As usual, Tebow takes an insult as a compliment

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We’ve tried to not get too caught up in Tebowmania, despite the fact that the New York Daily News has a dedicated Tebow reporter.  (ESPN apparently has 25 of them.)

Scanning Tebow’s quote sheet from Tuesday provided yet another reminder of one of Tebow’s techniques for dealing with criticism.  Routinely, he tries to turn an insult into a compliment.

He did it last week while visiting with Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton on WFAN, and he’s done it several other times.

On Tuesday, in response to an opinion from ESPN’s Merril Hoge that Tebow permanently should be moved to running back, Tebow saw the silver lining in the slap in the face.  Actually, Tebow didn’t even see the slap in the face.

“Well I will take that as a compliment from him,” Tebow said Tuesday, via comments transcribed and distributed by the team.

It’s definitely not a compliment.  It’s an extension of Hoge’s opinion that Tebow isn’t good enough to play quarterback.

We appreciate a positive outlook on life, but there’s a fine line between seeing the glass as half full and acting like Buddy the elf.  Far too often, Tebow falls into the second category.

It’s one thing for Tebow to not be insulted.  That’s the product of a thick skin.  And he needs a thick skin if he’s going to survive in New York.  But actually taking an insult and calling it a compliment is downright bizarre.

Tebow probably would take even that as a compliment.

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  1. He’s simply not smart enough to know when he’s being insulted. Or to know how to read a defense. Or to know how to go through a route progression. Or to know how to answer a question.

  2. I think Tebow is saying that Hoge’s has a well know affinity for the RB position and if Hoge is saying he should be a RB then it’s a compliment.

  3. agreed, it’s a IQ questioning moment when he says that…..

    truth is, he’s not a QB or RB… more like a glorified FB.

  4. I can’t believe I am about to do this… to come to Tebow’s defense:

    Hoge believes the most important position on a football team is the “factorback.”

    So “coming from you” is telling us that Tebow believes Hoge is saying TT should play the most important position.

  5. I think it has gotten to the point where the media will say anything about this guy to get a reaction out of him, hoping he goes out of character.

    Don’t let ’em get to you Tebow!!

  6. You know, I hate Florida (ever sonce Florida boosters paid off USA Conference officials to rig the 2005 Outback Bowl) and subsequently I’ve been a critic of Tebow since he was drafted.

    However, it’s time for people to back off. There are a ton of other athletic QB’s (with questionable QB skills) out there who have gotten nowhere near the criticism that Tebow has. Take Tavaris Jackson for example. He was handed the keys to two different starting jobs and he’s not as athletic as Tebow and he is a drastically inferior at QB… yet Tebow has probably taken ten times the criticism and Jackson has been in the league far longer as a starter.

    I now find myself rooting for Tebow because I’m disgusted with all of the critics… which is annoying to me.

    Give the guy and damn break.

  7. “We’ve tried to not get too caught up in Tebowmania…”, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen written on this site.

  8. It’s a pretty awesome response, actually. Here’s a guy that was good at his position saying Tebow could be good at his position. What did you want Tebow to say?

    Plus the Jets are guaranteed to win the Super Bowl and Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez are the best, ever.

  9. Tim Tebow is a man with tremendous character. He simply will not allow the petty criticisms of former players and sports commentators to get to him. He’s grateful for where he is and shows a willingness to do whatever is asked of him on the football field. Those atributes are why he is respected by so many.

  10. Why is that bizarre? The dude may suck as a QB but I envy his positive outlook. If I were as thick-skinned as him I’d probably be more successful in life.

  11. “We’ve tried to not get too caught up in Tebowmania”

    No, you haven’t. Or you haven’t tried hard enough.

    Also, why do think that:
    1. He’s actually taking insults as compliments, instead of just playing it that way to the media. Or…
    2. Why is it bizarre?

  12. i dont get it. tebow has done everything ” the media” said he cant do, win games, win the division win a playoff game. beign a fsu fan i could not stand this guy for the longest time but he wins games..isnt that what you want? who cares how you do it as long as you win. merril hoge is a bitter barely famous player who dislikes anyone except steelers. why he is on espn still is a mystery.

  13. He is saying what he had to say not to be a jerk about the whole thing. Try not to buy into the persona of Tebow. He is probably a really nice guy in real life, but do you really believe everything he says? He is consistent.

  14. What’s truly funny is how frustrated people get when Tebow doesn’t take the bait. Just because they guy doesn’t want to exchange harsh words for negative comments doesn’t mean he doesn’t get it, it just means he’s smarter than that. Read Romans 12:20-21

  15. This isn’t even close to a story, you could have spun ANY other normal human reaction just like this one.

  16. So Tebow enters year 3 of a squandered career.

    When one thinks of the mayhem he could be wrecking on the field as a tight end or H-back with his size, speed, and athleticism, you have to wonder why no coach or agent or mentor or whatever has sat this kid down and spoken the truth to him.

    If he and the people who surround him continue with the insane notion that he can somehow be turned into a top tier QB, he will be out of the league within two to three years.

    This is almost reverse racism. I believe if Tebow were black, he would have been pushed to make this change a long time ago. I’m sorry if that offends anyone.

    The NFL needs more guys like this in the league, and to me the answer to keeping him there for a long, successful career is obvious.

  17. Ha. Tebow is more mature and has more sense then 80 percent of the media that covers him. And they look at this as a negative “buddy the Elf” characteristic. I am sure Tebow knows that Hodge is insulting him. The way he handles these nay sayers is exactly how an athlete should handle them. Basically ignore them.

  18. It really isn’t that bizarre. It takes the wind out of Hoge’s sails. What is the point of fighting fire with fire in this case? Answering like that ends the story right there. If Hoge keeps talking about this, he will just look like a pig headed bully.

  19. You have to admit it must be a nice way to view life in general. I wish I had a little more of that in me.

  20. Maybe it’s a compliment in the sense that he’d be a solid back, at least in short yardage situations. He’d probably beat Greene out for the job. That guy is turrible.

  21. I hope you can be as decent as Tebow (whom I respect) when I tell you to find another line of work…you stink at this one.
    He is a great role model unlike so many spoiled brats in the NFL..

    Keep on being optimistic Mr. Tebow. you’re a good man.

  22. I’m certainly not the biggest Tebow fan, but Merrill Hoge is as insightful as his neckties are long.

  23. “But actually taking an insult and calling it a compliment is downright bizarre.”

    Actually, it’s Christian. You know, “offer the other cheek” and that kind of thing? Real Christianity, not to be confused with “kill the [insert enemy name here]’s” Christianity.

    Look, I’m not a particularly religious person, and I don’t particularly like people who wear their religion as a new-age fashion item. I don’t like the Jets and I don’t like people who say God plays football through their current #15.

    I do like the fact that, through all of this, Tim Tebow has just quietly gone about his business, and last year, that business was winning games on a football field, when he had to. If he didn’t play for the Jets, I’d be rooting for him to keep on doing just that. (no offense Jets fans, you get what I mean!)

  24. Look I am no Tebow fan, but Hoge should shut the hell up…..I dont see Canton calling him anytime soon….unless they need a busboy at the Hall of fame luncheon.

  25. Ultimately, what anyone thinks of this player won’t have any appreciable impact in his performance on the field. If he stinks, he stinks. If he excels, he excels. And, if he wants to go through life turning lemons into lemonade, how does that hurt anyone? It may make him a little goofy, but in what can be a cruel world, there are much worse things than being a little goofy.

  26. Tebow and Jesus are laughing all the way to the bank. The Jets are relying on smoke and mirrors to fill the seats and less on a talented team.

    I see the Jets at maybe a .500 team this year if they are lucky.

  27. Tebow has a ‘life’ playbook and a football playbook.

    His bible is his primary book… and he’s simply following the plays.

    Turn the other cheek.

  28. espn is just desperate for ratings and controversey (their entire corporation is based on meaningless speculation) so they dangle this bait out there hoping to get Tebow mad, and Tebow is not biting.

    sports media is just mad that tebow doesn’t respond like usual athletes and create more drama and hostility that their sites and tv shows get more viewers for the “fueled” debates on the same old garbage.

    Tebow is a better, and smarter person. he knows it’s not a compliment, florio. he just isn’t falling for your usual traps. i applaud him for it.

  29. Many drive me nuts about this subject. Why is it a “technique”. All it is, is an outlook. What is the use of objecting to it, of arguing about it, of talking trash, or any other means of answering? He speaks kindly and moves on. Why do you keep picking apart his answers now? All he can do is keep trying to get better. Talking in any manner will not help him improve so why not smile and keep living your life.

    How about leaving Tim Tebow alone and if you are looking to criticize folks, pick on the ones who are rude, ignorant and commit various offenses against others.

    Wearing me out.

  30. Hoge has no room to criticize anyone. He was a sub-par player, at best, who averaged like 400 yards a year. How this clown ever earned a spot as an analyst is beyond comprehension.

    Oh, and he has a very creepy fascination with Tebow.

  31. I just love the way Tebow drives his detractors insane and proves over and over that he is a far better man than they. Hysterical! Also if you don’t want to see East Coast Sports Network, don’t watch/read it. I don’t.

  32. We’ve tried to not get too caught up in Tebowmania, but we had to cover this compelling story of a little-known former player sniping at Tebow, and Tebow not getting upset. See, we only talk about Tebow when there’s some legitimate news about Tebow.

  33. Buddy the Elf…now there’s a guy who could throw with pinpoint accuracy. (Snowballs, at least…)

  34. The way I look at it is Tebow has had one shot at a starting job in the nfl for one year and what did he do, took his team to the playoffs and won the first round and he got the start when the team was 1-4. Let the guy fail before you say he CAN’T.

  35. I’m not a Tebow lover, but you have to give him credit for the way he handles these all the negative comments. He’s not anywhere near a good QB, and he probably realizes that but he’s not going to let you know that. Its a pride thing……….

    I think people want him to admit that he sucks to make themselves feel good. Thats sick…

  36. Merril Hoge is a disgrace to nature itself. This may sound like an exaggeration, but believe me when I say that I have passed kidney stones which have brought me a greater level of pleasure and entertainment than watching this worthless excuse for a professional broadcaster attempt to analyze a game or player. I’m not a Tebow fan but Hodge is clearly outclassed in this ridiculous non-story.

  37. So you think he should pout? Call Hoge a badly dressed pimp? Let it get to him? I’m as critical as anyone over Tebow’s abilities as an NFL QB, so far he kinda sucks and it probably won’t get better, but I have no idea what he’s supposed to do about critics rather than try better for as long as NFL franchises are determined to treat him as an NFL QB. Maybe Hoge should redirect his insults to the NY JETS organization.

  38. It’s possible that Tebow, like the vast majority of the planet’s population, doesn’t think Hoge is a factor in his life….
    Therefore unworthy of a serious response.

  39. What I don’t get is why does it bother so many people the way Tebow is, if he was an arrogant person that was disrespectful to everyone, then I would understand, but he isnt and he isnt asking for anything other than to acccept him for who he is. He is doing a great job of just being positive in his life. Just leave the man alone. Who cares if he kneels down and prays to God during and after games, I see that all over sports, is it wrong to thank God for what he has done for all of us. I am sure thankful for God and if I want to express that in public, no one should be offended because it isn’t about you or intended to upset you.

    Also if someone were to give you a negative comment, would you jab right back or look for a way to be positive and respond where it doesn’t affect you. Dont we teach our kids to turn the other cheek, actually the bible teaches us if we are slapped give the other cheek. Responding with anger will only rile things up, so his response was perfect, why give in to negative people.

    There is nothing that Tebow is doing that is wrong and everyone that has something bad to say about him is just fishing and jealous/envious because they don’t like him. Thank God he is not at a club carrying a gun or out training dogs to fight or even taking HGH to compete. Thank God he has morals and ethics and chooses to live the way he wants to and not how the media or todays society wants him to.

    Go Tebow, because your true fans are behind you!!!

  40. Mike, I just want you to consider that it’s a sad contradiction to decry the actions of irresponsible athletes on a near daily basis, and then take the time to hyper-analyze the comments of a backup QB simply because you’re convinced that no one can be that sure of who he is and what he believes.

    I’d be just fine letting Tebow be Tebow, and leaving him be.

  41. It’s not like Tebow can cuss people out or refuse to talk to reporters. He’d be in trouble with the League. There aren’t enough hours in the day for him to address every single negative comment. Besides, Tebow would come accross as defensive. So, what exactly would you have him say?
    When all else fails, kill ’em with kindness, Timmy T! (of course, the obvious answer is to stop sucking as a QB…but that isn’t likely to happen)

  42. He’s turning the other cheek as all Christians should. It’s a good way to deal with these issues. What is the value in getting angry over it? What does it help to give a smart retort?

    It’s just one more example of Tebow walking the walk better than most. I have to hand it to the kid, I don’t think I would have the patience to put up with it.

  43. Why is saying he should move to running back have to be taken as an insult? Hoge didn’t say he should not be in the NFL. actually quite the opposite, he is saying Tebow is an athletically gifted man that can help his team win by switching positions. Why do we always look at the negatives?

  44. Well, let’s take three NFL players: J. Blackmon, Dez B. and Janoris J. Next, close your eyes and play several word associations with their names, or mention just the FIRST thing that pops into your head when you read/hear their names, or Google their names. Then do one or all of the three activities with Mr. T. When you are done, ask yourself if turning an insult into a compliment for WHATEVER reason is really all that awful. As usual, in most circumstances, it is a matter of PERSPECTIVE!!

  45. Buddy elf. How dumb. It shows the self control and character he has in the face of you narcissists. He prob. was offended but chose not to get sucked into the petty opinions of petty people. Man! Wake up. You’re not the center of the universe dude. And just because you have an opinion on how people should react doesn’t mean it’s absolute. So sick of all this garbage. This is proof America is full of vain, selfish, lemmings. Nobody think positive or act that way when you’re criticized by morons. Get a clue.

  46. Actually it was sort of a compliment,telling him he has the ability to be a running back in the NFL. I think it would have been a slap in the face had hoge said that tebow should just go away,or something akin to that. The thing I like most about tebow,has nothing to do with football,but everything to do with the idea
    That he really doesn’t give a damn what the media thinks of him.

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