Mike Wallace has arrived at Steelers headquarters

There was no puff of white smoke or release of doves, but wide receiver Mike Wallace has finally made it back to the Steelers.

Josina Anderson of ESPN has photographic evidence of Wallace entering the Steelers facility a short time ago, which you can see at right via Anderson’s Twitter account. Thus ends the wait for Wallace in Pittsburgh that began when the team tendered him as a restricted free agent. Wallace tried to find a long-term deal with the Steelers or someone else, but will instead be signing the $2.742 million tender that has been on the table for months.

Wallace won’t be eligible to take part in a full practice with the team for a few days, but his work on absorbing offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s offense should begin straightaway. There are 12 days until the Steelers season begins with a date against the Broncos, which isn’t much time even though Wallace had a copy of the team’s playbook during his absence.

The assumption is that Wallace will be on the field in Week One, even if he is just serving as a distraction for the defense. The Steelers will hope for more in the weeks to follow, but getting Wallace back in the fold was significant regardless of how much he’s able to do right out of the gate.

45 responses to “Mike Wallace has arrived at Steelers headquarters

  1. Great news to see him back! Before all the negative comments start (from those who wish he was on your team) I really hope he and the team can work something out. If not, we have him for the next two years at least!!!

  2. If anyone thinks the Steelers are going to have a great season with an unhappy #1 receiver, they are sadly mistaken. Mike Wallace has already proved his talent.

  3. His stats dropped way off in the last half of last season. However, defenses still have to put two men on him purely because of his unmatchable speed and ability to get open deep in enemy territory on any given play. If you were the D coordinator against him, would you risk single coverage ?

    @ravenator, tell Ed Reed to refill his Geritol bottle, he’s gonna need it.

  4. i think its hysterical when i read the comments about how he didnt ‘win’..i think its very obvious what happened here, and the writing is on the wall with his timing..

    Wallace said “ok you dont want to give me my contract, then Im not taking in part in any offseason/preseason activities” thats why he reported today and not this past weekend as everyone suggested, because then he would have be eligible to be put into the lineup this weekend.

    and one other obvious observation..the Steelers dont really seem to mind that he did it this way..this was probably agreed upon back in march when he began the holdout..they were probably expecting him to report today all along.

    I expect him to have a fine season, and I even think the steelers will give him the long-term contract now that hes back to work

  5. All this means is that the Ravens CRUSH the Steelers again this year just like last year. The Steeler O-line is swiss cheese.
    Roethlisberger wont have 2 seconds to find Wallace.

  6. Glad to see Ben with all his weapons. I see Ravenmuscle represents the usual low road apprach from murdermore.

  7. ravenmuscle says:
    Aug 28, 2012 11:52 AM
    Very likely Wallace will tear his hammy in his first practice.


    On what do you base this analysis, doc?

    Thefact that he has been keeping in game shape by working out during his absence might preclude such an injury. Please enlighten us as to how you came to this diagnosis.

  8. Mike Wallace is no doubt a difference maker, but the Steelers are 16 mil OVER the cap already next season as has been reported by John Clayton multiple times. I doubt Wallace gets a long term deal. At some point (maybe not this year) the steelers will probably move Wallace.

  9. ravenmuscle says:
    Aug 28, 2012 12:33 PM
    All this means is that the Ravens CRUSH the Steelers again this year just like last year.


    Yes, the Ravens CRUSHED the Steelers in the second game when they scored the go ahead TD with about 20 seconds left. By the way, the Steelers don’t have William Gay anymore so it should be harder to pass against them.

  10. Didn’t even have breakaway speed sufficient to outrun whoever was bedazzling his backpack.

  11. Ben-to-Wallace is the best modern-day equivalent to Bradshaw-to-Stallworth — cannon arm to deep speed guy. In their fifth and sixth seasons together, Bradshaw and Stallworth dominated NFL defenses throughout the regular seasons and playoffs for 2 Super Bowl runs. They kicked off that run right after a first-round playoff loss in Denver in 1977, as Bradshaw entered his 9th season and became the league’s best passer after a tumultuous first 8 seasons (personally and professionally), but building on the experience of two prior defensive-driven Super Bowl wins.

    Lot of similarities here – the Steelers have seen this entire movie once before.

  12. Although we all knew you made a mistake gambling against the Rooney family and Kevin Colbert , we welcome you back to the fold, Mike. Somewhere, somehow, if it’s meant to be, you’ll get a long-term contract . . . but it’ll be the done the right way — the Steeler way.

  13. Some I’m guessing ravenmuscle, ravensdominate, ravenator, and ravensallday2012 are either the same poster or else there’s not much in the way of employment available Baltimore County to keep people occupied during the middle of a work day. Either way, it’s pathetic.

  14. KIR says:

    If anyone thinks the Steelers are going to have a great season with an unhappy #1 receiver, they are sadly mistaken.
    Antonio Brown is quite happy, actually.

  15. Mike Wallace is a tremendous asset and a deadly weapon. However, his reputation as “a deep threat” is greatly over-exaggerated.
    More than 800 of his 1,000-plus yards last season were attained via yards-after-catches. Roethlisberger simply does not throw a consistently accurate deep ball.
    Nevertheless, having Wallace on the field will open things up for Antonio Brown, the Steelers’ best receiver.

  16. WHO CARES! The team has no running back a weak offensive line and an aging defense that can no longer make up for the most overweight and overrated QB in the NFL.

    Flacco and Ravens offense continues to roll right over pittsburgh again like they did last year. I imagin cincy will do the same thing but at least they still can beat cleveland in one of those 10-7 barn burners.

  17. Wallace will come in and play his tail off to justify his next contract. Hope it is with Pittsburgh.

    Looks like about 13-3 Steeler record to me, including AFCN sweep. Ravens will have to celebrate their “super bowl” wins another year, hope they enjoyed that last year with the gatorade bath for their whining coach.

  18. bigdaddydooko,
    They wouldn’t have scored if the replacement refs were not there and left #82 get away with that push off. The guy got away with that alot in other games to. I sure hope the NFL gets it worked out so we don’t have to deal with the replacements anymore.

  19. William Gay was better than anyone of their current starters beside Ike Taylor. The secondary is garbage. The oline is garbage. Wallace won’t produce at all this year, bank on it.

  20. Afc north standings this year..1. Steelers 14-2 2.Bengals 10-6 3.Ravens 8-8 4.Browns 6-10. Heard it here first!

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