Brian Banks is still waiting for an opportunity


Despite several tryouts and minicamp invitations, linebacker Brian Banks has yet to receive a contract offer.

But that doesn’t mean he’s giving up on his dream of playing NFL football.

FOX’s Jay Glazer said on Wednesday’s PFT Live that Banks has been working out twice per day with Glazer’s MMA operation, in the hopes of getting in to top shape and eventually getting an NFL opportunity.

Glazer believes Banks would be a great addition to an NFL team’s practice squad, given his unique life experiences and positive outlook.  Banks, who planned to play at USC before a conviction based on false rape allegations put him behind bars, was exonerated earlier this year, after the victim recanted.

At some point, Banks may have to consider the UFL.  Regardless, he’s working hard to get a shot, and we hope that he will.

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49 responses to “Brian Banks is still waiting for an opportunity

  1. the guy hasn’t played football in 8 years…maybe the NFL – the toughest football league in the world isn’t the best place to start. he only has HIGH SCHOOL experience, not even Junior College. start in arena or in Canada and work his way up.

  2. Too bad his future was derailed by some horrible person’s decision to cry rape. Not only did it ruin his life, but it also puts doubt on legitimate rape victims stories as they try to come out. It’s too bad he won’t get any money from her (She blew every dollar she made from the school). It’s disgusting to hear how much she was awarded and now she is currently on government assistance….

  3. BANKS was the only victim. Wanetta Gibson, who falsely accused him is not a “victim” in any way, shape or form. She is a criminal, even if prosecutors are too gutless to charge her as such.

  4. Should have gone to USC, I believe he had eligibility left upon his release from incarceration.

  5. Sadly in our politically-correct day being exonerated and the accuser recanting isn’t enough.

    This poor guy has seen his dreams destroyed through no fault of his own.

    Good luck to him.

    Nobody deserves that.

  6. Maybe he should try for the UFL or something to start out with. I’m really rooting for this guy, even if the odds are against him.

  7. Goodell should allow what ever team that signs him a practice squad roster spot exemption. Let this kid reclaim part of his life.

  8. Why No Team Has Even Giving Him A Chance To Show What He Has When You Have A Training Camp Consisting Of 90 Players At Max Is Just Crazy.Not Even One Pre Season Game..Give Him A Shot!!

  9. I agree that he needs to try Canadian football, he needs experience. A year without playing football causes you to lose alot of skills and it takes a lot of time to be acclimated to the game. But I love this kid, its not fair that this girl took his future from him, nearly ruined his life, and got off scot free because of the justice system. Hang in there Brian we are all rooting for you buddy!

  10. CFL is likely out of the options for now because all the import spots will be taken up on the rosters. With that being said, if he doesn’t catch on somewhere this year, a CFL coach would love to give him a shot at next years training camps. Go Brian.

  11. BIG mistake doing that Jay Glazer wanna be MMA crap to get in shape. Every NFL dude that has worked out with him either gets hurt or has a lousy year.

    This dude would be better served doing an NFL style workout with any NFL strength and conditioning coaches he can find – not rolling around on the floor practicing omaplatas.

    Who is the asst trainer over there? Joe Rogan?

  12. Will you PLEASE stop propping that “UFL” or whatever it is 4 team league? Nobody cares about it OR EVEN KNOWS IT EXISTS. Sheesh….did you buy stock in that debt ridden garbage?

  13. As great a story as this is, has everyone saying “Just give him a chance, what could it hurt?” considered the fact that he’d be taking some other player’s spot even on a 90 man roster, a player that has been playing football recently?

    I really feel for the guy and his situation, but if he’s not proving enough to compete to make the squad there’s no reason some other hard working player should lose their spot out of some sense of pity.

    He should continue to work through the year and who knows what will happen. I’m sure there are any number of trainers willing to take him on and help him work towards competing for a spot next offseason.

  14. I wonder how many on here would be wishing the worst on him if pft posted an article the day he was arrested. He wouldve been written off by many just because he was accused of rape. Now everyone wishes the best for him. When are people going to realize there are EVIL women out there who will ruin a life for their own gain. Oh but Chad Johnson is a wife beater and deserves the worst…

  15. Why doesn’t USC just reinstate his Scholorship and he goes and plays college ball and gets free education? Since he never actually played he should still have full NCAA eligibility.

  16. I still dont understand why this woman is not being charged with something. It doesnt matter that Banks isnt out to get her in trouble. This is about sending a message to other women who may be contemplating a similar plan. Otherwise, the message that it sends is cry rape, get paid, who cares if it is fake.

  17. I think a team should sign him just because everyone loves a good comeback story. like how the bucs signed that kid who was injured in college. a feel good story could bring fans to games for teams in small markets or losing records. and he can even eventually play!

  18. This guy got a raw deal and had some biatch ruin his life for a long time. I’m certainly pulling for him. However, in a worse case scenario, he has gotten more than most college athletes even dream of. A tryout with several NFL teams. My nephew was a HS all-star, got a 5 year college scholarship, all tuition paid to go to Northeastern. They started him year one and was an all star all four years. Then he had to sit out year five while he got his degree. He barely got a sniff from the NFL and wound up playing a few years in the AFL. So regardless of this kids outcome, at least he got what 99% of us can only dream of. Good luck to him.

  19. Banks and I have something in common: we’re both seeking gainful employment.

    God speed, son. After what you’ve been through, my wish is for your future success.

  20. He hasn’t been to college, why can’t he do that now? Why not beat the scholarship drum in addition to the 53 drum? At least that way, if he still couldn’t make an NFL team, he’d get a degree. Win-win for him.

  21. Banks HAS had chances. Think of how many teams have brought him in for tryouts. I feel bad for the guy, but his past doesn’t mean someone should give him a roster spot. Let him go to the UFL, CFL, or a lower indoor football semi-pro league to show that he can still play. To give him a roster spot because of his past is like guaranteeing Caleb Campbell a roster spot because of his service. Guys need to earn their spot, not have it handed it to him.

  22. “Vitcim” recanted?

    I’m a correctional officer.

    If a man comes to my world under false accusations, I promise you…HE is the victim.

    Prison is not a nice place.

  23. Much respect to this guy for pursing his dream after a horrible setback.

    However, if he’s not making these expanded rosters, as others have said, maybe he should try to transition to the NFL slowly. His options are either to go to a different league (CFL, Arena, etc.) or try to join a college program (and there probably are programs willing to offer him a spot, even if just for the positive PR – maybe even USC).

    If after a year or 2, his natural talent shines through, you can bet NFL scouts will notice given his fame.

    He might the play the long-game instead of jumping straight into the NFL.

  24. everyone keeps saying “someone needs to give him a chance.” guess what? teams have already given him a chance. he was brought in for workouts with a few teams, and even with the expanded roster they didnt think he was good enough. he should earn a roster spot, not have one handed to him because of his past. caleb campbell isnt handed a roster spot because of his time in the military, and because of his military service he would be more deserving. banks needs to go to the cfl or an arena league to get some experience. quit trying to hand him a roster spot because he was wronged in the past.

  25. This girl deserves to be suited up for a game and get the snot kicked out of her..with pads of course.

  26. I’m not even sure why anybody is talking about this. It’s sad and extremely unfortunate, but in the wake of what he’s gone through, the door to the NFL is no longer open to him. Pete Carroll, who just picked a rookie QB to start over two veteran quarterbacks, tried him and didn’t see enough to keep him in camp. If he was going to get a real shot anywhere, it was probably in Seattle, and it didn’t happen. I wish Banks all the best and hope he can get back on track with a *new* career soon…

  27. poor guy whos been working out for free and prolly living for free just because he wants to be an nfler….man i wish someone would pay my bills for me because i have a pipe dream…get over it brian banks welcome to the real world were nobody cares

  28. I’m assuming that by trying out for an NFL team he lost his college eligibility? I would have liked to see him go the college route. Someone would have given him a scholarship, even if only for PR reasons. A free education would serve him well, and he could get back into football shape and even put some tape together.

    I hope he makes it, but the road to the NFL is a steep climb, he may have been smarter to take his time and get an education while he was at it.

  29. Why in the name of God would you punish this guy by suggesting he go to the UFL? They don’t pay bills on time. They’ve been sued mulitple times including the IRS, Mark Cuban, Dennis Green, former players, and the workman comp firm they stiffed for $millions. There still isn’t absolute confirmation they will play in Las Vegas since they owed that stadium money.

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