Tarvaris Jackson could be part of Wildcat package in Buffalo

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The trade that sent quarterback Tarvaris Jackson to the Buffalo Bills resulted in the prompt termination of the services of Vince Young.

Apart from the fact that the third overall pick in the 2006 draft was supplanted by a small-school quarterback taken later that same year, the Jackson trade carries with it other layers of intrigue.

Jackson started his college career more than a decade ago at Arkansas, when Bills quarterbacks coach David Lee was on the staff.  Given that Lee had a big hand in the creation of the Dolphins’ Wildcat offense and in light of the fact that, in 2009, Jackson lined up a couple of times as the personal punt protector in Minnesota, there’s a chance that Lee could try to use Jackson, who has been a pocket passer for most of his career, as a more versatile weapon.

Indeed, Tim Graham of the Buffalo News told PFT Live on Tuesday that Jackson could be used as part of the Bills’ alternative Wildcat package.  Graham explained that Vince Young was expected to be part of the attack, too.

Brad Smith is expected to be the quarterback when the alternative offense takes the field.  If a more traditional quarterback is on the field, too, the Bills’ version of the Wildcat will be more like the real Wildcat, with the defense not knowing when the huddle breaks exactly which player will be getting the shotgun snap.

Regardless of what Jackson will or won’t be doing in the Wildcat offense, Graham explained that the move to Jackson ultimately was made because the Bills wanted to upgrade the No. 2 quarterback position, given ongoing concerns about Tyler Thigpen.

For more on the trade for Jackson, the release of Young, and other things Bills-related (including the division of backfield labor between Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller), check out Graham’s visit to PFT Live.

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12 responses to “Tarvaris Jackson could be part of Wildcat package in Buffalo

  1. Coming from a Hawks fan, hopefully the less the Bills see T-Jack the better. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Fitzpatrick will be healthy the whole year. Good luck Bills fans this season.

  2. They need to use Jackson as a regular back up quarterback. His speed is always assumed and exaggerated when it’s nothing that great by NFL standards.

  3. Didn’t get a fair chance in Seattle?

    The Seahawks had the ball either in the last two minutes of the first half, or in the last two minutes of a game with a chance to win, nine times last year, with Jackson under center.

    They failed to score a single point on those nine drives.

    Whatever Wilson or Flynn will do this year, they cannot possibly do worse than zero percent in the two-minute drill. It’s a statistical impossibility.

  4. Troll u didnt get the sarcasm i guess. Remember Carol made that statement about Jackson getting jerked around in minnesota? In the end Carol jerked Jackson around by saying he was qb1 and giving him starter reps then not playin him all preseason then trading him. Carol did jerk him around this preseason

  5. Isn’t he getting a bit old for that sort of stuff? I can’t recall any teams game planning to deal with the awesome running ability of Tarvaris Jackson in the past, for that matter.

  6. T-Jack in the wildcat? Did the Bills watch any film at all of T-Jack with the Vikes or the Hawks? The guy’s made of paper mache, and by the third run or hit, he was hurt and out for several weeks. If they planned on a wildcat, wouldn’t Vince Young have been a better choice?

  7. The Bills will not be using Jackson in the Wildcat formation. Brad Smith is their Wildcat QB and nothing is going to change with that. Tarvaris Jackson doesn’t have the speed or elusiveness that Smith brings to the table. Jackson will be the Backup QB to Fitzpatrick, Thigpen will be cut and Brad Smith will keep the 3rd QB position/Receiver/ST/KR.

  8. Purple guy is correct. The guy can’t stay on the field when he stays in the pocket, how is he going to make it running the ball? Bad idea.

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