Lovie Smith expects Urlacher to play against Colts

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As stories about multiple knee surgeries and trips to Europe for experimental treatments surfaced this month, the chances of Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher playing against the Colts in Week One of the regular season seemed to get dimmer and dimmer.

Urlacher hasn’t practiced since getting his knee scoped two weeks ago, but coach Lovie Smith said Tuesday that the linebacker is making progress. Smith expects to see Urlacher back on the field for practice next week and he hasn’t altered his belief that we’ll see Urlacher in the lineup to try to force Andrew Luck into some boneheaded mistakes a week from Sunday.

“Just like we’ve said all along, I expect to see No. 54 on the field next week in practice and playing against the Colts,” Smith said, via the Northwest Herald.

Urlacher and the Bears will have to make a quick turnaround after the Colts game to get ready to face the Packers on Thursday night, which will allow for a pretty quick test of how well Urlacher’s knee will hold up to the rigors of the season. While the most recent scope was done in order to get Urlacher on the field, the sum total of the attention paid to the knee this offseason suggests keeping Urlacher in the lineup will be almost as big a task as getting him into it in the first place.

15 responses to “Lovie Smith expects Urlacher to play against Colts

  1. Come on, Lovie, it was having Urlacher late in a meaningless end of the year game that got him injured in the first place. Let the man heal up for God’s sake.

    If the Bears can’t beat the Colts without Urlacher they have bigger problems.

  2. Considering the fact that Urlacher doesn’t want to discuss the treatment that he received in Germany and that Lovie detest the media and hasn’t told them anything resembling the truth in years, we really don’t know anything about the actual condition of Urlacher’s knee.

  3. Luck is gonna make Uranuslicker wish he wouldve sat out this game, u bears fans keep thinking that the colts game will just be a cake walk for you, dont be surprised!!

  4. @pleazenoughsaid
    Can you blame Lovie for being careful of how much he say to the media… Lovie knows the media will change anything he say to come up with a headline. An headlines get coaches FIRED.

  5. Rest him. Whats the rush? He thought he was good to go, a cpl practices and he’s out for weeks, flies to Germany, has surgery, etc. Let him heal or he’ll be done for good. If he’s not already. Stop feeding us a bunch of “he’s fine” crap. He’s not. Now be honest and do the right thing… Rest him. Whys that so damn hard?

  6. peytonsneck18 says: Aug 28, 2012 8:18 PM

    Luck is gonna make Uranuslicker wish he wouldve sat out this game, u bears fans keep thinking that the colts game will just be a cake walk for you, dont be surprised!!
    The Bears are gonna make you wish you hadn’t been trolling on every post spouting crap…At first I enjoyed sparring back and forth, and even praised Luck…Shame you can’t keep things good-natured. sparring with you

  7. Urlacher will be fine… Lovie is smart because hes making sure that offensive coordinators wanna test the strongest part of his defense an at the same time he hides the REAL weakness. By the time anyone figure out that Urlacher & Lovie has tricked them the Bears will already have WIN
    #11 in there pocket

  8. His knees are shot folks, and his back ain’t that good either. He may play this year, but the glory days unfortunately are long gone.

  9. Hopefully Urlacher comes back and is healthy guy is the heart and soul to that Bears defense and one of the more likeable players in the NFL…. unless your fan of any team in the NFC North then you more than likely don’t like him

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