No IR for DeCastro


The Steelers will be playing with a 52-card deck for much of the 2012 season.

The 53rd roster spot will belong to guard David DeCastro.  The first-round pick tore up his knee on Saturday night; he’ll have surgery this week.

The Steelers won’t be putting him on injured reserve, for now.  “Fortunately, he’s not done for the year,” Steelers offensive line coach Sean Kugler told Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  “It is going to be a long comeback for him, but just the fact that it wasn’t something devastating that ended his year [is positive].”

It was still pretty devastating.  Torn MCL.  Dislocated kneecap.  Damage to the patellar tendon.  Surgery.

“I think David will be back this year, and he’s intent on doing that; I know that,” Kugler said.

The Steelers can put DeCastro on IR at any time, if the team changes its mind about saving a roster spot for him.  Often, those decisions are driven by need.  If another key player suffers a short-term injury and the Steelers need to sign another player for depth at that position, DeCastro could be bumped to injured reserve.

Until then, DeCastro will have company.  Running back Rashard Mendenhall has been activated from the PUP list, which means he’ll consume a roster spot until he has sufficiently healed from a torn ACL.  And unless the team wants to be without linebacker James Harrison for at least the first six weeks of the season, the Steelers will need to activate Harrison from the PUP list by Friday and sit him until he’s ready to go.

Until DeCastro returns, Ramon Foster will move into the starting lineup.  DeCastro would have been only the fourth rookie to start on the offensive line in franchise history.

At one point, it appeared that the Steelers would start two rookies on the offensive line, but second-round pick Mike Adams currently is on track to be on the bench when the Steelers go to Denver on September 9.

18 responses to “No IR for DeCastro

  1. I’d be pretty surprised if DeCastro takes the field at all this season. What would the point of putting him on the field, even in limited time, be if he doesn’t come back until December?

  2. Like they said, they can put him on IR at anytime so no need to rush and hang him up. I’m worried about Harrison, I haven’t heard any updates on him since his scope. The healing process on those are not long and for Mendenhall to be activated already and not him concerns me. steelers have alway delt with an awful O line and they will adapt. Its their D that never seems to adapt well without key Troy, I know they are different positions but you get what I mean.

  3. I am admittedly am no expert as to all the rules pertaining to the PUP list, but couldn’t he be placed on it? He hasn’t played a regular season game yet and he will certainly miss at least 6 weeks.

  4. Once a player passes the physical & practices once they are NO LONGER eligible for PUP list. There is no retroactivity.

  5. Watching the replay reminded me of Ben in the back of the bar at Dirty Sheilas, forced and fully blown.

  6. If DeCastro is put on injured reserved he is NOT taking up a roster spot. He then becomes eligible to be activated weeks 6 through 9. If he is still not able to suit up by week 9 he is out for the remainder of the year.

  7. DeCastro will be out 5 months…that means he’ll be RUSHED back in January…stupid move on their part.

  8. I give you my word this guy won’t contribute a down this year. Another sweep coming up. Ben will be running for his life

  9. The Steelers are probably good enough to at least get a wild card. That means that they might have DeCastro ready to go for the playoffs which are about 4 months away. Might be a good gamble.

  10. Put DeCastro on the shelf till next year when he’s fully healed. Sticking a still wet behind the ears rookie into games when teams are pushing for the playoffs is fool hardy. I’m sure the cold weather in Dec-Jan is not exactly therapeutic for healing a displaced knee cap.

    Start looking for replacements now when sleeper talent is being cut from teams. James Harrison was cut 3 times before landing a roster spot; guarentee that there’s a future talent out there waiting for a break.

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