Redskins boot another kicker, make room for Billy Cundiff


Billy Cundiff didn’t have to wait long to find work, and he doesn’t have to move far.

After being released by the Ravens this week, Cundiff is signing with the Redskins, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Redskins released Neil Rackers yesterday, apparently electing to go with Graham Gano.

But that didn’t last long, as they viewed Cundiff as an upgrade.

He probably is, but Cundiff could never escape the shadow of his AFC Championship Game miss with the Ravens, losing his job to rookie Justin Tucker.

So Gano now joins Rackers again, but instead of in the Redskins locker room, they’ll be part of the Tuesday workout crew (along with Olindo Mare, Josh Brown and others) whenever teams get tired of their current kickers. They should get a bus, and go from city to city like a traveling kicker circus. As long as they leave Crazy Joe Davola at home.

Update: 9:07 a.m. ET: ESPN 980 talked to Gano, who confirmed he’s been released.

23 responses to “Redskins boot another kicker, make room for Billy Cundiff

  1. Gano had to go. Cundiff def is a upgrade. And yes he did miss for the ravens in the biggest game of his life which makes me like him even more because the ravens missed out on the superbowl

  2. Luckily for Cundiff, he won’t have to worry about making any kicks in the playoffs for a loooong time.

  3. wow, this is a move that i didn’t see coming, but i am thrilled to see happen. i’m no fan of kickers but we lost alot of games off missed kicks for years. The Washington Redskins are not who they used to be. this team will compete with every team on their schedule.

  4. I do not like this move…But apparently Shanny & Co. were determined to replace Gano.
    Gano has a big leg and is young. I felt like his problem with blocks was due to a porous line in front of him, but maybe they felt it was him….I guess I have to admit they watched him up close a bit more than me, even though I obviously know better than a bunch of NFL Coaches-Heck, I wouldn’t have been foolish enough to sign McNabb!!

  5. One big miss in the playoffs doesn’t worry me as much as general inconsistency all year long. Seriously, I held my breadth whenver Gano lined up to kick. Folks talking about Cundiff’s one big miss in the playoffs are just missing the big picture. This is a good move for the Skins.

  6. Good- Gano only has something like a 73% completion rate. Not to mention he’s missed multiple extra points in his short career.

  7. @worldsgreatest: I’d have to say Shanahan has gotten many personnel calls right. in three seasons he has rebuilt on of the oldest teams in the nfl to one of the youngest. while we still could upgrade a couple of areas we may actually have this offseason. our secondary looks better than expected and our o-line held up pretty good without a couple of starters. our running game will be beast behind a better line and our receiving corp is deep and talented. our qb situation is better because all three of those guys are pushing each other. did you see Rex the other night? defensively our front seven is gonna scare alot of people this year. so i will stop short of prediciting wins, and losses i will say the Redskins will compete with every team they play this season

  8. LOL. This just shows you the Redskins are the same ole’ skins. Picking up a used kicker from somewhere else without even giving him a try-out. LOL. This will come back to haunt them. Although, at 5-11, not much “haunting” to worry about! Redskins are a BAD organization.

  9. Well they misses out on a real franchise QB, so now they miss out on a clutch kicker, he will never have to worry about playoff pressure kicking with redskins, cause playoffs is just a dream for them…FAIL! !!!

  10. I am happy with the move. Gano had potential with his leg, however he seemed to not react well to a lot of pressure.

    He can’t be held accountable for most blocks but he still was 21 – 31. 21 of 26 if you take away the blocks. That is alot of misses for not alot of attempts.

    He was better than the year before.

    Cundiff may not be the best in the world, but if he isn’t we can pick another young kicker next year. Heck, we might even end of with Gano again, hopefully he will have gained some incentive to make sure that he is better.

    All of that being said, I liked Rackers.

  11. @thesmartestmannever

    Alright. Lets look at this objectively. In his first personnel move Shannahan and Allen traded a second round pick for McNabb, handled it horribly, and cut him.

    The 2010 draft goes like this:

    1. Trent Williams (suspended last year, constantly hurt)
    2. McNabb (bust)
    3. Jeremy Jarmon (not on the roster)
    4. Perry Riley (starter)
    5. Adam Carriker (starter)
    6. Dennis Morris (not on the roster)
    7. Terrance Austen (will probably be cut)
    8. Eric Cook, Selvish Capers (not on the roster)

    So, out of the 2010 draft, not one person has made a significant impact. I will be fair and say that Carriker was a good trade and Riley may develop.

    Record in 2010: 6-10; previous year’s record: 4-12. Ok. Marks for a 2 game improvement.

    On to the 2011 draft:

    1. Ryan Kerrigan (slam dunk)
    2. Roy Helu (hurt, with rumors of being cut, but a good pick)
    3. Even Royster (hurt, but also a good pick)
    4. Leonard Hankerson (again…hurt, and who knows)
    5. Jarvis Jenkins (backup)
    6. Chris Neild (season ending injury)
    7. DeJon Gomes (backup)

    Record in 2011: 5-11

    Result of Shanahan over two years: at BEST a wash.

    Alright. So I’ll eat my words a little bit. 2011 was a productive draft.

    I agree that they’ll be competetive this year, but they’re ALWAYS competitive. Even when they were 4-12 they were competetive. The problem with this organization, beyond personnel, is how it is run.

    I don’t think Shanahan is a good coach. It isn’t a matter of how young the team is. Its not even entirely a matter of talent. Its how the team conducts itself under pressure, and how talent is developed. Shanahan doesn’t have it. He just doesn’t.

    Sure the Redskins may be younger, but they certainly aren’t much better. Before Graham Gano was cut he was the Redskins kicker for TWO YEARS. For TWO YEARS he was ranked DEAD LAST in percentage. Last! And they were going to keep him again!

    I just heard Chris Russell defending him because of leg strength, and downplaying his woooeeeful innacuracy on short field goals AND kickoffs.

    But hey. He can kick to the moon. So that makes it ok.

    I hope they do well this year. I really do. I want so badly to be wrong about how terrible a coach M. Shanahan is, and how awful his son is a playcaller. I just don’t think I will be.

  12. worldsgreatest :

    You obviously know football but at the same time you are kind of selectively picking and analyzing facts in a skewed way to slam the Redskins:

    Example: You only mention draft picks and ignore very solid free agent acquisitions, such as Steven Bowen and Barry Coefield, who have served as good anchors for the defensive line. In fact, with Bowen, Coefield, Carricker, Fletcher, Orakpo, Kerrigan, etc…Redskins front seven is really solid. Where they lack on defense is the secondary, to be sure.

    Example: You list the following players in your analysis as being “bad picks” in 2011 draft: Trent Williams. He’s actually reported to be having the camp of his life this year, you’ve buried him after,what 2 years? That’s a failed pick, period? Plus, you say Williams, Riley and Carricker have made ‘no” impact. Really, none at all?

    Example: You criticize the skins for staying with Gano for 2 years even though he was last, but then turn around and criticize them for getting an upgrade, saying it’s teh “same old skins getting older.” Which is it…keep him or get rid of him? You are going to criticize them no matter what they do.

    My take: SKins are getting marginally better but still have signifcant weaknesses along the offesnive line and secondary. Other than that…d line, linebackers, QB, rb, and wr…look to be upgrade since pre-shannihan days. I feel that with weakness at o line and secondary they are not a playoff team at this time. they should focus on those areas next year and perhaps in 2-3 years time they will be positioned for playoff run.

  13. As a Ravens fan, I can provide some slightly different insight here. I saw Gano in Ravens camp in ’09 when he was battling for the job with Hauschka. Both are solid young kickers, but they need to work on their craft a little more. Billy is by all accounts a stand up guy and he handled that blown kick last year with some major class, it hurt a lot to see that miss, but Billy manned up and owned his error like a true man. That said, he was not as good on touchbacks in ’11 as he was in ’10, despite the KO line being moved up 5 yards. He is not going to hit 50yders for you guys (he is 5-17 for his career at 50 or longer). The sSkins will also need to ensure they can line up his attempts as close to the middle and not on a hashmark because that is where Billy has really struggled with his accuracy. And 5 blocked FGs in a season is pretty unheard of anymore. Sounds like those special teams units need to get shored up befor blaming the young kicker. Just my 2 cents though, Good luck to Billy and the Redskins until they meet the Ravens in week 14.

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