Raiders providing incentives for early arrivals

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Yes, the Raiders are suggesting that fans show up two hours early for home games, due to the new league-mandated procedure of individual metal detection, as explained Monday by

Raiders CEO Amy Trask has shared with PFT additional details regarding the situation, including one that could significantly enhance the in-stadium experience.

Fans whose tickets are scanned (and thus who are in the stadium) at least one hour before kickoff will be eligible to win various prizes, including field passes, locker-room tours, memorabilia signed by Raiders Hall of Famers, other Raiders legends, and current players, new team merchandise, Raider Image gift cards, and more.

Walk-through magnetometers, which will be more efficient than the league-mandated hand-held metal detectors, have been installed at the Raiders’ stadium.  The use of the magnetometers at every entry point is intended to counter the reality that the Coliseum has fewer (and narrower) entry points than newer facilities.

As a result, suggesting that fans show up two hours early is aimed at making it even easier to get folks through the reduced (and narrower) entry points.  For those who make it in an hour early, there could be an interesting reward, courtesy of the team.

33 responses to “Raiders providing incentives for early arrivals

  1. Excellent job by the Raiders front office once again. The rest of the league would be wise to see what the ideas of a forward thinking organization like Oakland can do for them.

  2. What a couple of d-bags to open the comments. Pantherpro always first to bash the Raiders with his idiotic comments. Of course it seems like his comments always get in, while mine get tossed…go figure.

  3. My prediction is you hear nothing from the troll known as villa41 by week 4. A more ignorant poster I have not seen. Well, he does have some other Jokeland cronies.

  4. Its AMAZING how well this organization is being run in just a short time under the new regime. Kudos to Mark Davis, Amy Trask, Big Reg and all the people behind the scenes. EXCELLENT job so far and keep up the GREAT work!


  5. Raider hater is a funny sort of fella. He always has a puffed out chest and harsh words in the safety of mom and dads basement and behind the screen of there computer. Then when he comes out in public it turns out he is that 150 lb pimple faced kid who got shoved into trash cans and an occasional locker as a kid. All real men are not Raider fans but the can respect a team with a strong legacy in the nfl not to mention a passionate fan base. So think about it Raider hater what sounds better being reacquainted with said trash can or putting on your big boy shoes and give credit where credit is due?

  6. @villa41
    I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here and assume your not ignorant enough to really believe that, but was simply being sarcastic

  7. @villa41, agreed. this front office has become arguably the most creative and understanding towards fans/community in the nfl.

    Of course, PFT along with the rest of the media always chooses the pictures of fans in ridiculous costumes and face paint to portray a negative image of the raider fan base (this one isn’t as bad). The guys who get really dressed up only represent less than 1% of the entire crowd, and it’s all in good fun. Amy Trask has gone after the tv networks about this which is why they now show more shots of families and average fans.

    But whatever, let the haters hate. Shows that the Nation must be doing something right 🙂

  8. I really wish PFT would ban the word “hater”.
    It sounds so unintelligent and all it really means is “someone who says something I disagree with”.

  9. pantherpro says:
    Aug 28, 2012 9:07 PM
    Nothing like stench of Raider fan!


    Well, at least some Raider fans can put together a proper sentence.

  10. Not a fan of the raiders, but they have been having really solid drafts the past couple of years. If Carson can pull it together they could very well be the dark horse this year.

  11. Wait, a positive story about the Raiders?

    Amy Trask is the best.. Smart, Loyal, Innovative. doesn’t get the credit she deserves and doesn’t seem to care.

    Maybe even more than Mark Davis, she will continue Al’s legacy in the right way. Without the crazy.

  12. There’s absolutely no reason to bring a weapon (knife or gun) to a sporting event where emotions run high and alcohol runs free before and during the game.

    I don’t buy the nuts who claim they “need to defend their life”. Some people vastly confuse getting in a fight and a bloody nose with “life in danger”.

  13. I like to go into the stadium as soon as they open the gates. I paid my $100 something so ima take in as much as I can. Now that they are giving me stuff just for showing up at my normal time im stoked. The sights you see while sitting up against the rail at the 50 yard line watching the patriots and chargers warm up, talking trash with the players, its the best part of going to a game. Same for basketball. Tailgating gets you so faded that you forget the 2nd half of the game

  14. Raider Haters In Full Effect I See. I Know It’s Hard To Come To Grips That They Are Building A Great Team And Have Leadership. RaiderNation !! (That Is All)

  15. 7pints says: Aug 28, 2012 9:39 PM

    My prediction is you hear nothing from the troll known as villa41 by week 4. A more ignorant poster I have not seen. Well, he does have some other Jokeland cronies.
    Interesting. A story about the Raiders, and a clown Donkey fan calls a Raider fan a troll. Colorado has more acreage than brain cells.

  16. @suhdidntstomp, Actually a hater is a person that develops a strong dislike for another, solely basing their own opinion on personal judgment rather than objective merit. If someone has a legitimate argument against something, that’s fine. But to come on here and bash on the Raider organization and their fans with no argument is a different story.

    The ppl who think Villa is way off base have no idea what the Raider front office does for it’s community and fans. Another example being donating 10% of season ticket sales to local schools. All they know is the media’s portrayal of Al, the fans, and the bad boy image.

    Again though, if it bothers you so much we must be doing something right.

  17. I live in the SF Bay Area and a mostly a 49er fan. But I have been to quite a few Raider games and the image of the unsafe stadium is just not accurate. It is a good place to watch an NFL game and the fans are passionate and loud. This new idea to get people to their seats earlier is a great idea as it will help reduce traffic, help get folks parked earlier and help deal with the challenging entry points at the Stadium. Good job Raiders!

  18. Great idea. As a first responder, the mantra is “Safety First.” That should be everyone’s priority.

    BTW, let the haters hate. Wouldn’t be the same without them clowns.

    Win, lose or tie…Raiders ’til I die!

  19. Safety is important. This is also another way to get the fans inside the stadium and spend more money on over priced merchandise and food.

  20. pantherpro says: Aug 28, 2012 9:07 PM

    Nothing like stench of Raider fan!
    So what team did u root for before the Panthers existed? I think it’s funny there are Panther fans at all.
    The only way u can be really a Panther fan is if you are young. So you can bash the Raiders all u want, we are loyal to our team un like you.

  21. This is a really good idea. It helps keep lines down, it will also help prevent people from drinking from 6 A.M to kickoff. Now, it won’t solve all of the drinking problems, but the casual tailgater will be more inclined to leave his post early to get in now, then he was a year ago. Let’s just hope these dectectors are set up properly, the recent Bills game I went to, a shirtless man made it through screening, the gates, and the ushers on the other side of the gates with 2 glass bottles in his back pockets. Not detectable by the detectors, but if their hands were free, they could have been more alert to that stuff coming in. Either way, it’s better than a pat down I guess.

  22. Great idea, if the lines get too long people might miss the first few series. Miss the first two series and you’re likely to miss Palmer at his finest, over throwing receivers on the short routes, getting picked off and watching them take it to the house.

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