Quinn wins No. 2 job, for second straight year


The Chiefs really like quarterback Ricky Stanzi.  But not enough to make him the backup to Matt Cassel.

Coach Romeo Crennel said Monday that Brady Quinn has won the job.

Quinn may not be inclined to celebrate just yet.  After all, he won the same job in Denver last year.  And then when the time came to bench the starter, the coaching staff opted to give the ball to the No. 3 man on the totem pole.

Of course, that one easily can be blamed on Tebowmania.  And while folks in K.C. may not be putting up billboards or otherwise “standing up for Stanzi,” ineffective from Cassel could spark a local yearning for something new.  Something like Stanzi.

Yeah, if Cassel gets injured in a given game, Quinn makes the most sense to step in and finish the job.  But if the Chiefs have to face the prospect of putting Cassel on the bench, Quinn could get passed over, again.

19 responses to “Quinn wins No. 2 job, for second straight year

  1. He got shafted pretty bad if you ask me. He’s a serviceable starter with the right pieces around him, and because he’s never really had much live action, and probably will never get the work he needs to really step his game up.

  2. Former Iowa Hawkeye Quarterback Ricky Stanzi should be the starter…I hope he is by the end of the year after he gets his haircut. Cassell is not the answer for the Chiefs. I believe there will be a different starting Quarterback in 2013 in Kansas City.

  3. How many guys on this site wouldn’t trade places with Brady Quinn in a heartbeat… Most people have to pay to watch NFL football live, he gets paid to do it. Live your life Q-bert.

  4. Go ahead and make fun of him. This guy is making good money holding a clipboard while you chumps work lousy jobs.

  5. I’m shocked teams aren’t lined up at that NFL QB factory in Iowa City…. seriously, that tradition of Stanzi, Banks, McGwire, Rodgers, Long, etc, etc.

    Why don’t they give Stanzi a chance?!?!?

  6. kelmcc says:Aug 28, 2012 9:14 AM

    Why don’t they give Stanzi a chance?!?!?
    Ummmm…… they just DID, dummy. It’s called “Training Camp”, where guys like Stanzi have an opportunity to show how much better they are than the starter or the #2 guy.

    Maybe Stanzi wasn’t good enough, did you ever think of that????

  7. Have you seen Stanzi’s hair lately? It is longer than most girls at the club, I was surprised by it…. /// Who did the Hawkeyes and Ricky Stanzi beat his senior year in his last bowl game? That’s right the Jaguars Blaine Gabbert a top 10 pick in the NFL draft. Ricky Stanzi played better than Blaine Gabbert in that game and look where each got drafted, the Jags reached for Gabbert. At least Gabbert cut his super long hair in the off season, I don’t know what is up with Stanzi’s…

  8. I sincerely disagree with the last paragraph. Romeo Crennel probably likes Quinn a lot better going back to their days in Cleveland. Quinn did good ( but not great) for Crennel until he broke his finger in 2008, and didn’t get to play for him again due to Crennel’s firing.

  9. Here’s a billboard idea for KC fans:

    Dear Clark Hunt,

    Please try to win a playoff game every 20 years! It’s 19 and counting……


    KC Fans

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