Jets stay coy about Wildcat

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The first rule of the Jets’ new Wildcat offense is to not talk about the Jets’ new Wildcat offense.

More accurately, the first rule of the Jets’ new Wildcat offense apparently is to talk about it in very oblique ways, in the hopes of scaring other teams into wasting time trying to figure out what they’ll be facing when quarterback Mark Sanchez jogs off the field and Tim Tebow trots out.

As we explained last week, there’s a chance the Jets won’t use the Wildcat or the Tebow read-option at all, and that a completely new offense is being devised for their unique quarterbacking talent, or perhaps when it comes to passing lack thereof.

Tony Sparano made it clear (sort of) on Tuesday that there will be an alternative offense.

“Rex and I just had a long discussion,” Sparano said.  “That’s assuming that we’re even doing any of this stuff and when we’re going to do it and how we’re going to do it.  Just because we have a player in the building here that has some history running the football, not really in the Wildcat by the way, doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s exactly what we’re going to do.  All that being said, we know there’s going to be some version of something, I think that’s been said.  With that being said, we just had a good discussion about it.  We talked about the pros and cons, putting it out there or not putting it out there.  If it is something that we’re going to do, should we put it out there?  If it’s not, why waste time putting it out there?”

Sparano was asked whether the secrecy has anything to do with the fact that former Dolphins quarterbacks coach David Lee, who helped devise Miami’s Wildcat, now works in that same role with the Bills.

“No, listen with David Lee, if we were going to do the whole thing, I mean shoot, David, he knows it,” Sparano said.  “They’re going to do some version of it.  There’s no question about it.  They have Brad Smith and David Lee, they’ve got some parts.  They’re going to do some version of it.  David knows what’s going on.  It’s not a secret.”

But it is a secret.  And it’s a secret because the Jets want to keep people confused, so that they waste time getting ready for stuff they’re not even sure they’ll be facing.  Though Sparano opted to talk in circles, Ryan was more direct.

“[P]art of the thing with the Wildcat is, quite honestly, their quarterback coach was with Tony in Miami,” Ryan said.  “So, he’s very familiar with the Wildcat.  But still, there’s no sense in putting it out there on film [in preseason games].  Let them guess and hopefully it messes them up.”

Ryan also said that the Jets haven’t used it in the preseason because they believe they’ve done enough with it in practice.  “[W]e feel pretty comfortable about it,” Ryan said.  “It’s not something that Tony never did, because Tony, he knows, maybe not the exact approach in Miami, but we feel good about being able to run the Wildcat effectively.”

Of course, no update regarding the Jets’ Wildcat (or whatever it will be) would be complete without some input from Tim Tebow, who was asked on Tuesday whether he even calls it the Wildcat.

“I call it whatever Coach Sparano wants me to,” Tebow said.  “In high school and college I called it ‘our offense.’  I don’t know.  It has always been based on play.”

Regardless of the Jets’ efforts to keep everything quiet, the reality is that plenty of Jets already have been cut and 22 more will be sent packing on Friday.  The Bills would be wise to claim one or two of those guys on waivers, hoping to pick their brains about what the Jets will be doing.

That’s a common dynamic as rosters get cut.  It will take on an even greater level of importance this season, for the Bills and for other teams the Jets will be facing early in the season.

40 responses to “Jets stay coy about Wildcat

  1. Not even the Wildcat will keep that Bills D-Line from breaking through that O-Line. Kyle Williams and Dareus are monsters! Not to mention they are in limbo at RT which happens to be the same side Mario Williams will be lining up….

  2. In other words this team doesn’t have clue now that it realizes that savior boy can’t help them.

  3. Every single coach and even player on the Jets just needs to shut up!! I almost feel sorry for the Jets fans.

  4. If their “secret read option” does work, it will only work once!!! Everyone and their grandmother already knows how to stop it. Neither QB can pass, so there goes one option lol. Another losing season for for dumb Rex and loser Sparano!

  5. To beat the Jets, you need to score 12 points or more. Not sure it’s worth using a roster spot to get information on an offense that can’t manage to find the end zone, when so little is being asked of your own offense and defense.

  6. “See Rex, if they think that we think that they think they know what we’re doing, then they’re really confused.”

    “No Tony, I’m just really confused. WTF are we doing on offense?”

  7. As Tebow has said countless times before, he’s a team-first guy. As long as he’s the quarterback. And the starter. And gets to call his own number at the goal-line. And gets to do all the media.

    And he’ll do anything he can to help the team. As long as long as he’s the quarterback. And the starter. And gets to call his own number at the goal-line. And gets to do all the media.

    Humble, team-first, just like Alan Iverson.

  8. Earlier this summer Rex Ryan proclaimed himself the “best defensive coordinator in the league” while he’ll have the chance to prove that in 2013 cause there’s no way he’ll still be a head coach after they go 3-13 this year.

  9. I look forward to seeing the new and innovative ways the Jets find to kick field goals and pump fists.

  10. Don’t you have to first have an offense before Sparano talks about an alternative offense ?

    Have the oddsmakers posted a line for when the Jets get into the End Zone?

  11. The wildcat worked…..4 years ago.

    And it only worked because Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams were 230 pound running backs, who occasionally could throw, and they would hand off or fake hand off to each other, and knew how to set up blocks, hit the hole, and/or run over someone.

    Tebow is a great running QB, but making something out of nothing on a broken play is much different then running between the tackles 15-20 times a game. It’s a pounding I’m not so sure he can take.

  12. Yeah because the wild cat has taken a team to a championship…there’s a reason why the dolphins dumped sparano…because his gimmick formations don’t carry teams to the SB…apparently he stopped drawing up plays that take them to the end zone either

  13. Can’t wait to see the Jets’ “pound the ground” offense. This is where the center snaps the ball to someone, they get touched, fall, and pound the ground firm. Hey, even Tebow’s passes pound the ground.

    I think it’s a field management strategy to keep the turf good for the other team who plays in the same stadium, and actually has a chance at a Super Bowl berth.

  14. I wonder what kind of offense the jets are gonna use when they are down by 3 touch downs every game. did the brain trust think about that. wild cat wont save them cause they will be in passing mode.

  15. “All that being said, we know there’s going to be some version of something, I think that’s been said. With that being said, we just had a good discussion about it.”

    Has it been said yet Tony?

  16. I feel sorry for jets fan as they don’t have a lot of options for have two quarterbacks who can’t get the ball downfield and in the end zone. The defense is great. Turn tebow into a running back and cut Sanchez and find a better Qb.

  17. Jets fans are and have been deserving of pity. Rex Ryan has consistently tried to substitute words for on-field performance. His team can’t score a TD in pre-season so he keeps talking about the Wildcat. I think he needs to remember what Coughlin told him last year, “Talk is cheap. Play the game.”.

  18. The problem with the wildcat is that isn’t it supposed to be an OPTION play? Just about every team that runs it… RUNS the ball every time. You need to pass it ONCE in a while to keep teams honest about it. You can’t dedicate a defender to a guy that is just going to throw the ball. Thats going to leave someone in single coverage or uncovered completely for an easy reception.

    Now, if every time you trot your ‘wildcat qb’ onto the field for a play he runs the ball, you can dedicate2 guys specifically to him and double cover the qb/ball carrier with almost certainty that he’s going to have the ball.

  19. For god sake, Tony Sparano’s wildcat will be no different to what we put up with in Miami. Nothing’s changed with him, wild cat, field goals and 3 points.
    It’s obvious his offense isn’t too good, no touchdowns in the pre season that’s a joke, but so is he.

  20. the wildcat was very effective in Miami for about 2.5 years, when they had the right personnel… they were getting about 6 yards a play and a TD every 6 plays or so…

    then the blocking broke down…..

    to do it, you’ve got to have very good to great O line, which I don’t think applies to the Jets

    and the guy taking the snap needs to hit the hole or turn the corner like Ricky or Ronnie in their prime….

    Teebs will get snapped in half trying to do that.

  21. Has anyone here EVER heard the Jets not talk or be quiet about something? NO. And they’re not talking about it because they got nothing!! I mean you try to improve your offense with Tebow and Sparano?

  22. If you absolutely, positively have to gain two yardas Tebow is as close to money as any player in the league. There is a place for him but QB isn’t it.

  23. It is very simple.
    When Tebow is in –
    1 deep safety
    Rush 10

    chances are extremely hight that Tebow will overthrow or underthrow his receiver.

  24. In the history of humankind when have so many done so little to garner so much attention. The New York media (aka ESPN) continue to elevate an organization which should be the prime example of how not to operate a franchise while ignoring one of the best in the history of the game, the Giants.

  25. does anyone really give a rats ass about the jets wildcat, or anyone’s wildcat. isn’t there something better to put in place of wildcat stories.

  26. Seems like they’ve been coy about their entire offense. So coy, that I’m not even certain they have one based on how they’ve played thus far.

  27. I hope they don’t use the wildcat, just looks bad for a team a couple yrs ago who called it a gimmicky offense to start using it

  28. Seeing as Lee and not Sparano devised the WC, and Lee undoubtably has other wrinkles Sparano doesn’t know about, don’t the Jets have to waste more time than the Bills preparing for it? The Bills don’t waste one second, as they run it in practice anyway. In a WC duel, it’s the Bills with the big weapons, not the Jets.

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