Raheem Morris wishes Bucs would have spent when he was there


Raheem Morris was never afraid to speak his mind as the Buccaneers head coach.

Now that he’s a Redskins assistant, that hasn’t changed.

While Morris was generally pleasant on the topic of tonight’s preseason reunion, it’s obvious he feels scapegoated for the Bucs struggles last year. After winning 10 games in 2010, they lost 10 straight to close 2011, and he was fired. Then when they brought in his replacement, Greg Schiano, they talked about his organization and discipline.

That message wasn’t lost on Morris.

“We were getting fitted for coach of the year rings [in 2010],” Morris told Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “A year later, we weren’t disciplined enough.”

There’s reason for Morris to feel bitter if he wanted to, as the moment he walked out the door the Bucs started spending serious cash on veteran free agents. On the day they dropped $140 million worth of contracts on Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks and Eric Wright, Morris sent a text to Bucs GM Mark Dominik.

“I gave him some nice choice words,” Morris said. “But he was great about it. He laughed. He said he knew he was going to get this phone message. …

“They gave them to those coaches and let those guys have an opportunity to go out there and do it. I’ve got no ill will toward anybody for not signing a free agent or signing one. It’s a timing thing. I wasn’t my time. We didn’t go out and get the free agents. We wanted to build through the draft.”

His ouster after nearly a decade with the Bucs organization was jarring, because they thought his relatable style would be perfect for a youth movement. Instead, the Bucs have swung the other direction, with clocks on the wall to emphasize accountability.

But Morris is taking the high road, mostly, for now.

“Those guys know what I did for them,” he said. “I don’t have to brag about it or beat on my chest.”

That’s not to say he won’t, he just doesn’t have to.

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  1. I don’t see how he shoulders every bit of the blame. The guy was a coach of the year candidate a year ago and now the media and fans make it seem like he was the only reason they did poorly.

    In reality they overachieved in 2010 and their lack of talent and experience caught up with the in 2011.

  2. It’s true. They barely brought in any free agents. I mean there are cheap options out there. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of $$. They didn’t spend dime one.

  3. Yeah your right, its someone elses fault you lost the last 10 games of the year. God forbid the head coach gets the blame. You should have fired some assistants every year like every other coach does to extend their stay.

  4. He got fired because josh freeman fell back to earth, along with the rest of a young squad that bought into their own hype. Truth be told, last year might have been a good thing for that franchise long term, its hard to imagine their younger players didn’t learn a humbling lesson, and now it ushered in a more disciplined regime as well.

    And one more thing raheem. When Aqib talib says you just weren’t that disciplined….then you just weren’t.

  5. The night before the draft in 2011 Rahim Morris was at a bar getting drunk with his offensive coordinator Greg Olson. You could find those 2 out all the time hitting the Tampa Night Life….which is fine, just how can you expect your players to not do the same (ie. Aquib Talib, Quincy Black, and Jeremy Stevens)?

  6. You had a veteran TE affecting your young QB’s play by barking at him for the ball all the time. That doesn’t happen on a team where the coach controls the locker room.

  7. Discipline is the coach’s responsibility and the Bucs unraveled in 2011. There was no accountability, he would have ruined the ’85 bears

  8. As a Bucs fan, all I can say is good riddance. I also assume there’s a reason he’s not a head coach and not a coordinator. He was in way over his head and it showed. The Bucs could have been a dynasty with Tony Dungy at the helm.

  9. It may have all gone down differently if Morris showed more maturity by having respect for the position he was given and not bouncing around chest bumping like a cheerleader or a drinking buddy on the side lines during every game….

    It reflected poorly on the organization and ultimately in the teams development…. He needed to go after that outing last season and it was justified…. Coach Shiano was given a mess of a team and if they can pull out a decent season this year the majority of the credit will go to him!

  10. They should have never promoted him from CB’s coach to head coach, he was good right where he was, we should of just kept Gruden back then but the Bucs fo never let him draft who he wanted ex. AP would have been a Buc. But this is all in the past, the team we have now is going to be good and will get better if we stick with what we put in motion.

  11. Between week 15 of the 2009 season and week 6 of the 2011 season, the Bucs had a record of 16-10 with victories over the Packers and Falcons and three wins against the Saints. Raheem Morris didn’t get fired for not having players; he got fired because the players he had decided they didn’t want to play for him anymore.

  12. Don’t feel slighted Raheem. Try having to pay season ticket invoices year after year instead of being paid salary and watch them not spend money. Feel comfort in knowing that an overwhelming majority of Tampa Bay populace didn’t want you to be the HC in the first place.

  13. Some regression would have been OK. The Bucs overachieved in 2010, and if they had only slipped back a little in 2011, Morris probably survives. The problem is that the Bucs were absolutely terrible last year, erasing any progress that seemed to have been made a year earlier. Bottom line, three years, 17 and 31 record. Average fewer than 6 wins a year, you get fired.

  14. The best organizations in sports have consistency and continuity. Snarking about discipline aside, Morris’ efforts in 2010 would have bought most coaches, at least, one more year.

    He deserved better.

  15. Whether they spent or didn’t spend a dime, you lost 10 games in a row with the same team you almost took to the playoffs a year prior.

    When every player on a team regresses in one season, who else can you point the finger at?

    When half the team shows up overweight and out of shape, how can you not question the discipline?

    When players are showing awful performance after awful performance and never being held accountable for it (Mike Williams, Arrelious Benn, Jeremy Trueblood, Quincy Black, EJ Biggers, Tanard Jackson, Sean Jones), how can you not question the head coach’s decision making?

    At the end of the day, any coach that loses 10 games in a row (especially in his 3rd season) should be fired. Plain and simple. Especially when your losing by 30+ points on a weekly basis and give up 40 unanswered points to Blaine Gabbert and the Jaguars offense.

  16. Wow.
    This guy got his HC job BECAUSE the Bucs were so cheap… Never been a coordinator and suddenly he’s the man in Tampa.

    If teh Bucs had spent money… he wouldn’t have been hired.

    Catch 22.

    They did lose every game after going to London after all. His players quit on him.

  17. I’m a Bucs fan so I watched every game last season and was able to witness the downfall of the Raheem Morris regime. As great as Raheem was the year Tampa went 10-6, he was every bit as bad as the Bucs 4-12 record indicated.

    Let’s not forget that Raheem would have kept his job had he won at least one game during the ten game losing streak, and I’m confident the Bucs would have signed the same three free agents regardless of who the coach was. Raheem has to own the fact that he was put in charge of leading a football team, and maybe he didn’t have much input regarding player acquisition but he was responsible for the output on the football field, and that output was pathetic. Let’s not forget Atlanta hanging 42 points on Tampa late in the season…in the first half. If the starters weren’t pulled out in the second half, the single game scoring record would have fallen that pitiful day. The lack of effort was evident by most of the team only a few weeks into the ten game slump, by the end of the season it was clear the first solution to the problem was to remove Raheem Morris as coach of the Bucs.

    Look, I championed Raheem when he coached the team to a 10-6 record, he should have been the coach of the year. Critics can point out a weak schedule but this was the youngest team in the league starting more rookies than any team in the last 20+ years. A team with zero expectations (Peter King had the Bucs finishing 2-14) almost made it into the postseason. Maybe the front office provided Raheem with only an elite punter in free agency, but they also resigned key players for big money (Davin Joseph) and were in the mix to obtain Reggie Bush in a trade and sign Darren Sproles. A team may be flush with cap space, but you can’t force players to sign with you, although you can overpay.

    Bottom line: Raheem Morris deserved praise for guiding a young team to a 10-6 record and he also deserved to lose his job for losing control of the same young team as they spiraled to 4-12. Raheem speaks his mind and I can appreciate that, but in this case, his mind is somewhere else. He should coach up the Washington secondary, hope for success and in a few years he may get another shot. I wish him well, but I’m delighted to have Greg Schiano as coach and hope it works out for the Bucs.

  18. The Glazers don’t like to admit their mistakes. They also micromanage the Bucs. As a result they blame others and ‘try’ to destroy their lives. Of course it doesn’t actually work, but it makes the Glazers feel better about their own failures. It is similar to how children behave in grade school.

  19. Yeah, and I bet the front office wished he didn’t let the players do whatever the hell they wanted. Good bye Raheem, enjoy the life of an assistant coach.

  20. This guy got the short end of the stick if I ever saw it.

    Not only did they basically use him as the stop gap to babysit their young collection of crap until the Gruden contract came off the books, but he also lacked control over both his coaching staff (both coordinators fired during the first season, were hired by Dominic) and personnel.

    Still he made something out of nothing, and when the team quit on him last year, I found it strange for someone with no power to discipline to be criticized because he wasn’t a disciplinarian.

    Schiano came in and from day one was afforded the opportunity to hire his own staff, something Morris never did.

  21. Name one player he developed, a player who played better at his position in year 2 rather than year 1. If your building through the draft, those players have to be developed.

    Raheem Morris failed in that aspect of coaching. X’s and O’s he was fine. He failed to hold players accountable for not working on their craft and developing into the players they could be.

    At the end of the day, he lost 10 strait to finish the season.

    He deserved to be fired, with or without a big free agent class, you can’t lose 10 in a row and keep your job… And your draft picks can’t fail to develop as a head coach, definitely when your building through the draft.

    At least with Schiano you know they’ll be developed and fundamentally sound.

  22. So…Say the Raiders never fire Lane, Monte sticks with the Bucs and puts together the same mold of defense he had the 10 previous years, Then the most prolific offense ever seen in Tampa (2010) would have a sound defense, Then the Bucs would probably be somewhat good and Raheem would have probably kept his job. SO if theres anyone to text nasty this to…its Al Davis.
    Oh wait.

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