Chargers short on experienced cornerbacks

Left tackle isn’t the only spot in the Chargers lineup shrouded in uncertainty because of injuries.

The team is down to one veteran cornerback, Antoine Cason, because hamstring injuries have knocked out the other three players with experience at the position. Quentin Jammer, Marcus Gilchrist and Shareece Wright all missed last week’s preseason game and none of them are practicing now, which leaves Cason playing mentor in addition to taking care of his on-field responsibilities.

“It definitely does make it a little different. I’m helping those guy out as much I can,” Cason said, via Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “They look to me for different things, and I’m OK with that. I really enjoy doing it.”

The nature of hamstring injuries is such that the Chargers can’t assume any or all of the cornerbacks will be ready when the regular season starts, which will either be good news for one of the three undrafted free agents at the position or for a player who gets bounced from another roster before winding up in San Diego via the waiver wire.

Much like the situation at left tackle with Jared Gaither, the Chargers are in a less than ideal situation at a key position with the season just about upon us.

12 responses to “Chargers short on experienced cornerbacks

  1. Wow they are in trouble hamstring injury tend to lingure and often reacure if rushed back into action. even if they start monday night opener its not likely they will finish it. CP3 will have a field day. Raiders 1-0 start.

  2. Jared Gaither should have to pay back the money he is STEALING! There is no reason he can’t play this season! I don’t understand it, he has so much potential. Is it possible he is really that lazy that he just wants a free ride? Feel sorry for Charger fans and their organization. Terrible

  3. There is 3 veteran CBs looking for work. Chad Johnson the “heavy hitting corner”, T. Owens who would have been a receiver IF he could catch and Plax the 6’5″ guy that “shoots the gaps” so well it should be illegal.

  4. David Chao and the rest of the Chargers medical staff have to be the worst in the entire NFL. Chao is as crooked as they come, and no team suffers more strains, pulls, and tweaks than the Chargers thanks to subpar conditioning.

  5. Wow, that is awesome have the corner that was burned by Plaxico Burress for three touchdowns, teach the young corners of the SD Chargers on what to do sounds awesome. Anyway, Palmer having a better season then Rivers will happen when Hell freezes over. Raider Nation will be regretting the trade for Palmer when their at the bottom of the division this year. Betraying a team and holding out to go to another sounds like a Raider to me.

  6. Lmao “STOOGY” really bro! Even if SD has DBs out or hindered by hammy’s. You act like SD has no offense. Don’t be so convince its ” Raiders 1-0 start.” freaking noob.

  7. STOOGY im gonna say your the biggest idiot ever. LMAO “Carson I had 2-3 good years Palmer VS Rivers. RIVERS COULD THROW ANOTHER 20 picks and still have better season then Palmer. Last year “PR17” (As you like to say for CP3) still threw for 4 grand last year. Your lame for saying stupid comments!!!

  8. You will be singing a different tune after the the monday nighter. You have a bunch of injury to key components of your offense. The raiders d line is going to dominate your horrible 0-line rivers will be crying a river spiking the ball at the ground as he is running like forest gump for his life.

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