Week Four of NFL preseason remains offensive to consumers


There’s college football tomorrow night. Maybe not great college football, but college football.

The stuff the NFL is putting on the field tonight is the caliber of Central Michigan-Southeast Missouri State.

No, at least the Fighting Chippewas will care.

The Buccaneers started Brett Ratliff at quarterback against the Redskins. Josh Freeman getting the night off, I can accept. But Dan Orlovsky?

The Redskins are going with rookie Kirk Cousins, allowing Robert Griffin III to wear whatever he wants on the sidelines. The outlier’s the Giants, who actually put Eli Manning and some starters on the field to go against Ryan Mallett and the Patriots in the Super Bowl rematch.

None of this is news, but it’s particularly distasteful at a time when the league’s nickel-and-diming officials simply because they can.

Speaking of which, tonight’s referee for Patriots-Giants is Don King.

Only in America, indeed.

29 responses to “Week Four of NFL preseason remains offensive to consumers

  1. I like the 1st 3 preseason games because

    the 1st is about seeing Football & checking out the rookies & New FA

    the 2nd is about seeing how they all jell & see if the rookies are learning something

    the 3rd is about seeing who will likely start & who the top backups are & the what if a starter goes down can his backup get it done

    the 4th is totally useless

  2. Darin-would you please try to make it through just one post without trashing someone or something?
    Central Michigan has actually put together some pretty decent seasons lately.
    I understand you’re trying to be funny or clever or whatever but it can be very off putting when it’s done constantly.

  3. While I wouldn’t pay full price to see a game, as a fan the 4th preseason game is actually probably my favorite game. For these players, the preseason actually matters. You see guys on the verge trying to make the team. To me, that’s better than useless football that I can rationalize either way in the third preseason game.

    I suspect I’m probably in the minority, but as preseason games go I find the 4th game the most intriguing.

  4. Bob griffin clearly has enough snaps under his belt to sit out. Pretty ludicrous that they make proven vets like him and weeden even attend their games.

    Gotta love Tom coughlin

  5. Not sure why Ryan Mallett is getting brought up in this article, he’d be starting for the Cardinals (and probably a couple of other teams, too).

  6. Darin I thought your comment was on point. Where are all the ” Duh, I just cheer for the laundry fans”? The 4th preseason game proves the value of the players. The guys playing in this game are College All Stars and America still refuses to watch.

  7. None of this is news, but it’s particularly distasteful at a time when the league’s nickel-and-diming officials simply because they can.


    I wouldn’t call it nickle and diming, first off it’s a significant chunk of change and it’s not only about the money. It’s also about accountability, unless you think that the refs shouldn’t be accountable? The league wants more refs and better trained refs (ie.. fulltime officials) all of which is part of what the locked out officials are resisting.

    The league wants the ability to bench a ref when they aren’t performing (ie.. making bad calls or missing calls). The current refs would prefer that not happen, they think they are appointed like the supreme court.

  8. i agree with muihtil. while i am in favor of less preseason games, the way it’s structured now makes the 4th game pretty interesting to watch. its really the last opportunity for a lot of these guys and ppls careers are on the line. i always enjoy watching the guys on the bubble make a final stab at fulfilling the goal or dream of making the team.

    always fun to evaluate and watch the young guys that may be the future of the team

  9. It’s looked to me for a few years that a 3 game pre-season and 17 game regular season makes the most sense. The NFL needs 3 pre-season games to sort things out, and why the NFL management is pushing 18 regular season games baffles me. 17 regular games would also be an easier sell, maybe their mentality can process an odd number of games.

  10. Well, yeah for the season ticket holders paying full price for the 4th game it’s a bit of a rip-off. As far as the Raiders go, Terrel Pryor will be getting some much-need practice time in what amounts to a scrimmage. He might be fun to watch, too.

  11. Preseason games are not real games. They are scrimmages. How is that offensive? Is it because the nfl forces fans to buy tickets to them if they want to be a season ticket holder? Now that is offensive!

  12. Eagleswin

    I couldn’t.have said it better myself, the refs must have a contract with NBC with how much these guys hate on the replacements…

  13. So glad I gave up my season tickets for precisely this reason.

    I won’t pay $80 to watch a football game that doesn’t count by players who will be bagging groceries this time next week or sooner.

    Question is, why would ANYONE pay?

  14. Enough with the 4 preseason games already. I keep posting the following idea hoping somebody will listen.

    Make the preseason 3 weeks long and the regular season 17 games long. Then, to make the players like the idea, have an extra team from both the AFC and NFC make the playoffs. Only give a bye to the top team in both conferences and the amount of games for the playoffs also doesn’t change.

    This way, more games, so the NFL and fans are happy with better football for one more game. Also, the players should also like it because it gives them an extra chance to get in the playoffs and therefore another chance at a Superbowl.

    This would be win/win and the 4th pointless preseason game would finally be gone.

  15. Southeast Missouri State made the playoffs just two years ago, and Central Michigan had a pretty good run a few years ago with guys like Antonio Brown.

    Keep your stupid, unfunny comments about college football to yourself. I’m sure all those kids give their best on the field.

  16. Yeah, those four completions Eli had for 29 yards are really going to make a difference in the season. Eli almost got hurt! It’s really pretty stupid to play proven veterans in the fourth pre-season game.

  17. I couldn’t care less about the article than I do about the 4th game of the preseason…but I’ve got to point out that the Central Michigan team is simply the Chippewas, not the Fighting Chippewas. They got to keep their Native American team name because it wasn’t a piss poor joke, unlike the one you’ve attempted here.

  18. tpa43 says:
    Aug 29, 2012 9:09 PM
    Preseason games are not real games. They are scrimmages. How is that offensive? Is it because the nfl forces fans to buy tickets to them if they want to be a season ticket holder? Now that is offensive!

    Not just offensive, Preseason games and PSL’s are Extortion, and should be considered a CRIME!!!
    punishable by a big fat class action law suit against the owners for charging fans full ticket prices for a sub standard product.

  19. Preseason games, while valuable to the coaching staff that must wittle players down to the 53 man roster, have little appeal to the general public. If they did the greedy owners would not FORCE season ticket holders to buy the FULL PRICE tickets. My buddys and me have 6 tickets to the Pats……..$3032 down the drain for worthless games!

  20. How are the two even related? Yes it is the NFL but we are talking about two separately run entities. Why should the Bucs care about the fact that the NFL is skimping? We just want to make it to the regular season without any more injuries. Case and point Davin Joseph and DaQuan Bowers. Why chance it? So we can put on a show for a Washington crowd in a game that means absolutely nothing?

    I have to say this Darin guy is not my favorite journalist blogger. I think I will be avoiding any articles I see posted by him in the future.

  21. This is why the Giants won the SB and the Redskins were last.
    Eli gets more game reps while HOF “RG3” sits out and rests his brains.
    Seriously Cousins threw the ball more in preseason than RG3 … whatever happened to … the more you practice the better you get.

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