Westbrook retiring as an Eagle

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One of the many tailbacks who bridged the seven-decade gap in Philly from Steve Van Buren to LeSean McCoy was Brian Westbrook, a third-round pick from Villanova who became one of the best running backs in the business.

Westbrook officially will retire on Wednesday as a member of the Eagles.

“I will always remember Brian for the electrifying, game-changing plays he made during his great career in Philadelphia,” owner Jeffrey Lurie said in a release.  “He was one of those players you knew could score from anywhere on the field and one of the most exciting players I have ever watched.  He was a great runner, receiver and returner and was certainly a fan favorite.  We are thrilled to have him retire as an Eagle and we look forward to honoring him at Lincoln Financial Field on December 23 against the Redskins in what should be a very exciting atmosphere.”

Westbrook finished his Eagles career in 2009 with 9,785 yards from scrimmage, a team record.  He also is only one of six players with 30 or more rushing touchdowns and 30 or more receiving touchdowns in his career.  In 2007, he led the league with 2,104 yards from scrimmage.

Westbrook holds the team record for receptions in a season with 90, and he’s the most recent Eagle to score a franchise-high four touchdowns in one game.

Westbrook currently appears on SiriusXM NFL Radio, and he has worked with NBC Sports Network.  He’s a class act all the way, and we wish him well in the next phase of his career.

26 responses to “Westbrook retiring as an Eagle

  1. “and he’s the most recent Eagle to score a franchise-high four touchdowns in one game.”

    I think you mean rushing TD’s because didn’t Mike Vick put up 5 or 6 combined against the Redskins a while back in the “Madden Showdown” game?

  2. Great player and great guy.

    If the Eagles had more weapons during his tenure so he didn’t have to take the entire offense on his back, he might have been able to play a couple more years.

  3. Have to wonder if the Eagles aren’t going around soliciting former players to “retire as an Eagle” to take the attention away from a pathetic 8-8 “Dream Team” season.

    Jeff Lurie: “Pssst, hey, wanna retire as an Eagle???”

    John Hannah: “Umm…. I never played there”

  4. Brian Westbrook was a great runningback. i used to hate when we played against him. if ever a non superbowl winning back deserved to go into the hall Westbrook is him

  5. There were a solid 3-4 years there where the Eagles offense rolled out the likes of pinkston, freddy mitchell, james thrash, etc. We had nothing but Donovan and Brian on offense. Teams knew it, we knew it, and yet he continued to deliver. I’ll never forget that punt return against the Giants. He could pick up the blitz better than almost any back in the league, too. Classy guy.

  6. As a joke, I think it would be funny if one of these guys convinced a team to sign him so he could retire and then showed up at practice the next day and said he changed his mind.

  7. As a Giants fan, this guy was a nightmare every time he touched the ball. He torched the Giants (and most every time) time and time again and was one of, if not the most, electrifying players of the past decade. Too bad injuries cut his full career short. Always a classy player and one the NFL will miss.

  8. Closest player i’ve ever seen that resembles anything close to Marshall Faulk.

    Classy player. Even classier guy. All the best to him in his future endeavors.

  9. I still rock the B-West and B-Dawkins jerseys. Neither of those will ever go out of style in this town.

  10. What a pleasure it was watching him on Sundays he is one of the alltime Great players to wear Eagles Green. Thank you for your contribution , You made it fun To watch the Eagles ! Class act, Class Man .

  11. In 30 years of being a Giant fan, only Emmit Smith crapped on my Sundays more than Westbrook.

    I still cry inside thinking about that punt return for a TD with under a minute to go back in 2003. (Why Fassel choose to kick it to him still baffles me)

    Always a favorite for me in Madden catching wheel routes out of backfield.

  12. @thesmartestmanever
    while I am a fan of B West and thought he was extraordinary, I think he is short of having a hall of fame career (hope I am wrong). He has some very good stats but with the likes of LT and Marshall Faulk he isn’t on their level. Now if the voters looked at intangibles he could get boosted there as he was always a class act, did a lot of the little things you don’t see on the stat sheet, like being a great blitz pickup back. I can’t remember who, what, where, or when but I just remember a linebacker coming free up the middle, B West leveled the blitzer. He was also on a team that sans McNabb did not have any good offensive weapons but he was still able to produce.

  13. B-West is the man, as evidenced by giants fans here who are still bitter about things that happened before they won two superbowls.

  14. I loved when he won the super bowl and held the lombardi trophy over his head….oh wait.

    westbrook on anyother team is a 5 year pro. same for mccoy. they just know how to get them in space and not take big hits. not tackle to tackle guys. good for the eagles sytem though.

  15. It seems like the most memorable thing he did was return a punt against the giants with under a minute left to win the game.

    another great regular season memory for eagle’s fans to hang their hats on.

    no SB’s , but lots of moral victories and hey isn’t that what it’s all about.

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