Cardinals hope D’Anthony Batiste is answer at left tackle

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With the regular season kicking off in a week, most teams have settled on their starters at both quarterback and left tackle.

The Cardinals have done neither. The quarterback battle between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton continues, even though neither player is expected to play in the team’s preseason finale because seeing more of them isn’t likely to make the choice any easier than it was after four games of underwhelming performances from both men.

There’s no competition at left tackle, just a scramble to find someone capable of filling Levi Brown’s shoes now that the presumptive starter is done for the season. D.J. Young swung and missed with the first shot at the position and now D’Anthony Batiste is stepping into the role with rookie Bobby Massie taking his spot at right tackle. The pass blocking was better last week after Batiste replaced Young and both men will play a bit in the preseason finale, according to coach Ken Whisenhunt.

“We felt very strongly about D’Anthony because of his work in the offseason and what he did last year,” Whisenhunt said, via Darren Urban of the team’s website. “Our hopes were he was going to take the right tackle position … and be a backup for left tackle. We just want to see him do it again this week.”

Urban speculates about the possibility that the Cardinals could look for outside help if Batiste doesn’t get the job done to their satisfaction against the Broncos, but a limited appearance against backups will only provide a chance to get worst fears realized. Keeping Ryan Lindley clean on Thursday won’t mean nearly as much, but the Cardinals won’t have much else to go off of at this point so there’s a good chance that they’ll be casting their lot with Batiste come Week One.

8 responses to “Cardinals hope D’Anthony Batiste is answer at left tackle

  1. Batiste & Massie will go against:

    Robert Quinn & Chris Long

    Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks

    Bruce Irvin & Chris Clemons

    And that’s just the division games.

  2. If you’re looking to the waiver wire at this time of year, that’s a very bad sign. Not only are you short going into the season, but what about depth? What happens if someone else in that unit gets hurt?

    If the Cards season tanks, Whiz is gone, and Graves should be gone with him. Too much money invested in a sketchy QB, not enough invested in the offensive line.

    Oh well, guess it’s 2 TE sets, max protection, and heave it to Fitzgerald even if he’s triple-covered.

  3. Wasn’t this the name of Bunk’s character in Treme?

    Thoughts are with all you guys in the Gulf Coast today!

  4. predicting in the NFL is near impossible – but is Arizona picking first in the draft next year?

  5. Now Cards fans clearly see the neglect and poor planning, poor drafting, poor free agent signings, and poor player development of offensive line candidates. When the time came to plug in a real backup left tackle with Brown’s injury, no competent left offensive tackle is to be found on the Cards’ roster. Such terrible planning and lousy player management often gets FO staff and coaches fired. BTW and especially for you who have followed Jake Locker and University of Washington football, the Cards have Kelemete, but refuse to try him out at left tackle where he played very well for two seasons. The Cards insist he can only be a guard in the NFL. With their track record, chances are the Cards are completely wrong about Kelemete.

  6. And the river of incompetence continues to flow like the mighty Mississippi out of Cardinals HQ… Derp Whisenherp makes Dennis Green look like Belichek in comparison.

  7. Whoever thinks Whisenhunt should be fired after taking the cardinals to the super bowl 4 years ago is a complete idiot. He is the best coach they’ve ever had.

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