Wes Welker: I’m definitely happy for Aaron Hernandez


Wide receiver Wes Welker spent the offseason trying to get a long-term deal from the Patriots, only to watch them hand contract extensions to tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez instead.

If that bothers Welker, he’s doing a good job of hiding it. Welker was asked about Hernandez’s deal after practice on Monday and exposed no ill feelings about the Patriots’ decision to make the tight end a richer man.

“Good for him. I’m definitely happy for him,” Welker said, via Mark Daniels of the Boston Herald. “He’s a great player and done a lot of great things for us and it’s good to have him here.”

Welker will make $9.5 million this season under the  franchise tender and can’t sign a deal with the team until after the 2012 season comes to a close. The inability to get a deal done this year while others got their money as well as the prospect of a franchise tag of $11.4 million next season have led to speculation that this will be Welker’s last hurrah in New England. The wideout was less forthcoming on that topic than he was about his feelings regarding Hernandez’s contract.

“I think you have to ask coach Belichick that. I’m just going out here trying to do my job the best of my ability and let everything else take care of itself.”

Asking Belichick isn’t likely to lead to a more expansive answer, but the Patriots’ moves this offseason suggest that they find it easier to contemplate life without Welker than life without their two tight ends.

20 responses to “Wes Welker: I’m definitely happy for Aaron Hernandez

  1. All you need to know about this issue is right here in your article:

    “Welker will make $9.5 million this season under the franchise tender”

  2. After Hernandez saw Welker’s wife, he said, “Good for him. I’m definitely happy for him”.

  3. This is just bad reporting. First of old its old news (yesterday is “old news” these days). Secondly your weak attempt to create an issue where there is none, is transparent.

    Welker is getting paid very well for this season, thank you. He is the Pats highest paid player this season. So please stop with the the pity party for Wes. He’s not unhappy. Why should you be,

    Also, by league rule, there can’t be any contract talks, so why would you characterize his response to your question as “less than forthcoming”.

    The only thing that isn’t “forthcoming” Alper, is your integrity. Report the stories Josh. Don’t create them. (that’s Florio’s job) I think you missed that class at J-School.

  4. Welker will be very important this year because Marcia will have to check down alot due to that horrendous oline that couldnt even stop my Bucs defense.

  5. Welker could potentially make $20 million in the next 2 seasons. How is an NFL player supposed to live on that chump change?

    Like Wallace and Jones-Drew, he’s greedy. Guys like Hernandez for the Pats and Brown for the Steelers are showing how to get a long term deal done by playing their asses off.

  6. The Patriots were blessed by the Dolphins’ ignorance in letting him go.
    As far as him deserving and not getting a long term deal?
    He should have, but that’s the “Patriot Way”. The only Patriot family is the Krafts.

  7. the whole franchise tag system seems to screw over some very good players – while other lesser players get better deals.

    Please no comments about how lucky he is to make x a year. Welker’s situation should only be judged in comparison to other professional football players.

    I find it very odd that sports fan are so socialistic when it comes to player salaries. Sports in general in North America is the incredibly socialist. The worst teams get the first pick in the draft..the richer teams redistribute their wealth back into pot to share with the poorer teams. They share tv revenues.

    So if you vote Republican – or if you don’t like Socialism – don’t ever complain about how much money a football player makes.

    Oddly – Eurpoean soccer is far more capitalist in nature. The richest teams buy the best players. The players go to the highest bidder…there is no draft of the best young talent…teams try to sign them up to the best offer when they are kids and then develop them for their own team or sell them off to richer teams.

  8. I have to be honest, I’m still pissed the phins traded him for a second round pick. Thats all I think about every time I see his name in print. Second round pick. Great job. Awesome. Grand. Wonderful. Terrific. Terrible.

  9. Let’s not kid ourselves, Welker isn’t happy that he didn’t get a deal done. But he also realizes that there’s no benefit to hating a teammate for getting one or continuing to talk about his lack thereof (rules or not).

    Despite their antics, the line between Ocho, T.O. and Welker (i.e. in/out the league) is a lot narrower than people like to think. So that gives credence to his desire for a new deal, in addition to the longer term security.

  10. Welker understands that the reason Gronk and Hernandez received long term deals has more to do with the fact that they’re 22 & 23 yrs old. And the fact that the Patriots are reluctant to give a long term deal to an almost 32 yr old receiver, regardless of his production is one of the reasons they have remained competitive for the last decade.

  11. legacybroken says: Aug 28, 2012 11:23 AM

    Welker will be very important this year because Marcia will have to check down alot due to that horrendous oline that couldnt even stop my Bucs defense.

    Of course you left out the fact that 3 of the 5 starting O lineman either didn’t play at all, or it was their first game of the preseason (LM)

    Seems we heard this same crap spewed from the haters last year after the 3rd preseason game and as usual they (the haters) were wrong.

  12. @patfankan:

    Your taking Alper to task on this report is completely off base. I’m not a big fan of the reporting on this site either, although I understand it’s their job to stir up controversy. You’re being a little hypersensitive here. All Alper said was he was being less than forthcoming when asked if he was going to be on the team next year. He was, he deferred the question to BB. As for Welker being unhappy about the 9.5 mil; he isn’t. He’s unhappy that he didn’t get the security of a long term deal in what may be his last contract. I don’t blame him, especially since he outperformed his prevoius contract. He knows the pats aren’t going to franchise him for 11.4 next season, it probably is his last hurrah. Not saying the Pats are wrong either, just that there was nothing wrong or controversial about Alper’s report.

  13. This is old news… Wes Welker and the Patriots are done… BB is not going to give a 31 year old slot receiver huge money… it is smart business…

    I do feel bad about the fact that Wes has been nothing short of awesome in his time in NE and deserves a contract … but the blame is not with the Pats … they are playing by the rules … he should blame the players association for the crappy CBA.

    The franchise tag is an abominal creation by ownership to screw players. (ask Drew Brees)

  14. I think the Patriots are going to be the first team to put 5 Tight Ends on the field all at once.

  15. Pats make the tough moves. The formula has worked for years (or since Tom Brady). It sucks as a fan sometimes, but the bigger picture dictates that there is a time and point to move on.

    Do you ever really know with BB though? There might be a deal coming down the road anyway.

  16. Hernandez saw Welker’s new hair-plugs and is definitely happy for him as well…

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