Sam Hurd jailed indefinitely after failing drug tests

Getty Images

It’s been a bad few days for former Cowboys and Bears receiver Sam Hurd.

Over the weekend, a codefendant pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges and agreed to testify against Hurd.  On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that Hurd should remain in jail after failing two drug tests and allegedly buying drugs while facing charges of trying to buy drugs.

As a result, Hurd’s $100,000 bond has been revoked, according to USA Today.  He’ll remain behind bars until his trial.

Hurd apparently didn’t agree with the outcome.  He reportedly turned to his family and supporters after the hearing and said, “Lies.”  Former teammate Marion Barber was among the group that attended the hearing.

Hurd’s lawyer said after the hearing that the facts were “exaggerated” and part of the testimony was “fabricated.”

The trial currently is set for October 9.