much better than most Rookie QB’s have ever looked. In fact, he looks just as good as Luck and RG3. He does not turn the ball over, throws with accuracy, commands the O well and after a mistake he has a tendency to come right back with a nice play. These are qualities that are rare in a rookie QB. If his recievers had not had 7 or 8 dropps the other night, including a TD throw, you might be singing a different tune. All you RT haters clearly are not watching the games. No one knows what any of the rookie QBs are going to amount to, but so far so good for RT.

    Now the only complaining that I agree with is the B Marsh trade. He was a beast (although his hands are widly inconsistant) and we have not found anyone to replace that talent. That is a failure on the part of the organization. If RT had better WRs we would not have to talk about all the dropped balls.

    The Dolphins will be better then people think. I am not predicting a payoff run, but if you think they will be worce then 6 and 10 you have another thing coming…..Go Phins!

  36. were the these same players dismayed at how many touchdowns Brandon Marshall drop last year? what about vonte a showed up to practic with alcohol on his breath or what about the times he got burned multiple times last year in the secondary.

  37. but ross to turn this around and start fresh mean not just to cut coaches,,, everyone in the office goes as well…ireland,,, needs to get players now a w.r cuz we r sick of losing….fuh uck next yr . we want it now….so ireland do your thing n get some recievers that are feared

  38. I believe the Patriots have lost to both NY football teams their last 2 visits to the playoffs.

    I just smile when I type those words Ampats!

  39. I’d trade all these bums for draft picks. However, I would make sure Ireland is not picking the players, that’s how we got in this mess.

  40. First off players will ALWAYS defend players thats why they don’t get a say in these decisions. If they were hurt by the Marshall trade maybe they should have asked Marshall why he didn’t catch one of the 6 or 7 TD’s he dropped last year. Two of which would have put the Fins ahead and one would have won the Bronco game I believe.

    Second,people are talking like trading Vontae Davis is like trading Darrell Revis. Maybe you should watch some of the highlights of last years losses and you’ll see #21 getting burned more than once. He also was lazy and missed more than his share of assignments and was suspended once in each of the last two seasons. And the bigger question is how does a 4 year veteran come to camp with a new coaching staff out of shape ?

    I think Philbin has finally taken the bull by the horns and made it clear, he want his players not someone else’s bums. Keep going Joe, some of us understand what your doing and if I was Dansby I would start living up to the fat contract you got or you could be next. Because if I’m not mistaken you were brought in to be Ray Lewis.

  41. As a player, you really couldn’t feel very comfortable with this team. And this isn’t the first time we’ve heard reports of people having conflict with Ireland and Ross

  42. Maybe these dismayed players should have shown up and played on Sundays last year. Dansby started the season about 30lbs overweight and sucked for the first 8 games but now he wants to complain this year that the organization is looking towards next year. I say keep on going let Phlbin run the team the way he wants and see what happens and if the vets don’t want to be there that leaves more cap room for people that fit into the new schemes.

  43. Relax all u DOLLphins…tannehill dsnt have enough help to win games..2-14….BAAMM!! U SCORE MATT BARKLEY!!…its so much easier to rebuild when u have a legitimate qb under center every Sunday.

  44. Dolphins are a few years away but headed in the right direction. Vontae Davis was not going to make or break this year’s team. He wasn’t going to be re-signed so they got some decent value for him. Vontae has a ton of potential and may do well with Indy. The only thing to worry about is who Ireland drafts with that pick(s). Dansby and/or whoever is complaining to the media should be traded for more picks. Dansby has been good but not worth his huge contract.

  45. NFL network just named Bush and Dansby as the two complaining about the trades……

    Kind of funny because one of the former player, who is now on the nfl network, said they better shut up…. Imagine that, their peers think they are being little girls too

  46. “How could a team that started 0-7 last year have “key players?””

    They ended 6-3?

    Half full or half empty?

    0-7 plus 6-3 = 6-10

    You call that Half full or half empty?

    To me is almost empty!

  47. Get rid of Dansby. His only claim to fame was that fumble recovery in the playoff game against the Packers a few years ago. For the Dolphins, all he has given is poor play and now a big mouth.

  48. I have been a fins fan for over 4 decades and I still have an optimistic outlook on the future of the team under this regime, but, who are the “key players” being referred to? Outside of Long and the new guys drafted in the last couple years, nobody on this team is “key”. I like Bush’s effort and leadership in camp and I think he is difficult to defend when used properly. Dansby is trying to step up to be a leader but he has shown an attitude that Philbin is obviously trying to get rid of. He might get traded if he keeps it up. He is a decent player but is overpaid considerably for what he has produced. The players need to realize that change is happening whether they like it or not. Mediocrity and selfishness are no longer acceptable. That is a good thing and it may involve some growing pains but the team will be much better off in the long run.

  49. They’re just pissed that they r next
    Coach should cut their asses too…. Loose lips sinks ships
    I’m dismayed that we have sucked this do long and they want us to pay our hard earned money for this crap
    I swear I might just become a cubs fan

  50. Why are so many people on here hung up on Matt Barkley… the time the draft process begins next year, all sorts of little reports will come out letting you know whether he is really good or whether he is the next Matt Leinart, Matt Cassell, or Mark Sanchez.

  51. If LaBron can’t suit up for your football team, you are destined to be losers. Ha ha. Give it up.

  52. Every single person that says the dolphins aren’t heading in the right direction just proves our trolling another teams site. The packers didn’t just end uo with the best offense in the league overnight. Rodgers was groomed an really, the WR green bay has names didnt jump off the page when they started. Don’t fault the dolphins for gettin rid of the players that don’t fit what philbin wants. Garuantee he uses all his stockpiled picks to draft team leaders out of college. Guys who know their role and get the job done. Thats why you have to respect te patriots and belichek. His players play their role. And everybody does their job. If only our dolphins can learn its not about me. But the team. We will be fine. PHINS UP

  53. Look this is going to be the reality in the NFL from now on. With the rookie salary cap in place you can effectivly build a team throught the darft and not be on the hook for millions of dollars to do it. Chances can be taken on players and teams with a lot of draft picks will be more successful than others (see new england).

    You fundementally cannot rebuild a team with only free agents, it is not cost effective and is a crap shoot at best as to whether the players you aquire will gel with the team. I like what is going on and as a fan will have the patience to wait and see for another season as long as the picks they make are good and make sense and as long as at some point they start to augment their picks with some carefully scouted free agents to fill in the gaps where needed. It is a sound philosophy. Also it sends the right message to the players on the roster right now, play well or you are gone, do the things the coaching staff wants you to do or you are gone, behave and act like a productive member of society or you are gone.

    As a fan of this team since 1976 I have suffered a great deal in the last decade and all of the suffering was for naught because of the previous coaching staffs desires to wein now and not look to the future, trading second round picks on bad players instead of keeping picks and using them on young talent. I am willing to suffer for a few more seasons as long as we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. 4 – 6 wins this season, 6- 8 wins next season and then maybe playoffs in year three and a playoff win in year four I would be able to handle that.

    I hope the rest of the fan base would too because that is the right way to build a winning team. They don’t happen overnight and when they do they tend to only last for a short time. Trying to win with free agents only gets you so far, developing your own young talent lasts a lot longer.

  54. This season is going to be a disaster. Ireland should have been fired right after ‘Tuna the Fraud’ fled town with his $. The guy is a horrible GM, yet Stephen Ross keeps him employed. Philbin is a condescending dork who has already lost the respect of his players. Sorry Joe, but this isn’t high school or college. The players don’t give a crap about your how you THINK you can change them into obedient soldiers. I wouldn’t be surprised if this team doesn’t win a game this season!

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