Bengals sign Jeff Faine for center insurance


The Bengals still don’t know how long starter Kyle Cook’s going to be out with an ankle injury, so they signed veteran center Jeff Faine Wednesday, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Faine worked out Tuesday, and they must have liked what they saw.

Faine has been looking for work since the Buccaneers released him in March. The former Browns first-rounder has also played with the Saints.

Adding him keeps the Bengals from having two rookies in the middle going into the opener.

If Cook’s out for the season, he’d be the second Bengals offensive lineman to miss the year, after Travelle Wharton blew out his knee in the preseason opener.

5 responses to “Bengals sign Jeff Faine for center insurance

  1. It’s not insurance…. my understanding is Cook should be out for the season and will probably go on IR.

    Preseason is awesome.

  2. Last I heard it was still unclear how long he was going to be out. They already stated they would look to add a vet C/G for depth. Because behind Cook, the 2nd C was starting LG Boling. And the 3rd C was Robinson who was likely to be cut, and replaced by a vet C/G. So as it is now Robinson will stay on the roster until Cook comes back. Boling will be #2, and Faine will be #1 until Cook comes back. Then who knows he may end up keeping the job really hard to tell. But if Cook is out for the season, then Faine remains #1 and we probably still look for a vet C/G for depth. Faine is still a good C, teams let him sit since March because he choose to wait and try to get more money when the season came closer. And he was right. Not sure what the Bengals paid him, he was making $6M+. So they probably paid him a 3-4M.

  3. Faine was signed for his experience, not his ability. He’s the best of what’s still on the street, but he’s an absolute liability in the running game. With the backs the Bengals have on the roster, they needed a strong O-line, so this signing is nothing more than making the best of a crappy situation.

  4. A lot of the reason he was signed as well, is he is already familiar with the system, because he played in it in Tampa in 2008. Even though the system has evolved the terminology and most of the learning points are the same. He can quickly catch on.

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