Denarius Moore “very concerned” about lack of reps with Palmer

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Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer has expressed concern about the lack of time he’s had to work with wide receivers Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford this summer because of their injuries.

He’s not the only one in Oakland with those concerns. Moore, who has been sidelined since early August with an injured right hamstring, is expected to play in the season opener against the Chargers on Sept. 10 but he seems to be on the same page with Palmer when it comes to not being on the same page with Palmer.

“I’m very concerned,” Moore said, via Paul Gutierrez of “As far as getting timing down with the quarterback, that’s very important. And actually being out there and repping each play, getting each concept down. It’s just mental errors, too, that you have to be aware of.”

Moore caught 19 passes and three touchdowns after Palmer joined the team last season and the Raiders were hopeful that would serve as a springboard to more production this season. It’s been a long layoff, though, and it could take Moore some time to get back up to speed.

The positive for the Raiders is that Rod Streater has stepped up and had success at receiver this preseason. He looks comfortable in the offense and that could wind up making the passing game more effective this season.

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  1. Id be more concerned w/ te fact that their still the raiders and will return to being bottom feeders again, that’s all…

  2. its not that much of a big deal they connected well last season and they should continue this year and streater hes been doing great as a replacement for those guys so far they just need palmer to make better decisions with the ball(less interceptions)

  3. Denarius Moore is going to be a very good receiver for years to come with the Raiders. He and Palmer showed good chemistry last year, so it shouldn’t take long to get on the same page once he returns. Reggie found a future stud in Streater, how was he not drafted? Criner also shows promise. Overall this WR squad should give secondarys more than they can handle.

  4. D moore made heads turn in camp last year, and streater is doing the same this year…….DHB is looking solid….still with all that said would not be surprised to see who is available come friday to add depth. Ford, moore, criner have all been hurt at sometime this camp, and mcgee is young as well….i look for them to bring in some veteran leadership as a slot receiver.

  5. I’m concerned that the kid can’t seem to stay on the field.
    “Glass” Schillens?!?
    Not a good way to start a career.

  6. juvegol says: Aug 29, 2012 4:11 PM

    Id be more concerned w/ te fact that their still the raiders and will return to being bottom feeders again, that’s all…
    You should be more concerned with illiteracy.

  7. haha @raiderapologist, beat me to it.

    I have a feeling that some of the concern too is that this year there is no more scholarship guys that are guaranteed playing time. If you missed the preseason and rookies stepped up and got comfortable with the offense, then Reggie and Allen are gonna go with the guys that are ready to play.

    I like the fact these guys are concerned, shows that theyre motivated to get back on the practice field and earn their jobs. Jacoby and Denarius will be fine, and they’ll make sure of it now that they have some young blood on their heels

  8. D Mo has always been a stud. I’m just glad people are starting to see it. He’s wicked fast and has great hands. If he can stay healthy not only will he easily be the raiders #1 wideout, but he will also be an extremely hot commodity once his rookie contract ends.

  9. If I was Moore I’d be worried about my thread azz hamstrings which have him on the bench and I don’t see him starting when he returns. Streater is the guy and Moore may be a backup due to his injury history anyways. Don’t worry about reps, get those hamstrings together then you won’t have to worry about reps playa.\


  10. DHB, Moore, Ford, Criner and Streater make a solid, young nucleus of WRs to work with.

    Palmer has plenty of weapons this year.

    The offense will be Top 10 and the RAIDERS will win the West.

  11. This kid is as talented as it gets and he has a great attitude to boot, just a great find in the 5th round.

  12. The offense will be Top 10 and the RAIDERS will win the West.

    Ha Ha!!!! It’s more likely that you will sweep your division again and still miss the playoffs!

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