Mixed signals on origin of Dez Bryant rules


All players should be concerned about the Rules of 88, given that any of them could be the next player asked to adhere to various standards of off-duty behavior, including forking over plenty of cash for a 24-hour security detail.

To date, the NFLPA has yet to take a position on whether the Cowboys may impose such rules on Bryant or any other player, even if the player agrees.

Perhaps in advance of the possibility that the NFLPA will cry foul, the Cowboys apparently are trying to subtly get the word out that the rules were put in place by Bryant’s camp.

That’s what we took away from a Monday report by Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, who says that the rules were the idea of “Bryant’s own people.”  Fisher also points to the fact that Bryant will be footing the bill for his babysitters as proof that the rules weren’t mandated by the Cowboys.

We don’t see the logic.  Of course the Cowboys aren’t paying for the full-time security detail; as we explained Monday, that would have created salary-cap issues.  So the Cowboys’ directive apparently included a requirement that Bryant pick up the tab — especially if he hopes to ever get a long-term deal in Dallas.

Besides, why wouldn’t the Cowboys come out and say that Dez did this on his own?  They haven’t, which strongly implies he didn’t.

“We want to support our players, we want to support Dez and we want to support his family, and the same time hold him accountable to what he needs to do,” coach Jason Garrett said Monday, via Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Given the obvious sensitivities involved, Garrett and/or owner Jerry Jones and/or others in the organization would be shouting on the record that they had nothing to do with these rules, and that the entire list was the product exclusively of Bryant and the folks advising him.  Unless and until the Cowboys say that clearly and unequivocally, this thing carries more of Jerry Jones fingerprints than any of the three Lombardi Trophies the Cowboys have won since Jones bought the team.

21 responses to “Mixed signals on origin of Dez Bryant rules

  1. Am I the only one who sees Dez chillin’ at home after a long day of training, and then some sixteen-year old girl with braces and glasses comes in and says “OK, mister, TV off, time for bed.”?

  2. ok wait. if tom coughlin can fine players for being late to meetings, why can’t the owner of a club say hey your making us look bad by beating down your own mother!!!!! if you want to remain a part of our organization then you have to be escorted wherever you go because anyone who would put his hands on his mother is way to unpredictable to be treated as an adult… I hate the cowboys

  3. Who cares which “camp” came up with the ideas? I mean, the whole thing is to help Bryant. Why is it a bad thing to get help when it is needed. This guy is young, and he has probably been through more F’d up expletive in his life than you could imagine. I say good for Dez for accepting the help, good for the cowboys for “maybe” mentioning it to him. And, screw everybody else who has a problem with it.

  4. I’m already sick of this story. If you want to get paid, you follow your company’s rules. Period! Sometimes your boss will set different rules for different people. If you sell insurance, your quota might be different than the next guys. Your boss may require you to take more experienced employees with you, because your numbers are down. He might make you role play for an hour, because he feels your selling points are weak. I’m tired of society’s “understanding” for idiots and criminals. There are consequences for actions.

  5. Dont really understand the media’s fascination about this. What the hell is wrong with a team tryin to steer a player in the right direction, and protect there investment so they are able to get a return on it.

    Also don’t think the NFLPA won’t have any issues with this as well as long as it helps keep him from getting suspended or fined, which the NFLPA doesn’t want to see happen to there members.

  6. No personal accountability, this is what this comes down to. Bryant feels entitled to whatever he wants, and he gets away with everything. He SHOULD pay for his own babysitters, it is NOT the Cowboys responsibility to run Bryant’s personal life for him and see to it that he doesn’t get himself into trouble.

    He’s a grown man, and he should act like it. He is a clear example of what is wrong with today’s youth.

  7. Here’s what it looks like from people who actually follow the Cowboys, not just the national headlines.

    David Wells went to the Cowboys and said this is what we are thinking, this is how we could help Dez and the Cowboys said OK. David Wells then ran with it. David Wells then went to ESPN Dallas and told them. The Cowboys have never leaked nor talked about the rules. Jerry has avoided it (he avoids nothing) and so has Jason.

  8. I don’t care what he’s “been through”, that is not an excuse for behaving like he does nor is it give him carte blanche to continue this behavior.

    Quit making excuses for this guy, let him do himself in or pull himself out of the hole that he created.

  9. DB has little chance of succeeding in football or life unless he receives this kind of drastic assistance/oversight. He desperately needs help, and even though it probably is completely valid for the Nflpa to intervene, for DB’s sake, let us hope they don’t.

  10. What is wrong with being proactive? Meanwhile the Lions just had their 20th arrest in the offseason and what are they doing about it? Changing their jersey colors to black and white vertical stripes?

  11. Let’s be honest about this. None of this happens if Bryant is meeting or exceeding on field performance expectations.

    His subpar output has taken away his leverage. If he had led the league in catches, yards, and TDs last season, he would have had many helpful suggestions as to where the Cowboys could stick their security detail.

  12. The Cowboys have also had Calvin Hill available to their players for personal help and, to an extent, extra supervision for a long period of time now. Anyone involved in sports or managing people will tell you that different individuals require different handling and I’m sure EVERY team does this in some manner. This is a non-story. EVERY family has someon in it who could use aditional supervision and if you say you don’t, you’re either naive or just lying to yourself.

  13. If the Patriots would have done this with one of ther players it would be considered genius. They are trying to help Dez and at the same time protect a large investment. Does anyone realize what kind of contract this kid could get if he lives up to that potential? It would be in the 100mm range.

    Everyone who hates the Cowboys is harping on this story. Bob Papa says he doesn’t see how the Cowboys stand a chance in New York Sept 5th. I love that mentality. We may surprise some folks.

    Go Boys!

  14. Pierre Garcon just got $40,000,000.

    Bryant was more productive in his 2nd year than Garcon has ever been. He’s scored 17 times in 2 years while Garcon’s scored 16 in 4 years.

    You’re delusional if you think that Bryant wouldn’t want to be cut and made a free-agent.

  15. Only Jerrah would argue over who’s paying for the diapers.

    Like it means something to everyone.

  16. Lot of rumble on the tube on why Dez has to pay for all this. He should be happy to pay for this, he hasn’t had the support or showed he wanted support on the two team prior to Dallas. All the talk centers on it is his money why should he pay,corrrect again BUT let him sit at home with no pay and see where his mind takes him. Momma may want to move out then. He should count his blessing that he is still in the NFL.

  17. Ummmmmm, Question (?) If Dez is footing the bill for these “babysitters”, why would he then be beholden to their direction/advice?

  18. Anyone who has worked in the corporate world knows the drill. Your boss asks YOU to come up with a plan to fix whatever. They tell you what they don’t like and “challenge” you to come up with a solution. In this case the “problems” were strip clubs, drinkin’ and slappin’ his mama. Dez and his people came up with a plan that means Dez doesn’t get thrown out on his rear and the boss approves it. End of story. Dez keeps up with it because he know Jerrah is tired of his act and because he (Dez) proposed it in the first place.

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