Bill Ford Jr. tells fans Lions will bring them a Super Bowl

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The Lions are one of four NFL teams that have never been to a Super Bowl, but that’s not stopping vice chairman Bill Ford Jr. from making some big promises about where the team is headed.

“We’re going to bring you a Super Bowl, and we are going to help do our part to continue to mend our city and our state,” Ford said at the Detroit Economic Club’s kickoff luncheon, via the Detroit News. “When the Lions win the Super Bowl, this city will have a party like we’ve never seen before.”

Ford was talking at a glorified pep rally and this is what you do at pep rallies, glorified or otherwise. That doesn’t change the feeling that things are different for the Lions after last season. Talking about a Super Bowl isn’t ridiculous when you look at the core members of the roster and the success they had last season, especially when Ford wasn’t indelicate enough to put a timeline on his vow to give the Lombardi Trophy a home in the Motor City.

That difference cuts both ways. A step backward by the Lions this season will seem much more damning because of the success they had last season. The Ford family has shown a tremendous amount of patience with coaches and executives in the past, something that will be more difficult for them to do without raising the ire of the fans if they are going to make big promises about Super Bowl parties to come.

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  1. And forgetting the rest of the quote which read “…AFTER we move the team to Omahan, NE or anywhere else for that matter that ISN’T Detroit…because clearly this city hates itself!”

    Ford was later told to recant the comment but instead was found near the big black fist in downtown Detroit mumbling something about Bobby Ross and Matt Millen.

  2. In the late 60’s the Steelers were the worst franchise since the league’s inception. The Rooney’s caught lightning in a bottle with Chuck Noll. In the 90’s Kraft had the good sense to hire and stick with Belichik. Now these are two of the league’s gold standard franchises. History can be re-written in a single innocuous decision.

    Alper’s going for the sensational, but there was nothing imflammatory about Junior’s statement. He’s got a team pointed in the right direction and he’s got HOPE. Something that was in short supply during the years his Daddy employed Matt Millen.

    Even if they take a slight step backward this year (9-7/8-8) doesn’t mean the trajectory isn’t still pointing up for the Lions. They can easily make/win a Super Bowl with this core of talent. Just need to stay the course.

  3. There’s going to be plenty of haters in this comment section, but a Superbowl would make this 25 year old man cry. It might also give my dad a heart attack considering he’s been a life long lions fan since 1960 and have only seen one playoff victory

  4. I think if Cleveland or Detroit won the Super Bowl. They could forget about a Super Bowl Hangover Monday, they’d probably be partying until March.

  5. As a Packer fan.
    If my Packers do not win it…sure , why not the Lions.
    Could Suh keep his cool long enough so as to not kick anybody ?
    and hurt his team. I dunno….
    Go Pack Go

  6. Teams that have not been to the Super Bowl:
    Lions, Browns, Jaguars, Texans. The Lions are one of four teams.

  7. Technically, the Chargers have never been to a Super Bowl either.

    It’s like they weren’t even there. 🙂

  8. He picked his words wisely. He guaranteed Detroit a superbowl. Never a lombardi trophy. I agree, Detroit would make a nice place to host the superbowl.
    As far as the lions getting there, not in my lifetime.

  9. Yeah, it’s definitely possible that the Lions could win the Super Bowl sometime in the forseeable future. After all, it’s inconceivable that a franchise could go say, 104 years, without winning a championship. Right?

    Oops, sorry Chicago.

  10. Bill Ford has more of a commitment to the team than his dad. I think Bill is a bigger fan.

    William Clay Ford seemed interested in putting together a team that was just good enough to make fans dream … and sell tickets.

    During the Barry Sanders era, with receivers Brett Perriman and Herman Moore, the Lions offense was rocking. A little more commitment from the front office and the Lions were legit Super Bowl contenders back then.

    Anyway … our time is coming.

  11. Any owner who doesn’t have that attitude and cannot make that pledge to his team’s city and it’s fans should sell the team.

  12. No way this team doesn’t at least make the NFC Championship game in the next three years. The under hyped Matthew Stafford is well on his way to becoming the best QB in the league. Not to mention he has the best target to go along with his ridiculous talent and that’s a sure fire recipe for success.

  13. I’m sure what Mr. Ford meant is that the team is going to buy thousands of gigantic party snack bowls from Target and give ’em away at the stadium. Those things are a “super” bowls in a manner of speaking…

  14. Good for them and if my Packers can’t do it. Wouldn’t kill me to see the Lions get there. Lord knows the city and state could use it….provided what’s left of the Motor City doesn’t end up burned to the ground in the aftermath.

    Now….can they get past the hampering injury prone QB, the foolish penalties, a beat-up RB core, and a coach who acts like a spoiled 7 year old??

    We shall see.

  15. In the 31 years I’ve been alive and the 20 of them that I’ve really been following football I’ve never felt that as a Lion’s fan we’ve had as much hope for a Super Bowl as we do in the upcoming years. If Stafford stays healthy the sky is the limit for the offense and they are a consistent running game and a better secondary away from having all the pieces in place. I like Jr’s enthusiasm and he did the team a huge favor by publicly commenting on Millen and (presumably) orchestrating his ousting. It will be interesting to see where things go when he inherits the team. While “hate” is a strong word I’ve sure felt that way about Ford Sr. in years past. He sounds like a good person but he’s been a lousy owner. Dan Rooney or Robert Kraft certainly wouldn’t have accepted the way this team has performed for years and years.

  16. He’s right about one thing. If it does ever happen, it will be the party of all parties….

  17. William Clay Ford secretly wishes that he was twenty-five years younger so he could play shortstop on his Lions team.

  18. Well, they have more of a shot at getting to the superbowl now than they did 5 or 10 years ago. Although that isn’t saying much. NFC North’s a tough division. They make take one win from the Bears and Packers this year. Maybe two, if they’re lucky.

    I don’t think this year is Detroit’s year (especially with their running back problems), but I think they will continue to improve. Which as a Bears fan, frightens me a bit.

    Respect to the Lions D & to Stafford though. They’ve made the division and the season more interesting.

  19. As much as I would love to see this, I don’t believe our head coach has what it takes. He is as immature as the stupid behavior on this team. IF he can get it together this year and stop acting like an idiot, get his players under control on and off the field it is a definite possibility. They have the talent, but I do not have any confidence in the coaching. Prove me wrong PLEASE!!

  20. The “experts” on the NFL network are saying that the Lions and the Falcons are out and the Bears and the Cowboys are in … I don’t think so Tim!
    And yeah Jr. is not the handsomest guy around but I do like his enthusiasm, and I think the Lions are moving in the right direction, and are going to prove the ” experts ” wrong this season.

  21. Ford is one of those rare humans whose mere physical appearance bothers and annoys me. I’m serious. The way he looks makes my blood boil.

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