Rams paid $1.55 million to trade Jason Smith

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The Jets’ decision to trade a washed-up right tackle for another washed-up right tackle became more curious when considering that the washed-up right tackle the Jets traded will make $1.55 million less than the washed-up right tackle the Jets acquired.

As it turns out, the Rams made up the difference in order to get the deal done.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Rams gave Smith a $1.55 million signing bonus before the trade was finalized.  Smith in turn reduced his base salary to $2.45 million, which matches what the Jets would have paid Hunter.

Mehta also reports that the deal is now official.

As we pointed out last night, Smith will be a Jet for only one season, barring a new contract.  His $11.25 million roster bonus is due the first day of the 2013 league year, and if he takes enough snaps to make it voidable the deal wouldn’t be voided until after the deadline for using the franchise tag has passed.  Thus, the Jets will either cut Smith to avoid the $11.25 million roster bonus or Smith will play at a high level and void the contract in order to become an unrestricted free agent.

Here’s Manish from Tuesday’s PFT Live regarding the Smith trade and other Jets issues.

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12 responses to “Rams paid $1.55 million to trade Jason Smith

  1. Why St. Louis, why??? Why trade for possibly the worst O-Lineman in the NFL

    Hunter was a gift from the gods, a gift for every defense in the AFC East.

    Its bad enough that he’s out of the divison, now we find out the Rams are picking up Smith’s salary?

    This is why the Rams stink. Good luck Sam Bradford, you’re gonna need it.

  2. raiderapologist says:
    Aug 28, 2012 8:07 PM
    Washed-up and bust are two different terms. Smith isn’t washed up.


    Your right. He is a never was.

  3. Sparano (an O-line coach) loved Smith coming out and thinks he can unlock the potential that made him a 2nd overall pick.

  4. ‘why were the jets interested in jason smith, other than the ineffectiveness…’. can’t believe the suggestion that they ‘were interested’ because the guy has done poorly.
    here’s what happened; (based on information that’s available to everybody).
    hunter did well at the end of ’09. jets hoped to recover that success and demonstrated an ‘all in’ attitude toward the guy, to the player and in public. this approach would have the greatest potential with a guy with a confidence problem.
    the giants game showed a complete failure so great that a decision was made to give up and move on.
    to give up and keep the guy on the team could potentially be destructive, so if you have an opportunity to move him then you do. the money is a wash. in the (unlikely) event that you get more out of the new player, then it’s better than that. the end.

  5. Very rarely are trades in football “amazing” like in other sports. Superstars dont get moved easily in the NFL. Trades like this, while not pretty, addressed needs for both teams. In this case the need was a change of scenary

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