Dolphins team plane clips another on the way out of Dallas

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Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said that he is concerned about his team’s preseason performance.

We’d love to hear his thought’s on the flight crew that handled the team’s flight back from Dallas early on Thursday morning. Defensive end Jared Odrick sent out a tweet informing the masses that the Dolphins team plane backed into another plane on its way to the runway.

The incident damaged the team’s plane too much for it to fly, forcing them to wait several hours for a replacement aircraft. Just what everyone wants to see after a final preseason game on the road.

The team finally arrived home closer to the start of business on Thursday, a rough ending to what’s been a pretty rough preseason for the team. Injuries, the Chad Johnson saga, reports of player dismay in the wake of the Vontae Davis trade and everything Hard Knocks have combined to make for a little more chaos than you might like to see at this point in the year. Perhaps that makes the plane snafu a fitting final scene for the preseason.

Miami just hopes it isn’t an omen for the regular season as well.

57 responses to “Dolphins team plane clips another on the way out of Dallas

  1. In other words, it was a simulation for what it would be like for a team to fly back and forth from London.

  2. EVERYTHING goes wrong when you’re associated with the Dolphins. People get arrested for domestic violence, traded to the Colts, hurricanes, damaged airplanes. the fins are the biggest jinx in the NFL. no wonder Marino never got a championship.

  3. Is it just me or does Joe Philbin seem to be too soft spoken and nice to be an NFL head coach? He sure seems to tip toe a lot rather than just say what needs said.

  4. “With the 1st pick in the 2012 draft, the Miami Dolphins select….Joe Schmo, Pilot, American Airlines”

  5. Sounds like the pilot is pretty good at making “contact”. Maybe the Fins should sign him to the practice squad

  6. Lemme guess, was this philbin or irelands fault? Hey everybody that’s not a dolphin fan but feels they have the right to come
    Comment and bash our team. Let me as you this, was the packers offense the way it was overnight? What about the patriots, did they just wake up and be good? Not so much. There is some many clueless dumb comments on these pages some of you need I seriously think about just killing yourself. Yolo right? I hope so

  7. The ultimate in ‘rebuilding’.


    Your a moron! Ireland has been quote ‘rebuilding’ since ’08, this is his way of job security. Then he was rebuilding in ’10 and now in ’12.

    Lets just call his bluff and say he can’t spot talent to save his life.


  8. Pilots don’t conduct the backing up of an aircraft that large. It’s done by the airport’s ground crew with a tug doing what is called a push-back.

  9. airplanes are pushed back by a driver in a small vehicle.. they can’t go backwards on their own. this had to be on that person, not the pilots.

  10. So how did everyone enjoy the Preseason? Down here in Miami, everything went just great!

    Is it too early to start looking at 2013 Mock Drafts?

  11. The ultimate in ‘rebuilding’.


    Your a moron! Ireland has been quote ‘rebuilding’ since ’08, this is his way of job security. Then he was rebuilding in ’10 and now in ’12.

    Lets just call his bluff and say he can’t spot talent to save his life.


    Phinfan, I don’t think you get it.

  12. GEORGE: You know Keith, what I’ve always wondered, with all these ball clubs flying around all season don’t you think there would be a plane crash? …

    KEITH: (to Jerry) Do you perform anywhere in new York right now?

    JERRY: I’m performing in this club on the east Side. You should come in.

    GEORGE: But if you think about it…26 teams, 162 games a season, you’d think eventually an entire team would get wiped out.

  13. pattyarbuccholz says:Aug 30, 2012 9:43 AM

    Let’s just call his bluff and say he can’t spot talent to save his life.


    Be fair Jeff Ireland has done a great job at spotting talent just look at the Cheerleaders, and Tannehill’s wife, and Jake Longs wife.

    If this was the Lingerie football league they would be going to the Super Bowl!!!!!!

    Fire everyone keep Cameron Wake, Jake Long, Reggie Bush now you only need to find 50 more guys!

  14. realnflmaster says:
    Aug 30, 2012 9:23 AM
    BuffaLOL or the Miami Failphins. Who will take last and second last in the AFC Beast?

    You sure do spend a lot of time ripping on the Bills and Dolphins, are you worried that one of them might take the AFC East? Times are changing, the rein of the Patriots is about done, the Jets are a laugh themselves, Miami is in rebuilding mode and Buffalo is almost fully built the way Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey want it. Get ready for some change in the East.

  15. The pilot was in preseason mode as well. Not playing hard, vanilla plays. Getting hammered by a better opponent.

  16. when you decide to do Hard Knocks…. your entire Mojo goes out the window…. proven repeatedly….

    the Phins got a dark cloud now and it won’t end anytime soon

  17. I hate DFW. It’s the worst airport I’ve ever been to, once you get on your plane, you strat out on a cross country trip BY GROUND to get out to the runways, over bridges and all kind of crap.

    That airport should be rebuilt, what a mess. I’m not surprised that this happened there.

  18. Now Ross will go out and hire some celebrity pilot like John Travolta instead of bothering with any decent players. Those guys just get in the way.

  19. So many jokes so little time

    The Fins better work on there ground game.

    That is the hardest a fin will hit a jet all year.

    At least the fins hit something in Dallas

    Fins sack jets

    Does not sound like the fins are going to get it done in the air this year.

    Fins grounded

    I will be here all week folks please tip the wait staff and bartenders.

  20. Planes Do not “backup”. If it ran into another plane while the grounds crew was getting the plane ready for taxiing then it’s the grounds crew fault not the Dolphins crew.

    But of course why allow facts to get in the way of a salacious story?

  21. Planes do not back-up???LOL.Gee, then how do they get out from being docked for loading and unloading passengers??I ahve been on plenty of planes that have backed up.

  22. I bet no other team will volunteer for Hard Knocks again, it’s like the Madden curse but on the whole team…look at the history

  23. The GROUND crew, not the flight crew is responsible for pushing the plane back from the gate. It’s the tug driver and the wing walkers that are responsible for the collision. It was an uncomfortable delay, but now all the bad things have happened to this team and they can only get better. Unlike the Jests the Dolphins at least scored touchdowns in the preseason.

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