Andy Dalton exits with elbow injury

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I’m sick of the preseason.  The Cincinnati Bengals likely agree.

Starting quarterback Andy Dalton suffered an apparent injury to his throwing arm after being sandwiched by a pair of Colts defenders on the opening drive of Thursday night’s preseason game.

He got up after being struck by Colts linebacker Robert Mathis.  Moving slowly, Dalton flexed his fingers.  Later, he was sitting on the turf near the Bengals’ bench, with trainers attending to him.

The announcers explained after a commercial break that trainers were checking Dalton’s elbow.  He currently is one the sidelines, and he seems to be OK.

24 responses to “Andy Dalton exits with elbow injury

  1. Really Flacco “trounce” Dalton’s stats:

    Dalton’s ROOKIE season:

    Rat Yds TD
    80.4 3398 20

    Flacco last year:

    80.9 3610 20

    Looks pretty comparable and Dalton played last year as a rookie in the same division without training camp. Flacco’s a joke!

  2. He’s fine. He took a hit on his funny bone and he was only going to play the first series any way. Brian Leonard had some decent runs and Cedric Peerman has been gashing the Colts #2’s.

  3. “he seems to be OK.” Maybe we will see him in the second half.

    C’Mon Man! 12 year old’s playing Madden know not to play the starters in the 4th preseason game!

  4. The Rams’ first pick Brockers was carted off. Idiot coaches. Absolutely NOTHING to be gained by playing starters. Coach Whiz doesnt know who his starting QB is but even he is smart enough to keep them both on the bench.

  5. I don’t know if Daltons hurt but I did see the Jets best QB throw a TD , I was waiting for the world to end

  6. No offense, but why did they play him? it’s the last preseason game. There’s a reason most keep their starters out around this time so they can prevent getting injured, especially your QB. So stupid…

  7. Anyone defending the month of preseason never had season tickets. Paying face value for these GARBAGE “games” is disgusting.

  8. The only reason Dalton was out there in the first place is because the first string offense couldn’t get anything going last week in 2.5 quarters of work against the Packers. Seems like Marvin threw them out there to try and establish something positive before the real games start. That’s the risk you take.

  9. If you don’t want preseason games, practices are going to have to be harder and we know that’s no longer happening just like the owners are not giving up extra game revenue that they do not deserve to begin with. The only way is for your season tickets to go up enough to make up for at least one game of missed revenue, if not two.

  10. If there ever was a week for Goodell to champion and pass his 18-game plan, it would be this week. We are all vulnerable.

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