Michael Vick is getting a new flak jacket

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After Eagles quarterback Michael Vick went through a full day of practice with the Eagles on Tuesday, he said his ribs were still sore as a result of the hit he took in the second preseason game against the Patriots.

Vick also said that they are feeling better, though, and there’s no sign that Vick will be anywhere other than under center when the regular season gets underway. He’ll be wearing a new Kevlar flak jacket that is longer than the one he was wearing when he took that hit in order to cover more of his torso and better protect his ribs.

“I’m looking forward to it … to give me more protection and just to see what comes out of it,” Vick said, via Rich Hofmann of the Philadelphia Daily News. “It’s going to be custom fitted and fitted to protect all across my sternum, across my ribs. I think it’ll be a better fit.”

A flak jacket protecting his injured ribs is a great idea for keeping Vick in the lineup. The best flak jacket in the world isn’t going to accomplish that task for the long term unless Vick becomes more proactive about avoiding big hits, though. If Vick goes down again after an ill-advised decision to try to make something out of nothing, it won’t be the jacket’s fault.

28 responses to “Michael Vick is getting a new flak jacket

  1. Someone needs to save the guy from himself. He dove headfirst for a 1st down into defenders during the first possession of this year’s preseason game.

    There’s a point where competitiveness just overcomes sense and self preservation.

    ….or maybe he just isn’t very bright.

  2. If they expect to keep him on the field for the full season they need to dress him up like one of those robots on the Fox promos

  3. The hit from the Patriots game was not particularly hard or direct by NFL standards. If he already is having problems with his ribs, it is going to be a long and painful season for the Vick Experience.

  4. omeezyx says:
    Aug 29, 2012 9:30 AM
    Awesome. So does the maxipad come with it or does that come separate?

    that is so damn funny…..I figured you’d have a dog comment too……you’re about as fresh as a Foghat concert…..gaylord!

  5. If the Eagles are smart they use the company’s that made Romo’s to protect his broken ribs and punctured lung. Or maybe they tried that but determined the company couldn’t make one long enough to cover his va j j too.

  6. A longer Kevlar covering ounds all well and good but you would think that someone would design a flack jacket which had mini airbags that would immediately inflate upon impact.

    This would help both for the hit of the defensive guy and the subsequent impact of the ground. You’d probably want to work in some sort of instant neck brace while you’re at it.

    I guess if we’re going this far, you might want to equip the QB with a custom-made Hovding (those airbag motorcycle helmets–Google it) helmet to avoid concussions.

    Eventually, the QB’s will end up looking like either the Michelin Man or Iron Man but at least we’ll still have them in the game.

  7. Remember when eagle fans were so pumped up to get this criminal on their team. Now they can’t wait for the team to dump-that-chump.

  8. In other news Philly gets a new QB, so sick of hearing about him staying healthy he will never get it and be knocked out in the first three games

  9. Vick needs a year between seasons. Unfortunately he can’t go to prison after every campaign.

  10. omeezyx says:Aug 29, 2012 9:30 AM

    Awesome. So does the maxipad come with it or does that come separate?

    would love to see you get smacked by an NFL player and hear you cry about it

  11. amlowlife says: Aug 29, 2012 11:05 AM

    “Eventually, the QB’s will end up looking like either the Michelin Man or Iron Man but at least we’ll still have them in the game.”

    OR… maybe NFL teams could stop signing such wusses. C’mon, this dude once left a game because of a bruise to his non-throwing hand. Then he got a kevlar glove.

  12. I cannot see a scenario in which Vick makes it through the entire season unless it’s on the bench. He seems to getting hurt just about every time he’s hit lately, and his inability to slide feet first, which is disturbing in itself, is only going to increase the likely hood. I honestly cannot see him making it through the first three games.

  13. Stop holding the ball so long and you won’t take so many shots to the ribs.

    Honestly they should have a clock on him in every practice. 3 seconds and the ball needs to be out or he needs to be on the run. I know it’s a regression in QB play but he just doesn’t get the concept of giving up on a down in order to preserve himself. At least when he runs he seems to see the hits coming better.

  14. When you have to go this far to protect a guy there’s nothing you can do to keep him healthy. Randall Cunningham was a heck of a scrambler and I don’t remember him needing space-age type protection to keep him from falling apart.

  15. @2ndaryinsanity:

    So….let me get this straight.

    He’s not smart enough to slide, and takes more hits than most QBs, which leads to all these injuries. And then he keeps coming back for more.

    But….he’s a wuss. Right?

    And by the way, it *was* his throwing hand.

  16. Isn’t Vick the guy with the “fighting dogs”? These guys use defenseless dogs for “bait” to “train” the dogs that will “fight”.
    I hope he ends up defenseless in front of the Packers defense.

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