Still on crutches, Steve Smith didn’t have a staph infection

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With the season opener only 11 days away, it’s not good for a team’s No. 1 wideout to be on crutches.  But that’s exactly what’s happening, still, in Carolina.

Coach Ron Rivera said Tuesday receiver Steve Smith remains unable to put weight on the foot.  The good news, per Rivera, is that the infection has “gotten much better.”

The lingering nature of the condition has created speculation that Smith may have had a staph infection.  During the weekly Wednesday morning PFT visit with The Mac Attack on WFNZ in Charlotte, co-host Chris McClain said that he received an email from a Panthers source indicating that Smith did not have a staph infection.

It doesn’t change the fact that Smith remains on crutches, but the five-letter “s” word has acquired a stigma in football circles, fueled by the outbreak of staph infections several years ago in Cleveland.

According to our friends at WFNZ, it’s not a staph infection.  Still, it’s unclear when Smith will be back to 100 percent.

19 responses to “Still on crutches, Steve Smith didn’t have a staph infection

  1. It could be Cellulitis. I’ve had that infection in my foot twice and it will put you on crutches to be sure. Antibiotics can get it under control without much problem, but I was off work a couple of weeks both times.

  2. A foot infection has done something no NFL DB can do, slow Smitty down. Get well soon Steve, we need you.

  3. Maybe little stevie is getting a little karma payback for being a punk… just saying…

  4. Karma? The dude is a model citizen that had a scuffle with Kenny Lucas 5 years ago. I would actually be very surprised to hear of another player that gives back more to the community than Steve Smith.

    He also just gave 100,000 to the victim’s families in Aurora just bc he felt like he needed to.

    What has Ponder done? (other than being bad at football)

  5. Couldn’t agree more with Pilot’s original statement…don’t necessarily understand the completely unrelated attack on Ponder just because the guy has it in his name..?

    Either way for the sake of Carolina S-twice needs to get back in the lineup and start shreddin’ defenses with Cam!

  6. I know what the problem is. He hasn’t gotten his anual sucker punch in. Where is Ken Lucas when u need him?

  7. So it was just a scuffle? I guess Lucas was suspended two games by the team also? The fact is, he sucker punched Lucas while he was kneeling on the sideline. And this was the second time he sucker punched a teammate. He first hit a teammate in the film room in 2002. He might do a lot of things for the community, but the dude has anger issues that other people have had to suffer for. Sucker punching at least two unsuspecting teammates would qualify as having a little bad karma due your way.

  8. Steve Smith is a tool.

    Case in point.

    Smith went to get a Tattoo here in Charlotte where a buddy of mine works. Mark is stoked about giving a tattoo to one of his favorite players.

    It takes about an hour. Typically, he charges about 80-100 bucks an hour.

    He tells Smitty it’d be 75 dollars.

    Steve Smith decides to haggle “How about 50?”

    Mark tells him the best he can do is 60. So Steve pulls out a wad of 100’s, asks for change, and doesn’t even tip.

    The guy is a tool.

  9. Steve’s a hothead(kinda like Andre Reed)but I’ve never felt he has reached T.O. and Randy Moss levels of tooldem. The guy puts it all on the line and stays off the police reports.

  10. It’s just a smoke screen. There’s nothing wrong with Steve’s foot. Everyone knows he doesn’t like to play preseason games. And every year this time he pops up with an “injury”. Think back to last year. I believe he missed the whole preseason with a foot injury. He will be laughing at everyone when the Panthers open up with a win over tampa bay and he runs all over their pathetic defense.

  11. One of these Steve Smith’s(the Rams one) needs to use a middle initial.

  12. All you with the sucker punch comments – there were 2 incidents. One was 9 years ago. The other was 5 years ago. Do you mind if I send a P.I. to investigate you and find objectionable actions that you committed in 2003 and 2007 and hold them against you for the rest of your life?

    Smith has been a pro football player for 11 years. On 2 occasions, 4 years apart, he sucker-punched a teammate. For every one of those 11 years, he gives literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to help under-priviledged and at-risk youth in the community. He gave 100K to the Denver-area shooting victims, just ’cause. He doesn’t beat up his wife. He demands a 4-year contract so his son can go to just 1 high school.

    Yes, he had those 2 ugly incidents. Yes, he has an inferiority complex and can’t seem to play at the highest level unless he’s trying to prove an under-estimation wrong, whether it’s real or imagined. But he was punished for the fights and served his punishment. It’s been years since he got a personal foul during a game for fighting anyone on the field.

    You obviously don’t believe this, but it is possible for a man to mature, and be different from when he was younger and not do the same stupid things. It’s not 2007 anymore. Get over it and move on.

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