Moss continues to refuse to talk to the media

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Between the time Randy Moss decided that he loves football again and signed with the 49ers, he had plenty to say, via the webcam and microphone on his computer.  Since joining the 49ers, Moss hasn’t had much to say at all.

He participated in a conference call after signing his contract, and he met with the media once during training camp.

Moss otherwise refuses to talk.

He passed again on Tuesday, according to Cam Inman of  As to whether Moss will talk in advance of a return visit to the scene of the faux mooning, Moss said, “Probably not.”

At some point, he probably will.  During the regular season, the NFL requires post-game availability and one other session once per week.  Failure to comply will trigger fines and, over time, increasing discipline.

It’s not the first time Moss has expressed a preference not to talk.  At one point during the 2010 season, Moss was fined $25,000.  He thereafter decided that he would be available for the media, but that he would answer only his own questions.

Of course, the press conference in which Moss said he’d answer only his own questions came one day before he was fired by the Vikings.  After Moss was claimed on waivers by Tennessee, no one really cared much about what he had to say.

And that’s what Moss doesn’t seem to realize.  People want to talk to him because he’s relevant to the game of football.  The reporters are simply the conduit of the fans; Moss probably will figure that out after the reporters — and the fans — stop caring about whatever it is that he may have to say.

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  1. Why would any athlete want to talk to the media these days? Anything an athlete says gets spun into a story or distraction by hacks who are too lazy to do real reporting as opposed to finding hidden meanings in innocuous quotes.

  2. Here we go.

    Soon, you’re hear him say something like “something smells fishy” or “I’m not sure what’s going on around here.”

    Once you hear that, big trouble will follow shortly afterwards.

  3. I think requiring athletes to speak to the media is ridiculous (even though Allen Iverson’s press conferences were some of the best ever). Still, if this player wants to demonstrate his supposed “maturity,” then he should make himself available as the rules apparently require and give polite, but vanilla responses to reporters’ questions. Make your performance on the field the only issue by cooperating with the media as you’re obliged to do: “We play them one game at a time.” “We have the utmost respect for [insert name of next opponent].” “[Insert name of current quarterback] is one of the best quarterbacks with whom I’ve had the privilege to play.” “Our ultimate goal is the Super Bowl.” “[Insert name of last game’s quarterback] did his best to get me the ball when I was open.” “I’m so happy for [receiver teammate who caught touchdown in last game]. He’s really been working hard on his game.” This isn’t rocket science.

  4. A “Conduit” of the fans!? LOL Fans care that the guy scores TDs and helps the team win…the sports media these days seems like nothing but a chess match to goad players into saying something arrogant or dumb (or both) so that they can then smear the headlines with it … I want nothing more than for this guy to stay quiet and catch 80 balls and 8 TDs….

  5. I don’t care if you talk to the media Randy. Only the media cares, really. The media thinks they’re an extension of the fans, but really they’re just trying to cause hell, so their newspaper doesn’t go under.

  6. Different year, different team, same Moss. Actually, the Niners are probably better off because when he does talk he usually says something his team regrets.

  7. I thought that was hilarious when he said he’d only answer his own questions, mostly because that’s how tons of interviews are set up; with predetermined questions leading to predetermined answers. I can’t say I blame him, and I thoroughly enjoy him messing with the talking heads of the media, personally.

  8. Honestly, the only real people that care whether or not he talks is the media…

    I dont care if players from my team talk or not. I just dont want them putting unneeded attention by saying something stupid to the media. Otherwise I dont care.

    I dont check every day worrying about if Moss talks… Who cares, he is trying to keep a low profile. Just let him be.

  9. Maybe he realizes that mo matter what he says the media and people like you will write what you want about him. I don’t like him either but why should he have to talk to people who don’t either. Why must you have to know his every thought? Just write about what he did in the game and unless he gets in trouble ignore him,after a couple of weeks of that he will be begging to be interviewed if he is the self centered jerk you portray him as.

  10. This is a man who has bought into Harbaugh’s philosophy whole heartedly. He is happy to be back playing football. Does anyone really think that they are going to show their weapons in pre-season games? Come on!!!

  11. By week four, he’ll have made Alex Smith cry for mocking Smith’s inability to throw a ball past 15 yards, he’ll be scolded by Harbaugh, he’ll pout on the field, and be cut the next day.

  12. “And that’s what Moss doesn’t seem to realize. People want to talk to him because he’s relevant to the game of football. The reporters are simply the conduit of the fans”

    Moss realizes with social media he doesn’t need the media (aka the middle man) to reach his audience. I can’t blame him for wanting to control what he says and how it’s conveyed.

    He’s a lot smarter than the media gives him credit for being…and a lot funnier without their help, too. He’s an individual, and true to himself, which has always been very refreshing. Yeah, he’s been a punk at times, too, but we need players who test (and break) the rules occasionally, even though it’s wrong.

    Keep on being Randy, Randy, and do it in your own way.

  13. Regular season?…he wont be there,..among final cuts, case you cant tell, hes lost it…period. Cya loser.

  14. I think it hurts athletes to talk to the media. All of their words get twisted and the media don’t stand behind their sources whenever the stories fall apart. They always say an “ANONYMOUS SOURCE”. So yeah, don’t give them an opportunity to run your name in the mud.
    I was always told if you don’t have anything good to say about someone don’t say anything at all. This should go for the media as well as the people that write these articles………

  15. I don’t much care if Moss talks to reporters. I used to be one and know the frustration when news sources won’t be interviewed. But now I’m only a fan and I want him to talk to me loud and clear on the field. When (or if) he does well, he’ll talk. And believe me, Harbaugh is quite all right with Randy’s reticence. He has a visceral dislike for all things media.

  16. The sense of entitlement from the media is crazy. They get so mad that players don’t disclose every little detail to them, then bash them for being bratty. You guys are lucky they even allow you in the locker room.

  17. “The reporters are simply the conduit of the fans”?
    Huh? Since when?
    “Reporters” don’t care at all about the fans. In fact, “reporters” view fans as being below them, like dirt. Instead these “reporters” merely spin whatever an athlete/politician says to maximize exposure for themselves so they can get a better job.

  18. Model citizen and quiet leader – that is what we need Randy Moss to be. Be a good team mate, work hard and play well so you get all the incentives in your contract. Whether you talk to the media or not, they will paint whatever picture of you they want, so do what you feel is right.

  19. “The reporters are simply the conduit of the fans”. What a hot, runny, load of buffalo crap! Any claim that reporters somehow are connected to fans is a complete lie. Sports journalist have there own agenda and spin it anyway they want, Usually apart from the simple truth. “We serve the fans” is a huge red flag that self-serving journalism is close behind.

  20. He should just answer every media question with “that’s a clown question, bro” because, and lets be honest, 99% of the questions asked by the media make the fans shake their heads and go “really?”.q

  21. This is exactly why the media has no place voting for the HOF. Just because an awesome player was mean to you,or didn’t answer your questions like a good little boy,or didn’t invite you to their birthday party is no reason to exclude a guy from the Hall. Carter was the second best WR of his era,and the guy better than him was the best football player in history(Rice). How is it that he can’t get in? I fear they’ll do the same to T.O. and Moss. HOFers should do the voting,they had what it takes to make it,they can probably recognize that greatness in other players.

  22. “The reporters are simply the conduit of the fans.”

    Is this a joke? That sounds like a “reporter” who takes himself way too seriously. With new formats of social media & webcams, the players themselves can directly reach the fans. Roddy White for example.

    I remember journalistic integrity. Now, it seems like all reporters do is beat each other over in an attempt to catch “breaking news” regardless of whether the information is concrete. Journalism now is goading someone into a soundbite so the reporters & writers can sensationalize.

  23. And we keep giving this idiot his fifteen minutes of fame! When you think about it, ” I play when I wanna play”, has amounted to 15 minutes!

  24. Don’t blame him, anything that comes out his mouth just might land him on the unemployment line like T.O, Johnson and Burress. If I were him, I would stay quiet the whole season or hire tebow to be his representative because we all know he’s 100% positive when talking.

  25. Randy is in his stew and fester period. Probably because he’s not going to be as big a part of the 49er offense as he thought. At some point during the year, his diarrhea will flow all over the 49er organization.

    And his career will be over. No HOF. Ever.

  26. good for him.wish more athletes wouldn’t talk to the scumbags otherwise known as the media.they should not be required to talk to the media whatsoever!!

  27. Good for him. When he wanted to say something to his fans, he has twitter. Nothing good will go in players direction by talking to blabbing reporters.

  28. Please don’t try to float that “media is a conduit for the fans” crap. The media lost its objectivity and the right to call itself the Fourth Estate when nearly every outlet on Earth was bought up by giant, monolithic corportations. The media is now a conduit to a group of already wealthy guy’s bank accounts. As I told one of your colleagues at AP recently, lie to the public about it, profit from it, but don’t deceive yourself.

  29. Maybe he should do something on the field before all the mic’s get shoved in his face. What are they going to ask him about right now? Nothing about football games, W’s or L’s or stats.

  30. Today’s media only wants to overshadow the players and the game. These sports reporter/rockstars need shut down. The questions they are now asking are more about drama then game related.

  31. Or Moss has figured out that if he has anything to say, he doesn’t need reporters. He can do so on Twitter, via the internet, webcams etc. Otherwise he can talk to reporters and give nothing but cliches like everyone else.

    It’s the reporters that haven’t quite figured out or at least accepted that they aren’t quite as necessary as they once were.

  32. Actually, I wouldn’t mind if all athletes talked less and just played the game. Does anyone actually hang on every word these guys say? How pathetic if you do.

  33. What will the NFL do if they ever have a player that cannot speak? Fine him for not signing the media?

  34. Wow, it sounds like Randy has turned into the darling of the NFL reading these posts. Not too long ago we were all rippin him to shreads. You know if they stop reporting, and the players stop talkin it’s gonna make for some real boring days for us all.
    p.s. wait till he goes to his first 49er buffet.

  35. wtfchiefs says:
    Aug 29, 2012 1:47 PM
    What will the NFL do if they ever have a player that cannot speak? Fine him for not signing the media?


    They’ll force all teams to learn sign language.

  36. Why couldn’t this Moss have showed up to his second stint with the Vikings? Instead he came in and took a dump on the whole team. Didn’t even try and still caught a couple TD’s. He also just let a sure TD drop in front of him which to this day I can’t understand. He had his chance to play with Brett Favre and just loligagged it. If he comitted the Vikings could have easily won 3 more games and Moss would have had at least 10 TD’s. What a supreme disappointment. Just wait till things start going south 9ers fans. Moss will throw in the towel. Once, twice, three times a quitter.

  37. onlysane1intheroom says: Aug 29, 2012 1:51 PM

    Greatest, pure talented receiver I ever saw.
    you must be about 20 yrs old and never saw Jerry Rice play in his prime.

  38. Come on Mike. You think Randy gives a rats arse if fans or the media car about him? Really?

    The dude has made over 93 mil just on his contracts since entering the NFL. Obviously he has not done much in the way of endorsements. But he has plenty of money in the bank to not ever have to work again for the rest of his life.

    Straight cash homey!

  39. I saw Jerry Rice play in his prime. Randy Moss is the greatest, pure talented receiver I ever saw.

    And he’s not pre-packaged. He says what he feels, without a filter, and gets skewered by the media. Fans do not want to see him baited by a reporter and then mocked for his response.

  40. Jerry Rice: 208 tds 1st all time
    1549 rec 1st all time
    10x all pro

    Randy Moss: 154 tds – 5th
    954 rec 9th
    4x all pro

  41. marima07 says: Aug 29, 2012 2:39 PM

    I saw Jerry Rice play in his prime. Randy Moss is the greatest, pure talented receiver I ever saw.
    Thats your opinion bro, the numbers don’t lie. Moss never won a Super Bowl. The NFL network voted Jerry Rice the greatest FOOTBALL PLAYER ever. I like Randy Moss. Saw him play at Army when he was with Marshall. He was a man amongst boys, but he was not better than Mr Jerry Rice.

  42. Honestly I’d rather hear about how he’s doing in camp not of he’s talking to the media…. It’s stupid media makes everything a reality show.. He’s better off not feeding into the circus … Get it in Randy lets ride this year….

  43. Moss could blow up this season. Last time he disappeared for a whole preseason, the NFL touchdown record happened. Or he could be washed up, but I wouldn’t rule out the former.

  44. Jerry Rice also played in an era when defensive backs were actually permitted to cover wrs. Had Rice played in his prime in this era, his numbers would be even more staggering.

  45. itssocoldinthed says:
    Aug 29, 2012 11:57 AM
    Who cares that he doesn’t care to talk?

    Obviously a lot of crackheads on this thread……Seems to me the media needs or wants Randy more than he wants them……

    stay quiet Randy and do your thing on the field….I’m entertained by that and not the reporters insinuating and creating gossip otherwise…..

  46. Frank Nunley was a darn good middle linebacker for the 49ers for 10 yrs. His biggest problem was that He played in the same era as Butkus,Nobis,Nitchke and Willie Lanier.

  47. No article about how well the 49ers played? I know news doesn’t get to the East Coast that slowly.

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