Mike Wallace not worried about being ready for Week 1

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Shortly after ending his holdout and reporting to the Steelers, receiver Mike Wallace said he’s sure he’ll be good to go when the Steelers open the season against the Broncos in 12 days.

Wallace said that he believes his teammates will help get him caught up on new coordinator Todd Haley’s offense, and he said he has been staying in good shape — although he admitted that there’s a difference between good shape and football shape.

“I’m not worried about it at all because I have good teammates, and they’ll get me ready for going against the defense,” Wallace said. “As far as conditioning-wise, we have two weeks to the game. I’ve been working out, I’ve been doing really good conditioning, so that’s not really going to be a problem. Nothing is like getting in football shape, it’s a little different, so the first couple days I might be a little more tired than the other guys — not because I’m not in shape, just because it’s different with pads on. But I’ll be ready when it’s time to go Sunday night against Denver.”

Wallace signed his tender offer today and will play for $2.7 million this season, an amount he’s not happy to be making. His best chance to make a lot more than that next season is to have a big year, starting by being ready when the Steelers play the Broncos.

42 responses to “Mike Wallace not worried about being ready for Week 1

  1. He is known and respected for his explosive speed. If he isn’t in football shape, then i doubt he will have that speed late in the game.

  2. of course hes not worried. Why would he be? Theres no substitute for speed. And NOBODY can cover him! Except maybe Revis! Ravens will have to double team him. They got an injured & bad defense!

  3. I wouldn’t worry either if I had Ben throwing the ball to me. Best QB to play.

  4. If he makes a lot, he will probably have to make it outside Pittsburgh. When’s the last time the steelers had two wideouts with big time contracts? It’s not a winning formula with the cap in place.

  5. I hope this greedy, lazy athlete experiences a first game injury that gives him the rest of the season to think about becoming a responsible player instead of a selfish one.

  6. So Mike Wallace is not happy to be playing for $2.7 million? I really feel sorry for the poor guy. I’ll be happy to send him my social security check if it’ll really help to pay his rent and put food on the table.

  7. Clealry he isnt happy to sign the tender.I think he will have a slow start.Look at Antonio Brown to be big Bens go-to-guy. Steelers arent going to pay u Megatron, or L.Fitz money unless you’re a QB.He wont get that money. I can see him sign around 40-50k.Steelers know how to replace Wrs. Theyve done it before.Whoever adviced Wallace to hold out this long should be fire..not wise at all because there is a chance his value will decrease if he doesnt pick up on the new offense quickly

  8. Another dumb comment by ravenator, of course. Actually, football genius, Wallace’s down the field presence will pull a safety to his side of the field which will open up the TEs and slot receiver in the middle. Wallace does not even have to catch a pass. Although, his first 3 years of stats are impressive by any WR standard. Also, with James Harrison, Casey Hampton and Heath Miller becoming cap casualties after this year, the Steelers will have enough money to franchise him for another year.

  9. Nflfollower, when is the last time that the Steelers had 2 Pro Bowl caliber WRs like this in their prime? Stallworth and Swann ring a bell 40 years ago? Wallace and Brown have the potential to best those guys.

  10. He shouldn’t be.
    So long as he didn’t gain weight and kept working out (since he’s hunting for a new contract, both are likely), he’ll still be fast.

    And he’s had the playbook the whole time.

    Not a Steelers fan, but I really doubt any opposing defensive coordinators in weeks 1-4 will be less worried about Mike Wallace.

  11. ravenator says:
    Aug 28, 2012 6:21 PM
    This guy wont contribute a thing except another addition to the injury report

    He’ll also contribute the soon to be retirement of Ed Reed when he collapses like a corn husk trying to cover him.

  12. His presence on the field will aid AB, sanders, Jericho etc…welcome back young $$ crew! Anyone who thinks that this doesn’t benefit the steelers is in denial and drinking way too much haterade

  13. The Steelers should trade him right away before he loses value. There’s way in hell, they’ll be able to afford both expensive WRs. Trade him for picks or for a decent RB.

  14. Can you believe how many thumbs up the idiot that typed Ben is the best QB to play got? If that’s the case wouldn’t Brady have got TEBOWED also. Rodgers 45 TD 6 INT, Ben 21 TD 14 INT, who’s elite?

  15. It’s hilarious how scared to death ravens fans are. Every steeler post they are all over it trying to convince themselves their not terrified with whatever excuses they can come up with….but you can see it with every one of their ignorant moronic no knowledge hack comments.

  16. Hear that all you NFL D-coordinators? Most of the PFT denizens think Wallace is going to suck this season.

    So, don’t bother covering him. Waste of personnel.

    It’s not like he’s the NFL’s Yards per Reception Leader for a career among all active players with an 18.7 yard average. It’s not as though he’s being thrown the ball by Big Ben, the NFL’s Yards per Completion Leader for a career among all active quarterbacks with a 12.7 yard average.

    Nothing like that. Just ignore him.

  17. i cant stand people claiming hes greedy ignorant and spoiled. yes he said he wants larry fitz money. yes he said he wants megatron money. is he that good? NO. but considering the art of negotiating would you prefer him to ask for dwight stone money? athletes cant last forever, u start high and settle somewhere around santonio holmes or desean jackson money. btw hes better than those guys but wouldnt get a red cent if he asked to be paid like them. havent you people ever bought a car? its a negotiation!

  18. Wallace is a good player,but that OL is a recipe for disaster. Hard to target guys running deep routes when the heat is on you immediately.

  19. He will be franchised fo sho next year. I dont blame him for holding out. He will be heavily underpaid this year and we all know that a franchise will trim the fat if they feel a guy is overpaid.

  20. To Yinzgotsix.
    Its funny how every response for an uneducated fan towards the Steelers about last season is that the Steelers got Tebowed. In the Denver game Ben played with a broken thumb on his throwing hand and had a high ankle sprain among other issues. Ryan Clark the starting FS could not play, and during the game the Steelers lost like 6 plus starters. Denver was missing who Bryan Dawkins a 50 year old safety. Injuries do happen in football and sometimes they can’t be overcame, oh and by the way Denver’s defense had more to do with any of Denver’s wins last year than Tebow ever did especially in the first half of that playoff game.
    Where do we start when comparing Ben to the other elite QBs ask yourself how many of those other 5 or 6 would last a season with the Steelers O-line. How good did Brady look last week or this preseason behind an aging O-line. He is still Brady but the Bucs D were made to look very good in that game. Ben may not be the best pure passer in the league but he fits what the Steelers better than ANY other QB in the league.

  21. brianinnj24
    If Ben were smart enough to read defenses and make quick decision he wouldn’t be the lg’s most sacked QB and would get hurt as much “if he ever is really hurt” brady, rodgers, brees, stafford, both manning would have better stats wins and super bowl wins if they were on the steelers. Ben is a average QB at best and is over hyped by the media. the defense has been carrying him whole carreer. When was the last time any of those QB’s scored only 14 points? Ben scored 14 or less 5 games last season thats horrible for the best QB in the game.

  22. brianinnj24: You sound like every uneducated steeler fan making excuses for Ben. The O-line is terrible and Ben knows this so why does he insist on holding the ball so long? As far as injuries, do we even know if this diva was banged up as much as he said. You can’t justify losing that game no matter how hard you try. You want to talk about defense, how about the number 1 overall defense in the NFL carrying the steelers to more wins than Ben. If they had a top 5 QB you stiller fans would have more hardware to throw in the faces of other fans.

  23. To those ripping on Ben….I have a quick statement…….HE WINS FOOTBALL GAMES!!!!If u heard the interview with him he admits he doesn’t win in the most conventional ways….he wins whatever way he can….as he put it….his way!!

  24. steeldoeboy: He does not win games the conventional way because he’s not that good. He hopes the defense can keep them in the game and MAYBE he can pull off a late drive much like Tebow who also WON FOOTBALL GAMES!!!! Stop listening to Pitt media and fans and start watching other QB’s play, you’ll see how average this guy is. Product of a great defense much like Alex Smith last year.

  25. Big ben is one of the best deep ball passers of all time! Hes 4th all time in the history of the nfl in yards per attempt! Give credit where its due. Hes the best QB in steeler history! And certainly a 1st ballot hall of famer. Defense never gets our offense turnovers. Offense always starting from our own 20! Look at great defenses of steelers in the 90’s. And what did we win? Thats right nothing! Ben’s a winner and if he didnt make that tackle in indy in 2005 there would be no super bowl that year! Then against cardinals closing seconds in Sb all he does is throw 1 of the greatest throws in Sb history! You haters need to get a clue! Hes not just good…HES GREAT!

  26. Bradshaw won 4 SB’s, Ben won 2. Bradshaw has 2 SB MVP’s, Ben has 0. How can Ben be the best in steeler history with half the accomplishments?Don’t you steeler fans base everything on how many Lombardis you’ve won?

  27. Not just us steeler fans. Everybody judges a QB by how many lombardi’s they’ve won. but child please bradshaw played on the greatest defense to ever grace the nfl field. Bradshaws int’s in his career almost matched his td’s. Ad don’t worry ben will win 4 sb’s by the time he’s done! He’s a winner & we steeler fans who are educated know exactly what we have & are very thankful he’s on our side. The yinzers are the uneducated fans who always blame the goalie in hockey or th Qb in football..They are he people we make fun of in pittsburgh. Lame brains who have no brains & no jobs. Like bobzilla hes a yinzer!

  28. Bobzilla is an intelligent steeler fan who knows a great QB when he sees one and Ben is not in that category. Steeler fans like yourself want to give Ben all the credit when it’s the defense keeping them in it and allowing Ben to finally sustain a drive late making him look like the saviour. You’re in total denial if you actually believe Ben will bring yinz 2 more rings.

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