Mularkey says Jennings will start opener

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If Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey left the door open for running back Maurice Jones-Drew to start in Week One, Mularkey slammed it shut on Monday.

And Mularkey apparently never intended to leave the door open.

“Again, Rashad Jennings is going in as the starter,” Mularkey said, via Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union.  “I don’t know how that came out being any different.”

As Stellino explains it, “that” came out differently because Mularkey said Saturday that Rashad Jennings was the starter “today,” and that Mularkey couldn’t name a starter for the regular-season opener.

On Monday, Mularkey was asked whether Jennings would start against the Vikings in Week One, and Mularkey said, “Yes, I would say that.”

Jones-Drew has racked up more than $1 million in potential fines, and he’ll lose more than $265,000 for each regular-season game he boycotts.

For more on the Jones-Drew impasse, he’s a little piece of Tuesday’s PFT Live.

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46 responses to “Mularkey says Jennings will start opener

  1. Great running back.

    Not so great decision making.

    I hope the hate coming from non-Jag fans is at least original on this thread.

  2. I have a proposal for players who want to hold out in the future. You have to play 6 games in order to get a year off your contract, this is a fact.

    So show up to training camp, preseason, and just play the first six games. Be sure to let the franchise know you are doing this. Tell them that they have until week 6 to give you a new contract or you will sit out the rest of the season.
    If you’re good enough, you can put them in a real strangle hold if your team is in playoff contention.

  3. That sounds good until MJD walks through the door. Plus, everyone knows he will not pay those fines as they will go away when he arrives.

  4. The difference between MJD getting a new contract or playing out his current deal is about 30 million dollars. If he waited and played out his old contract at his age and number of carries his next deal would be for the veterans minimum and that’s if he’s lucky.

    Honor the contract!?!! Tell that to David Garrad the Jaguars starting QB last year who was cut one week before the start of the season to save 6 mil.

  5. MJD is overrated. I wouldn’t pay him either. Trade him for whatever u can Jax. U are still a few years from being relevant.

  6. People say he doesn’t deserve it but I disagree. He maybe getting old but he still has a decent amount of gas in the tank. Give him a 4 year 50 million 40 up front

  7. Players play their asses off and if they don’t live up to their contract they are cut. If they out play their contract the get put through the ringer. It’s bull. Pay the man some more money. He led the league in rushing when they had no QB and defenses stacked the line against him. he deserves some more money.

  8. David garrard was cut because he was injured and not a very good quarterback ….

    It wasn’t some kind of back handed effort to save a dime. We’re they supposed to be nice and pay him millions to do nothing, poorly?

  9. All the Florida teams seem like they are actively pursuing the worst record in the league. Should be a tight competition.

  10. C’mon MJD, the league needs you! We understand your ground on the situation but I think you’d have a new deal by now if you would have reported! I have a feeling you’ll do the right things, and that’s to show up to work..

  11. Yes, now I’m gonna try and trade Jennings to the MoJoDrew owner for something good!

    But seriously, MJD better swallow his pride. Jennings is good enough for the Jags to win. With Gabbert showing improvement and Blackmon showing us why he was drafted in the first, MJD won’t be missed as much. And as for being traded, who wants a 30 year old back with a lot of mileage and will want to get paid! Not in this day and age where the RB is not as valued as in past years.

  12. Just stupid and a terrible way to do business. I like the guy but he’s really being an idiot. You have one of the best jobs in the world, making more money than most of us will ever see in a lifetime x10, yet you hold out for more and make yourself look bad in the meantime. Good move.

  13. Maurice Jones -Drew is pulling a Chris Johnson or at least what CJ2k did last season, the difference ? the Titans caved in right before the regular season and gave Chris Johnson the big contract he wanted and he has never been the same since…he got Paid! At that time is when I made this screen name…How will MJD’s holdout saga end ?

  14. I love that he will bash people on twitter for not playing hurt, but he won’t even play under the contract he signed and already received a signing bonus for. If he wanted a pay for every year of performance, he should sign a yearly deal. Oh wait, he preferred the security of a long term deal in case of injury. Give back the pro-rated signing bonus and then hold out. I hope Rashad Jennings tears it up this year and i’m not a Jaguars fan at all.

  15. This guy ain’t exactaly Ray Rice. I don’t know what he expects holding out from his contract. He is a good runner but isn’t nearly as versitile as Rice, McCoy or Foster. MJD will lose this battle.

  16. MJD’s career is most likely over. He’s 28 years old, with high mileage. Add in the fact that holdout running backs are never good with either their performance or they sustain an injury that forces them to lose the season. Maybe next year he will have one decent year before he hits the magical age of 30 where their careers come to a screeching hualt faster than a stripper loses her clothing.

  17. Great Point sportsmeccabi ,Man I Will Never Understand Players Holding Out Not Getting That Year Knocked Off And Getting Franchise Tagged The Next And Then Complain.MJD Just Needs To Go To Work And Let Everything Else Play Itself Out..

  18. Listen. This is a business. Everyone knows how it’s played.
    Contracts are what they are. Players have the option of holding out to “get what they deserve”. MJD tried that. He lost. He’s getting what the market thinks he deserves (at least in J-ville).
    The market for aging RBs is what it is, get over it. Get on the field.

    Having said all that, yes, it think he’s worth more money but he’s in the market at a bad time. Sorry little fella.

  19. This morning I thought of a way for MHWho to make some mo $. See if he can rush the passer! There is where we have a real need! A running back who can get wide and catch a pass and not get caught from behind…..we got that covered!

  20. The Jags sucked with MJD on the field, so how much of a difference maker is he? If they don’t want to pay him, they should trade him for whatever they can get and just move on. BTW, I don’t have any issue with Jones-Drew using whatever leverage he has in order to get paid. If he was under-performing his contract, the team would be quick to cut him. You gotta do what you gotta do.

  21. @randallflagg52:

    Ain’t Ray Rice? You are right–he outran Rice and every other RB last year on his way to the rushing title. Caught a ton of dump-offs too as Gabbert ran for his life. All against 8-9 in the box.

  22. Sorry, but MJD position of runningback has been devalued. There are dozens of guys who can come in and do a good job at runningback. Look at Jennings numbers so far. He’s averaging like 5 yards a carry.

    Why should the Jags pay MJD anymore money when they have a younger, fresher runningback? MJD isn’t getting that money from any team at this point. He got an extension a couple of years ago so that’s it. He has no leverage with the way Jennings is running. None.

  23. I could see if the Jacksonville Jaguars were a Superbowl Contender and Maurice Jones-Drew was the last piece to the championship…most experts are predicting the Jaguars 3rd or 4th place in their division with or without Jones-Drew so what does it matter? Trade MJD’S for future draft picks is what I would do if I were the GM….

  24. ballboy48 says:

    Those fines are gone if he signs a deal.

    Are you paying attention?

    There is no deal for him to sign. He has a deal, the one he signed two years ago. The team is not offering him a new deal.

    You may be right about the fines (or some of them) if he comes back. But there are no signatures required. All he has to do is show up.

  25. “bucsrulez24 says:
    Aug 28, 2012 11:52 PM
    People say he doesn’t deserve it but I disagree. He maybe getting old but he still has a decent amount of gas in the tank. Give him a 4 year 50 million 40 up front”

    You’re joking, right?

  26. David Garrard was cut because he was injured and not a very good quarterback ….

    It wasn’t some kind of back handed effort to save a dime. We’re they supposed to be nice and pay him millions to do nothing, poorly?


    Teams do it all the time. That why they have PUP lists and IR. But it’s hard to argue that that is the Jag’s M.O. since they did the same thing to Leftwich.

  27. Jennings may not be as talented as MJD but when healthy and able to stay on the field the guy has averaged 5+ yards a carry. Jags should trade MJD now and build for the future because as has been stated before me, they are still a few years away from being a relevant ball club.

  28. Teams do it all the time. That why they have PUP lists and IR. But it’s hard to argue that that is the Jag’s M.O. since they did the same thing to Leftwich.

    They did it twice, both times during Del Rio’s regime. I would hardly call than an “M.O.” Maybe for the guy who’s now gone, but it’s not a big historical thing. And, like you said, teams do it all the time. Perhaps he was more dramatic because of when it was done, days before the season opener, when teams are supposed to be set for the season. That’s why it was a big deal both times…everyone noticed.

    Besides, in both cases, it was justified. Both guys were busts, though in different ways. Leftwich was the prime example of the failure of the Shack Harris personnel era, for which we have very little to show.

    It took longer to figure out with Garrard because of that one good season (2007), after which he got a big contract and was never the same. Which is why teams don’t like giving a guy a big contract (or a new contract) after one big season. Especially if he has time left on the old one.

  29. MJD is trying to renig on his contract and it is unfair since it was frontloaded.

    This is a hare brained hold out b/c he is under contract and Jags are not contending. It is different if you are franchised as you are not under contract if you hold out like Wallace did.

    Mo Jo is being ridiculous.

  30. Tiki Barber is flabbergasted with GM Gene Smith and coach Mularkey for not bringing him in and naming him the starter in week one, respectively.

  31. I would like to see the Jags hold their ground and NOT give in to him, enforce the fines even if they agree to let him join the team, and if he does join the team suspend and fine him for 3 games pay in addition to his already existing fines, it only takes one hit for him to be completely be done playing football and by his actions, he isn’t a team player, he isn’t honorable, enough of these athletes thinking they are individually bigger and better than the team.

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