Quinn wins No. 2 job, for second straight year


The Chiefs really like quarterback Ricky Stanzi.  But not enough to make him the backup to Matt Cassel.

Coach Romeo Crennel said Monday that Brady Quinn has won the job.

Quinn may not be inclined to celebrate just yet.  After all, he won the same job in Denver last year.  And then when the time came to bench the starter, the coaching staff opted to give the ball to the No. 3 man on the totem pole.

Of course, that one easily can be blamed on Tebowmania.  And while folks in K.C. may not be putting up billboards or otherwise “standing up for Stanzi,” ineffective from Cassel could spark a local yearning for something new.  Something like Stanzi.

Yeah, if Cassel gets injured in a given game, Quinn makes the most sense to step in and finish the job.  But if the Chiefs have to face the prospect of putting Cassel on the bench, Quinn could get passed over, again.